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Hemp Seed Oil

The cannabis plant contains three primary harvestable components. Fiber, seed/grain, and flower. Hemp is cannabis, but with THC levels below 0.3%. Hemp can have flowers that look just like marijuana in the female plants.

While the female cannabis plants produce beautiful flowers or buds, it is the job of the male plants to produce the hemp seed and pollen. The pollen from male plants spreads to the female plants via wind pollination to breed further generations of hemp plants.


 hemp seed oil


Male hemp plants produce a lot of hemp seed when they reach full maturity. Moreover, they send their pollen to female plants so those female plants also produce seed that is a cross between the male plant’s genetic code and the female plant’s genetic code.


A female plant that is not pollinated will never produce seeds unless it hermaphrodites. That is why marijuana growers only grow female plants to produce sensimilla (seedless marijuana). This is, of course, because cannabis seeds don’t burn well in a joint. Ask any marijuana smoker from the 70s that has smoked low-grade weed. They will tell you about all the seeds that used to be in marijuana that was sold.


While marijuana production focuses on female plants for seedless bud, hemp seed production and hemp seed oil production actually welcome the males. This is because they are harvesting the plant for the nutritious seed that the male plant’s produce. This flavorful seed can be turned into a nutritious oil that can be used for cooking or taken as a supplement.



Hemp Seed Oil Benefits

  1. Hemp Seed Oil contains 20 amino acids. All 9 essential amino acids and 11 other amino acids for a total of 20 amino acids in the hemp seed. The amino acid Arginine which has been shown to reduce risk of heart disease through encouraging production of nitric oxide in our bodies. Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) is another amino acid in the hemp seed. GLA has been shown to be linked to reduce inflammation.

  2. High Protein Content. Most people looking for plant based protein alternatives to meat shop for chia seeds, flax seeds, or almonds. Hemp Seed contains 50% more protein by weight than all three of those options. Hemp Seed is not only delicious and nutritious, but it truly packs a protein punch.

  3. Perfect 3:1 balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3.So there are good fats and there are bad fats. Omega 6’s and Omega3’s are good fats. They are polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs). These are the best fats we can consume to maintain good cardiovascular health. Hemp Seed is a great option for those wanting a heart healthy delicious option.

  4. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals. Magnesium, Zinc, B1, B6, and Iron. These are just a few of the nutrients contained in hemp seed oil.


How Is Hemp Seed Oil Made?


Hemp seed oil not to be confused with CBD hemp oil is made by pressing hemp seeds. One method of doing this is a cold press that extracts the hemp seed oil into a form that is perfect for cooking or use as a supplement

The seed is harvested from a grain variety of the hemp plant with a combine. The seed is then cleaned in a seed cleaner. After that it undergoes the cold press extraction process. The end result is an abundant yield of nutritious oil. Almost 50% of the weight of the hemp seed is an oil that is high in the healthy polyunsaturated fat that we described earlier.

In comparison to other cooking oils, Hemp Seed Oil has one of the highest counts of these healthy polyunsaturated fats. In addition to containing these very nutritious and healthy fats, the seed contains lower levels of saturated fatty acids than almost all other cooking oils.


What is Hemp Seed Oil Used For?

What is hemp seed oil used for? Answer: many things! From cooking to industrial uses, Hemp Seed Oil is a versatile oil and rich with nutrients. It has many uses. We have listed some of the many uses below:


  • Supplement
  • Cooking Oil
  • Lotion, Shampoo, and Conditioner (as a nutrient rich ingredient)
  • Soap (We LOVE Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Soap)
  • Wood finish in place of linseed oil

So as you can see, hemp seed oil has many cooking, beauty, household, and industrial uses. If you are interested in hemp seed oil beauty products we have you covered. We carry a selection of hemp shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotions, and creams.


See below for the hemp beauty products we carry:


Wonder Seed Hemp Hand Cream

Wonder Seed Hemp Shampoo

Wonder Seed Hemp Conditioner

Wonder Seed Hemp Body Wash

Wonder Seed Hemp Body Lotion

Wonder Seed Hemp Facial Cream



Can I Cook With Hemp Seed Oil?

Can I cook with Hemp Seed Oil? The answer is YES. So hemp seed oil can be used many different ways. It is sometimes sold as a supplement, but again hemp seed oil is not to be confused with cbd hemp oil or any hash oils. Hemp Seed Oil is the nutritious hemp used for supplements and cooking. CBD Hemp Oil is the medicinal oil used to support pain, anxiety, and seizures. In addition to being used as a supplement, it is used as cooking oil.


When used as cooking oil, hemp seed oil has a somewhat low smoke point at 330 degrees Fahrenheit. This is just below Coconut Oil, which is at 347 degrees, and significantly above flaxseed, which smokes at 225 degrees. Sunflower is considered a standard smoke point at 440 degrees.


So while having a lower smoke point might make it difficult to fry a chicken, there are still plenty of recipes and culinary uses for hemp seed oil. We highly encourage everyone to start using this amazingly nutritious cooking oil in their own kitchen and their own recipes.

Add hemp seed oil to any of these foods


  • Salad as a salad dressing
  • Pesto
  • Pizza as a dressing
  • Smoothies
  • Hummus
  • Vegetable bowl dressing
  • Protein Shakes
  • Dips


You should use Hemp Seed Oil like other cooking oils with a low smoke point.

Where Can I Buy Hemp Seed Oil?

You can often find hemp seed oil at your local organic grocery store or your local grocery. You may also find it in health food stores and nutrition stores. Moreover, many brands sell it online. We sell hemp beauty products from The Wonder Seed here. 

Once again, a reminder that hemp seed oil is different from CBD Hemp Oil. Make sure to not get this confused when shopping for hemp products. And as always please reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions.

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