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Your Guide To Topical CBD Products


Extracted from the hemp plant, CBD offers the human body a host of benefits and positive effects. When blended and included into a topical product, like a cream, salve, or body oil, CBD may be used to heal cracked and peeling skin, as well as offer short-term, localized relief from pain. CBD oil topicals are easily applied externally to the skin and are great for a variety of concerns, however, the downfall is they support short-term relief meaning the products must be reapplied often. To help inform our customers about the uses, advantages, and disadvantages of hemp oil products like a CBD topical, Anavii Market has put together this quick guide.

What are the benefits of CBD oil topicals?

Typically, CBD oil topicals react quickly by penetrating the skin cell walls and grabbing hold of the CB2 receptors that are found throughout the body.  CB2 receptors help to regulate inflammatory response in the body. CBD has also been found to interact with TRP channels found in the plasma membrane throughout the body. TRP channels help mediate sensations of pain, taste, temperature, and pressure.

In addition, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services, Cannabinoids like CBD are antioxidants. Antioxidants are highly beneficial for reducing free radicals in the body which can lead to dry skin, aging, and acne, among more damaging diseases. Functional foods with antioxidants, like blueberries and cranberries, have been touted to be beneficial for counteracting the effects of free radicals, and cannabinoids like CBD are also an option, either through internal ingestion or topical applications.

Are CBD Oil Topicals Right for You?

If you are seeking relief, CBD oil topicals are best for localized areas, like if you sprain a ligament, break a bone or have swelling and are seeking inflammatory relief. CBD oil topicals are perfect for short-term relief in the form of a high concentration balm or salve or as a skin health application as a lotion. However, if you are seeking relief from internal pain, it is best to use a CBD oil tincture or a CBD oil softgel or capsule. But sometimes the added punch of the CBD oil tincture or softgel/capsules Is the perfect combination for total body wellness.


How to Use CBD Oil Topicals

Using a CBD topical is just like using any other skin cream or body care product. Start with a small dime size quantity and rub on a localized area. Increase quantity as needed and re-apply often. Most CBD topicals are often oily and a just a little of the hemp-based substance goes a long way. Low-concentration CBD oil lotions may be used more liberally and applied across the skin like a normal, everyday lotion.

Typical concentration of CBD oil topicals

In the current market, CBD oil topicals have a rather low concentration, around 100mg to 150mg of CBD oil per ml or about 3mg per gram. This means if you want true relief, it is necessary to reapply often.

What are the typical ingredients in CBD topicals?

The hemp oil topicals offered at Anavii Market contain cannabinoids like CBD and normally other minor cannabinoids to complete the hemp extract formulation that is added to the manufacturer’s ingredient profile. Each manufacturer creates their own unique formulation and the ingredients can vary based on their desires. Common ingredients include:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Grapeseed Oil

These ingredients are often called carrier oils, or the vehicle that carries the CBD oil through the body. 

What is the difference between CBD salves, CBD balms and CBD lotions?

CBD salves and CBD balms are typically the same thing, the manufacturers just use different terms to describe the product. Both CBD salve and CBD balms are traditionally oil-based products and can be greasy upon application. CBD oil lotions are as they sound, CBD oil carried as an added ingredient to lotions. These are great for use after a shower or on dry skin for added moisturization. CBD lotions are less common on the market right now, but we expect this market to grow in the coming years.

Ready to experience the natural skin nourishing and pain relieving properties of CBD? Take a look at our complete line of CBD topicals today! We carry a wide range of leading CBD and hemp oil brands, all of which have been lab tested and third-party verified to meet our exacting standards.

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