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USDA Certified Organic CBD Oil

USDA Certified Organic CBD Oil

Nowadays, we see USDA certified organic products on the shelves of every grocery store. From fresh produce to frozen pizzas to even beauty supplies, organic has become a true lifestyle in American consumer culture. And now we’re seeing such lifestyle associate itself with the top trending product of the year – USDA certified organic CBD oil.

A Brief History

The USDA certified organic history is actually fairly recent to our markets. In 1990, Congress passed the Organic Foods Production Act (OFPA), a piece of legislation that defined what exactly it meant for a product to be organic. The legislation also established the National Organic Standards Board, a committee that worked with the USDA in crafting further rules and regulations for this certification. In 2002, these groups finally presented a legal standard for USDA certified organic products.

Though they write the rulebook, the USDA does not actually provide the organic certification. Instead, third-party organizations are responsible. These organizations assess the practices of farms and processors to ensure they meet the standard for the organic seal.

The Legal Definition Of Organic – Stick To The Seal

So what does it mean for a product to be USDA certified organic? If you’re shopping organic, that means your product does not include specific pesticides, growth hormones, genetic engineering methods (GMOs), synthetic fertilizers, etc. The list goes on, and you can read more about it HERE.

Caveat emptor! With the CBD craze upon us, many CBD companies have been springing up all around us. Because the CBD products do not have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, there is an extreme lack of federal oversight. That is, companies have no legal obligation to test their products for quality, concentration, and even mere ingredients.

Some CBD companies will even claim their products are organic even when they are not. Our motto? Stick to the seal – without it, there is no guarantee that what you are purchasing is USDA certified organic CBD oil.

And this motto goes for all products out there, not just hemp-derived CBD. If there is not a seal, there is not a promise that a company is actually using the organic methods they claim they are.

The Benefits Of USDA Certified Organic CBD Oil

There are a few reasons why to shop for USDA certified organic CBD oil. Firstly, when we take CBD, so does our body. Whether we drop it under our tongue as a tincture or apply it directly to our skin as a balm, we ingest CBD.

The USDA certification ensures us that what we’re exposing our body to is safe, clean, and green. It is a symbol that signifies transparency and quality. If you had the option, wouldn’t you choose a product free from conventional contaminants and potentially harmful materials?

Additionally, the behavior of hemp itself is all the more reason to shop for hemp-derived USDA certified organic CBD oil. A regenerative crop, hemp excels at a process known as phytoremediation. That is, hemp has the ability to clean the soil and water it uses to grow.

It is somewhat of a natural filtration device, creating a clean and healthy landscape wherever it grows. As a result, however, hemp may contain traces of the very toxins it cleaned out.

For example, if the crop is planted in soil that uses pesticides, it is more than likely that it will contain the same pesticides. The same applies to the water used to grow the crop as well. With hemp-derived USDA certified organic CBD oil, this is not an option.

The USDA Certification Process

With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill last December, industrial hemp is federally legal. Doors have opened for consumers, sellers, and especially farmers in the industry. So it would seem that there would be big opportunities for USDA certified organic hemp, right?

Not so fast. Though the plant is legal and now eligible for the certification, there are many barriers to access in becoming USDA certified organic, and thus selling USDA certified organic CBD oil.

Firstly, there’s a certain threshold. If folks sell under $5,000 per year, they don’t qualify for the certification. Even if farmers follow certified practices in cultivation, their small-scale endeavor will never yield USDA certified organic hemp.

Also, if they have used any of the aforementioned prohibited materials in the past three years, forget it. Folks must dedicate three years to organic farming practices. Ultimately, some – not all – hemp farmers can be in a tight spot.

Lastly, there’s the application process. With fees and waiting for a response, the process can be time consuming. With industrial hemp federally legalized for roughly six months now, the timeline itself for potential USDA certified organic CBD oil products has been very short.

Ultimately, USDA certified organic CBD oil can be difficult to come by. The certification process is restrictive and lengthy, which explains why there are not many companies out there currently carrying that seal.

Luckily, at Anavii Market, we’ve got you covered with two incredible organic brands.

REBotanicals – The First USDA Certified Organic CBD Oil

Located in Boulder, Colorado, RE Botanicals is the first ever company to provide USDA certified organic CBD oil. As an organic company, the use of pesticides, hormones, and synthetic fertilizers are prohibited. Founder of Nutiva, RE Botanicals CEO John Roulac is personally dedicated to the well being of our environment.

Roulac also cares for the well being of his consumers as the company provides Certificates of Analysis for their products. With this, customers can learn everything about the product – from farming and testing methods to the ingredients breakdown. At RE Botanicals, transparency is a guarantee.

At Anavii Market, we carry RE Botanicals CBD products blended with MCT coconut oil – for you and one for your furry friend:

  • RE Botanicals CBD Oil – All Natural (450mg, 750mg, 1500mg)
  • RE Botanicals CBD Oil – Peppermint (450mg, 750mg, 1500mg)
  • RE Botanicals Pet CBD Oil Tincture (300mg)

Visit their landing page to learn more about their mission, products, and dedication to the organic lifestyle. 

Palmetto Harmony – Family-focused, Certified Organic CBD

In 2015, founder Janel Ralph established Palmetto Harmony in the name of motherhood. Ralph’s daughter, Harmony, struggled with a rare medical condition that left doctors hopeless. But Ralph wasn’t – and Palmetto Harmony was born.

In April 2019, the family-focused brand was granted organic status by the USDA. Located in Conway, South Carolina, Palmetto Harmony sells a variety of USDA certified organic CBD oil products. At Anavii Market, you can shop our favorites:

  • Holy Cannacense Topical
  • Psorian Topical
  • Palmetto Harmony Full Spectrum CBD Oil (600mg)
  • Palmetto Paws CBD Oil for Pets (600mg)

Visit their landing page to learn more about Palmetto Harmony CBD oil and the company story.

Shop Organic At Anavii Market!

Whether you need a USDA Certified Organic CBD Oil topical for your post-workout routine or a tincture for daily health needs, we have you covered. Start living the organic life with Anavii Market – let’s rebuild our bodies and environment together!


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