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Anavii Rewards and Loyalty

Anavii Rewards and Loyalty

Anavii Rewards and Loyalty is an easy to use app that rewards your loyalty and referrals with cash savings on your next purchase. This CBD rewards program is a great way to save money. The instructions for utilizing this easy to use CBD rewards service are very easy. Keep reading to learn more about this app and how you can earn redeemable points. 

The Launcher Button on all pages is what customers click on to become a member and register with our store account. Sign in for existing rewards members.
Once logged in. This launcher button will turn into your rewards and referrals panel with all your information on rewards, referrals, and points
Getting Started

Click on the Launcher Button in the lower right hand corner of any page on Anavii Market. This will open the Launcher where you can click Join Now or Sign In if you already have an account. This will begin the process of you earning CBD rewards.

If you click Join Now, you will be taken to the screen where you enter your first name, last name, email, and password.

You will then receive an email where you can activate your account.

Once Logged In

You can click on the Smile Launcher Button to view your account panel detailing your rewards, points, and referral code. 

Ways to earn points


1pt for every $1 spent

Ways to spend points

100 pts = $5 off

In order to redeem points, click on the All Rewards button. Next, click redeem next to your reward. If you don’t have enough CBD rewards yet there will be a progress bar next to your reward. When you click redeem you will be taken to a page that with an Apply Code button that will automatically apply your discount at checkout. 

You may also receive an email with your coupon code when you reach the set amount of points for a discount. You may use this code to redeem your discount. 


Advocate Reward: $10 off discount
Friend Reward: $10 off discount


In order to earn points off a referral, you will send a referral url that you can find at the bottom of the Smile launcher where it says refer your friends. When your friend clicks the url and enters their email they will then be able to Apply Code which will automatically add their discount to their shopping cart and you will receive your reward for referring them. Referrals are a great way for you and a friend to both earn CBD rewards. 

Post-purchase referrals

Even if you are not a member yet you can use the referral link that pops up on the page after you check out.

Subscribe and Save on Your Order!

Save 15% on your order when you sign up for a recurring subscription order. 

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