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CBD Oil for Sleep Support

Something we get asked often is, “Can I use CBD oil for sleep support? This is an important question because sufficient sleep directly promotes good health. Sleep takes up about 1/3 of our lives and has a significant impact on how we function during the rest. Adequate sleep is as important as the food we eat; it’s absolutely necessary to survive.

Sleep disorders and difficulties, whether medically diagnosed or not, are highly prevalent. According to the American Sleep Apnea Association, sleep-related difficulties are very common, impacting 50-70 million Americans throughout the country. Even more, due to demanding lifestyles, sleep deprivation has become more prevalent over the past 30 years. At least 50 million Americans are currently suffering from more than 80 different sleep disorders.

Conventionally, most doctors will prescribe pharmaceutical drugs to fix the problems, rather than using natural methods. Medications such as sleeping pills to treat insomnia can create unhealthy habits when taken on a regular basis. For instance, your body can become psychologically dependent on these sedatives. They also often leave you feeling groggy the next morning, regardless if you received a full 8 hours of rest. Over the counter sleep aids are becoming less popular among insomnia patients due to these reliant properties.

Fortunately, with the recent legalization of hemp, organic, plant-based remedies like CBD oil are now a powerful alternative.  In addition to lifestyle changes to facilitate a better night's sleep, consuming CBD oil for sleep support before bed may give you a restful night's sleep in a natural way.

Understanding CBD Oil

So what exactly is CBD? To truly understand the benefits of CBD oil for sleep support, it’s important to learn about what CBD oil is. To start, cannabis plants are filled with tons of different compounds, like cannabinoids and terpenes, both of which have been actively studied for their therapeutic benefits.

Historically, people have been using cannabis medicinally for thousands of years—as a sleep aid, anti-irritant, stress reliever and more. Scientists have discovered more than 80 individual cannabinoids, and continue to investigate them for any other potential medicinal properties. Each cannabinoid has vastly different effects on and within the body and each provides different potential uses to support health — from sleep and nerve pain, to stress and oxidation.

Two of the cannabinoids that are most widely recognized for their medicinal properties are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD. THC, the primary active ingredient of cannabis, is what creates marijuana’s “high.” Unlike THC, however, Cannabidiol—or CBD—is one of the many non-psychoactive chemical compounds found within cannabis plants, meaning it has no mind-altering effects when consumed. Rather, scientists have identified many of the calming, properties of the constituent.

CBD oil for sleep support is available in multiple forms, like tinctures, CBD oil capsules, and even softgels. CBD oil for sleep support can have a number of other possible uses as well, like potentially relieving stress and supporting immune function. Essentially, CBD oil for sleep may help calm the mental chatter and the relax the body, preparing the body for a restful sleep.


Benefits of Using CBD Oil for Sleep

Sleep difficulties like insomnia don’t usually occur on their own. Typically, if people are suffering from any sort of pain, especially a chronic illness, as a result, their sleep suffers significantly. With CBD oil for sleep support, individuals are able to target areas of discomfort that are impacting their sleep.

CBD oil contains an active terpene compound known as myrcene. Myrcene acts as a natural sedative and therefore, may promote sleep quality. When you receive a greater-quality sleep, it allows the body to repair any aches and pains, increases cognition and helps build immunity.

There can be many tremendous benefits of ingesting CBD oil for sleep support.  To start, physical uneasiness and discomfort like muscle aches, restless legs and burning joints can definitely keep individuals awake at night. If you’re someone who falls under the category of having daily discomfort you know just what it feels like to go weeks or even months without getting even one night of proper sleep. CBD oil for sleep support provides the calming sensation and counters those tough every day irritants. With CBD oil, people are able to potentially reduce their soreness and sleep more sufficiently.

Even more significant is the impact that CBD oil for sleep support has on individuals whose sleep difficulties are due to stress. Physical indispositions aren’t the only ailments that impact receiving a good night’s sleep. In fact, many cases of physical or mental impairments can contribute significantly to a lack of of proper sleep. Luckily, CBD oil has anti-anxiety and anti-depression properties, which can be helpful in reducing sleep troubles and improving one’s sleep quality. 

In fact, research is beginning to show that CBD may increase the overall amount of sleep one receives and could improve insomnia with its hypnotic and antiepileptic effects.


Insomnia Relief with CBD Oil?

Encouraging research is underway to further assess therapeutic properties of CBD oil; however, due to FDA regulations we cannot specify if CBD has the potential to relieve ailments like insomnia, pain, anxiety, inflammation and depression.

However, in 1934, one of the first reports on cannabis, like hemp containing CBD oil, published by the League of Nations, reported the ability of the plant to serve as “a mild counter irritant... for the relief of neuralgic pain, to encourage sleep and to soothe restlessness.” This acknowledgement as well as early studies on CBD oil have showcased that because of its multifaceted, relieving properties, CBD users are able to fall asleep quicker and receive a greater quality rest.

With better sleep, people have more energy and less pain throughout the day, improving one’s overall quality of life! If you’re someone who suffers from poor sleep due to a restless mind or aching body, consider using CBD oil for sleep support as a new alternative. 

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