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How Much CBD Should I Take?

We get questions about dosing and how much CBD oil to use all the time. If you are new to CBD, it can be a challenge to find out your best fit and how to use CBD on a regular basis.


So, how much CBD should I take, really? 
Here’s everything you need to know.

How much CBD should I take by volume?

Each product is going to contain a different volume of CBD; that is, the total amount of CBD contained in the entire bottle. If you are a first time CBD user, you can read more about understanding labels here.


Generally, CBD tincture, softgel, capsule, and edible products fall into three specific ranges:


CBD topical products can fall anywhere between 100mg up to 1000mg. (Typically they are in the smaller range, as you can use a lesser amount of CBD topically than would be needed internally to see results.)

It’s important to remember that CBD, or cannabidiol, will always be listed towards the end of ingredients label. This is because it takes a very small amount of CBD to create effects in the body. We have many people call in concerned because CBD is the smallest volume ingredient in their products. 

No need to fret, carrier oils amplify the effects of CBD because CBD binds to fat like the fats found in carrier oils. These fats help move the CBD throughout the body, which is why they are the largest ingredient in most products.

Here's an example ingredients list from one of our most popular products,Ananda Full Spectrum 600mg CBD Oil Tincture:

How much CBD should I take based on the product type?

Each product is going to differ in its guided directions. Whether you are using a CBD tincture, topical, or edible, you should always read labels. How much CBD you should take will depend on the type of product, as well as your desired outcome.

The majority of CBD tinctures will advise 15 drops, or depending on the bottle size, a full dropper’s worth, as the ideal dose.

CBD topicals, on the other hand, recommend starting with something closer to a dime sized amount, massaged into the affected area for overall support. Topicals are meant to have a shorter life cycle but more instantaneous results, so you will have to reapply them often.

The easier products to follow would be edibles, like gummies, or softgels and capsules, which can only be consumed in their pre-packaged forms. For instance, we carry Plus CBD Oil Gummies and one gummy is the recommended dose size.

How much CBD should I take by frequency? 

While we cannot specifically recommend certain doses of CBD for the average person, we do recommend that you start with a lower amount like 5 to 10 milligrams. Keep in mind, this is a very low dose, so it is likely you may feel no results at 5mg to 10mg and should increase until you find your desired effect. 

Just make sure to take this with a meal or a high-fat snack to improve absorption rates. CBD is “lipophilic,” meaning, it is fat-soluble and works best when consumed with dietary fats like nuts, seeds, meat, avocado, etc.

How much CBD should I take to troubleshoot specific issues? 

From personal experience, we do find that people who are dealing with specific issues have had success when introducing incrementally larger doses of CBD as a kickstart to their system. For example, someone with particular discomfort or irritation may do well to take 10-15 mg of CBD on their first day, followed by adding 5-10 mg on the consecutive days until they feel results.

Ask your body, “How much CBD should I take?” 

Trial and error is the greatest tool in your handbag when it comes to using CBD. Everyone will respond a bit differently, and while we cannot specifically advise on, “How much CBD oil should I take,” due to FDA regulations, we recommend starting off with the following things:

  1. Take the recommended amount on the packaging for the first 3-7 days.

  2. Take the dose each day at the same time. This will limit any variables in understanding how CBD makes you feel or affects current symptoms.

  3. Take CBD with food. The bioavailability of CBD increases when taken with food, particularly high fat foods.

  4. If using CBD at night, either after dinner or before bed, be sure to take mental notes when you wake up in the morning. Do I feel more rested? Do I sense any discomfort or irritation that has disappeared overnight?

    Taking CBD at night will help you learn exactly how your body responds. While most people experience a slight relaxation and calmness, it’s possible to experience mild drowsiness upon the first few times you take CBD.

  5. If using CBD in the morning, set an alarm on your phone or device several hours after taking CBD. When this alarm goes off, take a moment to be aware of how your body and mind feels. Are you more clear-minded? Are you calm and composed?

    Taking CBD in the morning can help clear the mind and set the expectation for the day ahead. Just as much as your morning routine helps you set into the routine, CBD can be that catalyst as well.

Being deliberate about tracking how you feel will be incredibly helpful as you continue your wellness journey with CBD. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to determine the answer to the question, “How much CBD should I take?”

Recap: How Much CBD Should I Take?

How much CBD should I take for everyday use?

We Recommend: 5-10 milligrams to start, for the first 1-2 days. See how it feels in your body and your selected serving has achieved your desired results. If you feel improvements but are not 100%, increase your serving by 5-10 milligrams until you find your desired results.


How much CBD should I take for specific discomfort or irritating issues?

We Recommend:

25-50 milligrams the first day. If desired results are not achieved, increase by 5-10 mg the following days, until you find your desired effect.


How much CBD should I take if I am new to Hemp products?

We Recommend: Again, starting off slow is the best way to begin. Start by taking 5-10 milligrams at night, specifically until you can determine how calm or relaxed CBD may make you feel. Once you feel confident in how your body responds, feel free to take CBD in the mornings or afternoons.


How much CBD should I take for sleep?

We Recommend: Start with 10-15 milligrams with dinner, or 90 minutes before bed. This will ensure enough time for the CBD to enter the bloodstream, and you to feel the effects. If you feel like it impacted you some but not enough, increase your dosage the next evening by 5-10mg.


Whenever you take CBD, be sure to take it after a meal or a high fat snack to improve absorption rates and overall experience!


Everything You Need To Know About CBD

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Why Choose Anavii Market?

We hope that this guide helped to clarify exactly how much CBD should I take. 
At Anavii Market not only do we provide the right information to help you make confident decisions, but we also curate quality products that have been third-party tested and personally-tested by at least one member of our staff.

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These statements have not been approved by the FDA. CBD should not be used to replace medical advice, and is not intended to treat or cure any disease or illness.


How Can I Tell if My CBD is Working?

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