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CBD Oil for Seniors

The Best CBD Oil for Seniors

In recent years, CBD has sparked a paradigm shift in the health and wellness industry. People all over the world are finally finding natural relief from their debilitating health conditions.



With states increasingly legalizing cannabis, those in the industry are tailoring new products specifically to the aging population. And for good reason!

One product in particular is cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD is the non-psychoactive naturally-occurring compound in the cannabis sativa plant. This means that CBD can provide all of the health benefits of consuming cannabis without making the user feel high.

The therapeutic benefits of CBD are particularly inviting to seniors, who are more prone to health conditions. Discover more below about how CBD oil for seniors is an upwardly trending lifestyle!

CBD for Seniors – A Better Quality of Life

According to Forbes, a majority of seniors who tried CBD reported an improved quality of life. Specifically, Remedy Review conducted a study of 1,000 seniors aged 54 and up. They discovered that nine percent of those seniors tried CBD for health-related purposes. From this nine percent, here are some fun findings:

  • 51% reported experiencing an improved quality of life
  • 65%+ reported that their quality of life was good
  • 31.1% reported said their lives stayed the same prior to using CBD

The report also found that the majority of senior CBD users preferred using CBD in the form of drops.

Given this, it’s no surprise that CBD oil for seniors has taken off. Why? Because as we age, we experience health-related issues more frequently. The survey found that seniors were mainly taking CBD to combat inflammation, chronic pain, poor sleep quality, and arthritis pain. Here are some other interesting findings from the study:

  • 61.1% reported a reduction in pain levels
  • 45.6% reported an improvement in sleep quality

Seniors studied also reported experiencing lowered anxiety, stress relief and a better mood. And this study is just one of the first to suggest how CBD oil for seniors might in fact be beneficial to their health!

Benefits of CBD Oil For Seniors


While CBD has the potential to benefit those of all ages, we’re going to specifically discuss the group most impacted by debilitating health ailments.

That said, let’s explore the incredible potential benefits of CBD oil for seniors! Before we dive into why CBD for seniors may help promote specific health related conditions, we want to clarify something important – we are not doctors and this is not medical advice.

We are simply highlighting studies that may lend evidence as to why CBD oil for seniors may be beneficial. We always recommend to consult your physician prior to taking CBD oil, especially if you are taking other medications, particularly any liver medications.


Here are some reasons why CBD oil for seniors is a necessary aspect to their daily supplement regimen!

1. CBD Can Help Provide Pain Relief

The first and arguably most important therapeutic benefit of using CBD is something almost every senior experiences on a daily basis — pain and inflammation. Unfortunately, almost half of the senior population suffers from arthritis and the majority of seniors deal with chronic pain.

Luckily, though, clinical studies have found that CBD is quite effective in reducing inflammation and nerve pain. This may support the discomfort from conditions like Arthritis, joint pain and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but please consult your physician.

2. CBD Can Promote Bone Health in Seniors

CBD oil for seniors seems to offer significant relief when it comes to bone fragility. As we age, our bodies naturally develop osteoporosis – a condition when we lose bone density. As a result, our bones become more porous and fragile, making our bones more prone to breaking.

As bone health is a serious issue among the older population, CBD oil for seniors shows promise. For example, a study published in the Annals of Medicine found that not only does CBD help reduce inflammation and promote cell repair, but it also helps strengthen bones and promote the healing process in the event a break or fracture occurs.

3. CBD Oil for Seniors Can Help Support Relief from Addiction

News has touted CBD for the potential to reduce the opioid crisis by replacing the use of addictive prescription drugs. The amount of seniors who use prescription drugs on a daily basis continues to grow at an alarming rate. While these drugs might be able to provide temporary relief, users often need to gradually increase their dose in order to feel the effects over time. Not only does this lead to further damages to one’s body but also creates a dependency for that medication.


Prescription drugs have proven to be dangerous for its users and are said to be responsible for things like organ and tissue damage, as well as drug addiction.

Research notes how CBD may help alleviate symptoms of conditions that typically require dangerous medicines to combat. Even more importantly, however, studies show that CBD can actually help curb the medication dependency.

Research performed by Dr. Yasmin Hurd at Mt. Sinai University in New York has also found that CBD can support anxiety relief from addiction and re-build neural networks.



Further, findings from a 2018 case study reveal how CBD has the potential to prevent relapses, thus helping fight addiction. The study found that after using CBD once a day for a week, patients no longer showed “addict-like” behaviors. Even more, CBD deterred the subjects from relapsing for five whole months! Doesn’t it make sense why CBD oil for seniors is trending?

4. Cannabidiol May Improve Heart Health  

The number one cause of heart conditions? High blood pressure – something that the majority of adults experience. And what’s the leading cause of death for older folks? You named it – heart disease.

CBD oil for seniors and adults may help. Recent research shows how CBD might be an effective treatment for high blood pressure. Specifically, a 2017 study found that one single dose of CBD reduced blood pressure in the 10 healthy male participants. In the same study, the researchers also tested if CBD had an impact on the subjects’ stress responses. They discovered that the participants exhibited a lower blood pressure increase than normal when using CBD.

By reducing blood pressure, a senior, or anyone with high blood pressure, can substantially improve heart health and perform precautionary measures to fight alarming health conditions.

5. CBD Oil for Seniors Helps with Sleep Problems  

Although sleeping conditions such as insomnia are often experienced by people of all ages, they seem to be quite typical among seniors. This normalcy in irregular sleep is why CBD oil for seniors is crucial.



Why? Experts claim that sleeping patterns shift as one ages. Additionally, they say the chemical imbalance from prescription medications and other medical ailments are other reasons for these sleep problems. Sleep is the time when our bodies can recharge – any condition that inhibits sleep can be extremely detrimental for folks, especially senior citizens.

And then we grab the sleep medication. Though these might briefly provide a solution, they can create an even more substantial problem in the long run. By fighting ailments that cause sleeping disorders, like stress and anxiety, CBD oil for seniors specifically can help provide a natural way to receive healthier sleep.

More essential, perhaps, is how CBD can prevent seniors from needing to take addictive sleeping medications. This is why CBD and seniors is the perfect wellness match!

CBD Oil for Seniors – Our Conclusion

Ultimately, CBD serves as a low-risk, possibly extremely beneficial supplement for a number of the complications that come with old age. Whether you are suffering from sleep problems, heart health or inflammation, there exists a CBD product to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

We hope this CBD guide for seniors was helpful! If you’re still curious about CBD oil for seniors, please don’t hesitate to call Anavii Market today at 502-209-8808 or Contact Us here.

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