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US Hemp Authority Certified CBD Oil

What Is Certified CBD Oil?

Certified CBD Oil, or cannabidiol, has seen a significant rise in popularity recently, and for good reason! Specifically, CBD oil has become popular for its therapeutic properties to treat a variety of common ailments and conditions.

CBD oil is more than one of the hundred-something chemical compounds that lives within cannabis sativa plants. Producers and manufacturers of CBD oil products extract the oil from the flowers and buds of hemp or marijuana plants.

Many people think CBD is illegal due to the federal restrictions on marijuana. However, CBD actually is more than safe to purchase and buy across the states. That’s because unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis plants, CBD actually does not produce any mind-altering effects.

Rather, the non-intoxicating compound is appealing for those who want the therapeutic effects of CBD without a high. For these reasons, CBD Oil is more than safe to purchase and consume.

What Makes CBD Oil Certified CBD Oil?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, there are certain specifications that must be met for a product to be “certified organic.” Specifically, CBD oil products that are certified have been created following all of the requirements in the USDA organic regulations. Mainly, there are certain production and processing requirements, like preventing contamination and using only natural resources. For example, using most synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms and irradiation are not allowed.

In order for a product to be certified, there are a few things that need to occur. For instance, think about it like you’re shopping in a grocery store for an apple. Buying an organic apple means that farmers create it without any hormones, pesticides or genetic mutation (GMOs).

Specifically, the production process for creating certified CBD oil products is quite strict. In fact, there are certain barriers when it comes to producing and selling certified CBD oil products. For instance, farmers must engage in organic farming practices for a minimum of three years before producing certified CBD oil.

Even more, the application process to be able to sell and provide CBD oil is lengthy and daunting. Therefore, they can be hard to find. Luckily, at Anavii Market, we value providing our consumers with only the best CBD oil products. That’s exactly why we sell some of the highest-quality certified CBD oil from organic brands like RE Botanicals and Palmetto Harmony.

How Do I Find Certified CBD Oil?

With the recent expansion in the industry, tons of new CBD companies have been popping up all around us. However, since these products do not yet have FDA approval, some of these companies are producing CBD products without any regulation. Essentially, this means that companies feel they have no legal obligation to create these products following the safest best practices. Even more, they feel they do not have to test their products for things like quality, safety, consistent and more.

Lots of CBD oil companies even state that their products are all-natural when they are not. So how are you supposed to know if the CBD you’re buying is Certified CBD Oil? Thankfully, Anavii Market is your source for all things Certified CBD Oil. Here, we make sure to test all of our products as well as find the best CBD oil brands that are truly organic and certified. 

How Do I Know If I’m Buying Certified CBD Oil? What To Look Out For:

The number one thing to check for when looking for buy Certified CBD oil is a seal of verification. CBD products that have a seal stating what you’re purchasing is USDA certified organic is what you should look for.

This goes for all products, not exclusively hemp-derived CBD. That’s because if there isn’t a seal, this means that the company producing it has no legal obligation to follow these natural practices. Even more, if a Certified CBD Oil product has a seal, it confirms that the claims on the label are true.

You should avoid companies that make major health claims about their CBD oils. Even the ones that state their CBD oil products help relieve minor problems like acne. Also, the more wild the claim, the more hesitant you should be to purchase from this company, especially if the product doesn’t have a seal.

Ultimately though, with so many CBD products lining the shelves, determining which are safe is primarily up to you.

There are other things to consider besides making sure that the cannabis plants didn’t absorb any unwanted chemicals. For instance, another important thing to consider is how much THC and CBD a product contains. Ultimately, these are just two of the most important things to consider when choosing among the thousands of CBD products.

Moreover, the federal government considers certified CBD oil products that contain .3% of less THC by concentration “industrial hemp.” If a plant contains higher than this amount of THC, they will consider it marijuana. There are not too many of these products being sold due to federal restrictions on marijuana. Even states that have legalized the drug typically limit where these CBD oil products could be sold.

Where Can I Purchase Certified CBD Oil? What Companies Are Truly Selling Certified CBD Oil Products?

Anavii Market believes consumers should learn as much as possible about any Certified CBD oil product they purchase it. This includes looking out for things like where the Certified CBD Oil was grown and whether the company tested it for contaminants.

Even more, to truly know if the product you’re buying is Certified CBD Oil, ask to see its COA. A certificate of analysis is a document that states how a Certified CBD oil product did on tests. These tests check for things like CBD and THC amounts as well as contaminants. Additionally, a certificate of analysis confirms that the product passed its testing and is CBD oil.

If a company does not provide a COA, beware of purchasing a CBD oil product from them. This is because most likely, this CBD product is not a Certified CBD Oil product. It’s a major red flag if a product doesn’t have a COA to confirm its safety and consistency.

Get Certified Organic CBD Oil — Anavii Market Has Got You Covered

Thankfully, Anavii Market is here to help you find Certified CBD oil products that are truly what they claim. We evaluate each company’s practices and customer service. Even more, we send each Certified CBD oil product we sell to a third-party lab for testing. There, we check for potency, concentration and price points for every single Certified CBD Oil product. As if all of that weren’t enough, we actively vet all of our suppliers before selling any Certified CBD Oil product.

For more information about what makes a CBD oil product a Certified CBD oil product or any questions about Certified CBD oil products in general, please feel free to give us a call at 502-209-8808 or Contact Us here. We are more than happy to help you find a Certified CBD oil product that’s perfect for you and your daily health needs. Anavii Market prides itself as producing the highest-quality Certified CBD oil as well as customer service and care.


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