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Hemp Sustainability

We are here to discuss hemp sustainability. Is hemp sustainable? Answer: yes, but as with all agricultural commodities it depends on the production and industry practices. When grown sustainably using good agricultural practices, hemp is one of the most sustainable plants that can be grown on a large-scale agricultural model.


Hemp sustainability has the ability to remediate contaminated soils. Making it a perfect plant for improving soil health. What’s more is that hemp fiber has a seeming limitless number of applications. Its strong cellulose fiber may provide a solution for biodegradable plastic polymers, sustainable textiles, building materials, paper, biofuel, and plane and automobile composite parts. Hemp sustainability is very promising and versatile.

Hemp Fiber: A Sustainable Alternative

Hemp fiber consists of two components. The bast. And the hurd. The bast is the fibrous outer layer that produces textile items like rope and clothing. The hurd is the inner woody core that is used for industrial applications like hemp concrete or hempcrete.


Hemp fiber can be used to make many of the same items that are currently made from cotton and polyester. Hemp is far more sustainable than both cotton and polyester.Hemp requires far less pesticides than cotton. Cotton requires more pesticides than any other crop. Hemp can also produce a much higher yield per acre than cotton.

Additionally, polyester fibers are spun from petroleum derivatives, meaning these synthetic fibers do not naturally degrade. Conversely, hemp fibers will naturally degrade in a landfill at the end of their useful life, Hemp sustainable clothing is truly a sustainable textile option.


In addition to textile applications, hemp can also be used to make paper. Paper from trees is considered sustainable if the logging practices and re-planting of trees are done in a sustainable manner. However, this process of re-forestation can take years. Because hemp is an annual crop, hemp crops can be grown every year. Moreover, the yield per acre on fiber prime for pulp manufacture into paper is very high. Making sustainability a more sustainable choice for paper applications.


Understanding Hemp History

Hemp and hemp sustainability isn’t anything new. This crop used to be grown on a mass scale in America. The founding father’s of the United States grew hemp. In fact, it used to be required for a landowner to grow hemp in colonial days. Hemp and the textile produced from the fiber was an integral part of commerce and trade.


The United States flag used to be made out of hemp. Many original documents signed by our founding fathers were written on hemp paper. Moreover, the U.S. Navy tasked with protecting our harbors and ensuring safe passage for our ships utilized hemp textile extensively. Our founding fathers were well aware of hemp sustainability. 

So hemp is definitely nothing new. Also, questions of is hemp sustainable? Or discussion of the medicinal properties of cannabis is nothing new either. Humans have known for a long time about the regenerative properties of hemp for both the soil and the human body and mind. We have also known about hemp sustainability since humans first cultivated the hemp plant.


Will Hemp Remain A Sustainable Solution?

Unfortunately, hemp has been illegal up until recently. But now with the federal legalization of hemp we are starting to see more hemp acreage put in across the nation. This is great for hemp sustainability. Most of this acreage has been devoted to CBD, which is sometimes grown using unsustainable production practices, tillage, and under plastic mulch. What’s worse is some of these CBD companies utilize extensive plastic packaging.


Anavii Market only carries CBD grown using sustainable growing practices, and we try to reduce the amount of plastic packaging as much as possible. We are serious about hemp sustainability. It is very common in the cannabis and hemp industry for retailers to sell product in Mylar bags that can’t be recycled. So the hemp and cannabis industry still need to make some headway with sustainability, but there is no question of the ability for the hemp plant and it’s applications to be an integral part of some of our sustainability solutions.

Hemp Applications

As we mentioned earlier the industrial, household, textile, and medicinal applications of the versatile hemp plant are seemingly limitless. Here are just a few uses for hemp sustainability:


  • Hempcrete
  • Hemp foods from hemp seed and hemp seed oil
  • Herbal supplements from THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, and other cannabinoids
  • Composite parts for automobiles and planes
  • Biofuels
  • Hemp Sustainable Clothing
  • Rope
  • Building materials and insulation

Hemp Sustainability

Hemp has the potential to be a unique sustainability solution for not only its natural properties, but also the practical solutions it provides. So to answer the question is hemp sustainable, we respond with a resounding YES. Hemp sustainability and hemp sustainable clothing is huge. Another hemp sustainability example has been composite parts.


For example hemp has been used in composite parts of Tesla and BMW vehicles because it is stronger and more lightweight than the current leading synthetic composite. This is huge, because reduction in weight increases fuel efficiency.


Hemp sustainability provides a green solution to many problems as we aim to tackle climate change and plastics pollutions. We are thrilled with the long overdue legalization of the crop that never should have been made illegal to begin with. The hemp plant no doubt has sustainable properties, but it is up to us as consumers to and business owners to help create a hemp industry that is both environmentally and economically sustainable. Sustainable farming of this versatile crop and the utilizations of the hemp plant’s extensive applications can help create a better environment and economy.

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