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Palmetto Harmony

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What is Palmetto Harmony?

Palmetto Harmony is a primary provider of indispensable live oils, which they cultivate through organic methods.  Palmetto Harmony is based in Conway, SC, and produces products such as Palmetto Harmony Organic Hemp Oil, topicals, pet products, vape oils and capsules.

All of the products at Palmetto Harmony are tested by an ISO accredited laboratory to ensure their products are consistent and safe.  Palmetto Harmony CBD thoroughly believes in testing each batch and tests not only for cannabinoid levels, but also for a variety of chemicals such as pesticides to offer the safest products.

Palmetto Harmony CBD and Palmetto Harmony Organic Hemp Oil is sold all over the United States, both through brick and mortar stores and via ecommerce websites.  Palmetto Harmony CBD Oil and Palmetto Harmony organic hemp oil aims to be of the highest quality through thorough testing, according to their website.  

The company was founded in 2015 and named after the Founder’s daughter, Harmony, who has a very rare medical condition that was considered by her mother to not be treatable using modern medical practices.  Her mother was determined to find a treatment that worked, and in the process, created a family company now known as Palmetto Harmony.

Benefits of Antioxidants - How Palmetto Harmony CBD Fits In:

Antioxidants are substances found in such products such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and yes, CBD!  While substantive research is still inconclusive for CBD Oil and Organic Hemp Oil, there is a significant amount of research on the benefits of antioxidants!

Antioxidants are chemicals that fight against oxidation and free radicals.  As your body processes different things such as food and sunlight, this produces free radicals and breaking them down is beneficial so they don’t do you harm.

Antioxidants have immune system benefits, skin benefits, and are also known to help with issues relating to the heart, eyes, memory, urinary tract, and overall mood.  In short, antioxidants are nutrients that are very good for you!

While the benefits of antioxidants are widely known, and Palmetto Harmony is in fact an antioxidant, the FDA has not fully evaluated the data on Palmetto Harmony CBD or Palmetto Harmony Organic Hemp Oil, so the data and any possible benefits are inconclusive at this point.  Here is a link you can click on to learn all about antioxidants.

Anavii Market – Shop for Palmetto Harmony CBD Oil

Anavii Market is a leading seller of Palmetto Harmony CBD Oil and Palmetto Harmony Organic Hemp Oil, as well as lots of other CBD Products.  Some of the Palmetto Harmony products we sell include:

All of our products undergo a third party verification system so you can be sure you are purchasing qualified and verified CBD Oil that will meet your needs safely.  

Would you like further information about Palmetto Harmony CBD Oil products or CBD products in general?  Please feel free to call is at 502-209-8808 or you may Contact Us here, as we’d love to help!  Anavii Market is one of the top sellers of Palmetto Harmony CBD products and is based in Lexington, Kentucky.