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Barlean's CBD Hemp Oil

Barlean's – The History of Barlean's and Barlean's CBD Hemp Oil Products

About Barlean's

The story of Barlean's begins in the 1970s when Dave Barlean left the pipefitting industry and embarked on a different path as a commercial fisherman.  Dave invented a product that transformed the commercial fishing industry, separating endangered species of fish from commercial fish, and ensuring customers always received the freshest fish available.

While Dave was fishing, Dave’s wife, Barb Barlean, was raising their four children and set up a system to transport fresh salmon all over their state within a few hours of being harvested.  Dave and Barb’s son also began working in the family fishing business, but soon became interested in flax oil.

Eventually, he pioneered a new way of creating flaxseed oil, and resulted in new segment of the Barlean’s family business.  They soon expanded to offer different types of oils, additional supplements, and food concentrates. Barlean's family business had begun!  Barlean's is located in the Pacific Northwest in Ferndale, Washington.

Barlean's – A Commitment to Quality

Barlean's is committed to quality and innovation, both with Barlean's CBD Hemp Oil products as well as with all of the other products they carry.  After more than 20 years in business, Barlean’s products have received numerous awards, and Barlean's has even been recognized as the number one health food brand as well as manufacturer of the year multiple times.

Barlean's believes in social good and that people can make a difference in the world through the products they purchase.  They subsidize many programs for people in need both locally and internationally. The believe in creating natural food and supplements using ingredients of the utmost quality, and believe in treating everyone involved in the sourcing process, from the farmer to the end consumer, with the very best care & respect.

Barlean's and their team strives to stand out by living a life of significance and truly making people’s lives better through lasting change and an improved quality of life.  Barlean's wholeheartedly believes in making the very best products through ingredients of the highest quality and by taking pride in everything they do.

With Barlean’s CBD Hemp Oil, Barlean's Flax Oils, Barlean's Fish Oil, and all of the other products they produce, Barlean's pays fair prices to everyone in the supply chain, farmers included.  They also provide their employees with reimbursement for tuition and donate to many charitable products both locally and abroad. Barlean's is a company that makes the social good their first and primary priority before everything else, and our team at Anavii Market is proud to support them as a valued partner and supplier!

Barlean’s – Current Products

In addition to Barlean's CBD Hemp Oil, there are many different types of products Barlean's manufactures and sells, including:

  • Organic Flax Seed Oil
  • Flax Oil Softgels
  • Cod Liver Oil
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Olive Leaf Throat Sprays
  • Organic Fiber Powder
  • Omega 3 Barlean's Fish Oils
  • Joint Relief Softgels
  • Products for stomach repair, intestinal repair, products for detox & brain health, and more!

Barlean's CBD Hemp Oil Products

Barlean's CBD Hemp Oil comes in several different varieties, including:

  1. Extra Strength Ideal CBD – Barlean's produces Extra Strength Ideal CBD tincture from U.S farms, and it is vegan and gluten free.  It contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids and nutrients.
  2. Organic Ideal CBD – This Barlean's CBD Hemp Oil tincture is also vegan and gluten free, and contains terpenes in addition to containing cannabinoids and micronutrients.  It is USDA-certified organic!
  3. Ideal Barlean's CBD Hemp Oil Softgels – If you prefer softgels over tinctures, then Ideal CBD Hemp Oil Softgels product may be for you!  Each softgel contains 15mg or 25mg of CBD and are 3rd party tested for quality, purity and potency. The 15mg bottle contains 60 softgels and the 25mg contain 30 softgels in a single bottle. 
  4. Seriously Delicious CBD Hemp Oil – A very unique form of CBD!  Creamy treats in flavors such as chocolate mints with excellent absorption! So tasty you will want it straight on a spoonful!

Barlean's is truly a market leader when it comes to excellence in the natural food industry, and is one of the industry leaders in terms or product quality and care for everyone involved in the process, from the farmer to the customer.

Barlean's CBD Hemp Oil products are sourced from top-grade, agricultural hemp produced by environmentally responsible farmers.  In addition to the sourcing, Barlean's CBD Hemp products takes great care in extraction, ensuring their products are nutritionally sound, and always takes great care when it comes to product safety through the third party testing they conduct on all Barlean's CBD Hemp Oil products.

Anavii Market – Your Leading Provider of Barlean's CBD Hemp Oil Products

Anavii Market is a leading seller of Barlean's CBD Hemp Oil products, as well as numerous different types and brands of CBD Oil.  We ensure all of our products are of the utmost quality by the most responsible manufacturers!

Would you like further info on Barlean's CBD Hemp Oil products or Hemp Oil n general?  Please feel free to call is at 502-209-8808 or you may Contact Us here. We’re here to serve as a resource for any of your CBD Oil questions or needs, and love answering customer questions about which CBD Oil is the right choice for them!  

Anavii Market is one of the top sellers of Barlean's CBD Hemp Oils and is located in Lexington, Kentucky.

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