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3 Things To Keep In Mind for First Time CBD Users: Reading Labels and Packaging

Cannabidiol is an amazing resource that has recently surfaced as a tool for the general public, bringing much relief to people dealing with a multitude of health issues. Unfortunately, like everything, there is a learning curve with the language or terminology involved. We’re here to making things simpler for you. Here are the three things to always look for on any Hemp and CBD product packaging.

1. CBD Concentration

This is the most important thing to look for on any product. Always listed in milligrams (mg) or grams (g), the specified CBD content on labels speaks to how potent or rich a particular product is in cannabidiol. Keep in mind, the ideal dosage for first time users should be smaller, usually in the range of 2–5mg, with incremental increases as you adjust. Taking CBD is a personalized experience, so dosages will vary. A common serving size ranges between 10–15mg, but can be much higher than that. Remember: start slow and then grow, until you find the desired effect.
Here’s an example: A 2oz bottle (about 60 mL) may label their product contains 250mg of total CBD. This means that the entire liquid in the container is 2 ounces total, however the CBD product in the bottle is 250mg. This would mean that a recommended dosage would be a fraction of the 250mg CBD (most likely 2–10mg). You would NOT be getting 250 mg of CBD in EACH dose.

2. Total Volume of Packaging

The second thing to look for would be the total volume of each product.
The volume of packaging will always be listed in Liters (L), Milliliters (mL), and/or in Ounces (Oz.). Some retailers list the entire container as “CBD,” which may be misleading. Most products will also include a carrier oil (like MCT, hemp oil etc.) or some sort of liquid (or solid) base substrate to carry the CBD content within. It’s important to remember that the total volume of a container is not the biggest indicator for potency or quality. Bigger does not always mean better. Some containers are very small, but pack a powerful punch with their CBD content. Often times you can fit hundreds of milligrams of CBD into a small amount of liquid, like this 600mg Ananda Hemp 10ml bottle.
Here’s an example: You might see a bottle in a store that is labeled as 4oz of Hemp Oil. It may list something to indicate that it contains CBD, but may mislead you to think that the CBD content in total is 4oz. This is NOT the case. Remember, CBD content is always listed in milligrams or grams.
It’s always important to read labels and look for the verified CBD content. Which leads us to the final thing to look for.

3. Verification and 3rd Party Testing

Because hemp-based CBD is a recent product to emerge in the natural health market, the systems and processes to verify purity and potency of each product are not always streamlined or required at all. It’s important to know where your CBD products come from, what each company stands for, and how they go about providing information to their consumers.
At Anavii, we strive to provide the purest, 3rd party verified CBD products available. What this means is that every product we sell, each parent company has allowed a separate, unbiased laboratory organization to test and verify the truth about their products. On our online store, you will always find the CBD content listed, as well as the location of the farm, the laboratory that did the conducted the third-party testing, as well as the type of extraction. There are quite a few variables, and you deserve to know as many details as possible.
As always: We will make sure you get the most premium, verified CBD on the market.
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