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Will I Fail A Drug Test If I Take CBD Oil?

“Will I fail a drug test if I take CBD Oil?” is a common question we hear before our customers make a purchase at Anavii Market. Given that many jobs and sports teams perform drug tests, this is an important question to ask and we want to make sure you have all the details.

Will I Fail A Drug Test If I Take CBD Oil?

Overview: Will I Fail A Drug Test If I Take CBD Oil?

CBD and THC are both chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant but their effects on the body are different. CBD is health-supporting, whereas THC can cause a "high."

CBD is the main compound in CBD oil but it is not the only one. CBD oil also contains varying amounts of other ingredients and compounds, including THC. The amount of THC in your CBD oil is what will determine the results of your drug test because THC metabolites are what drug tests are looking for.

Learn more about the difference between CBD and THC.

So when asking, "Will I fail a drug test if I take CBD oil?" The answer is, it depends. Here is all you need to know about using CBD oil and drug testing.

Hemp-Derived CBD Oil is a Legal Product

As of December 2018, hemp and hemp-derived products including CBD oil are federally legal as long as they contain no more than .3% THC. This is the level that is required by the DEA, and qualifies as legal for use.

Hemp naturally has low amounts of THC, which means that any hemp-derived CBD oil product you buy should fall into this required amount. Marijuana-derived CBD, on the other hand, is grown to have higher THC levels, in order to get you high.

We, at Anavii Market, only sell hemp-derived CBD and test each batch to ensure the amount of THC is exactly where it needs to be.

Drug Testing Standards Have Not Caught Up

Even though the federal government clearly legalized hemp and hemp-derived CBD oil (as long as it contains no more than 0.3% THC), drug testing standards have not been updated.

This has unfortunately led to some negative consequences.  

For example, in October of 2018, an Atlanta woman shared her story with She had applied for a job and was administered a drug test. Though she had never used marijuana before in her life, she tested positive for residual THC in her bloodstream. Unfortunately this was due to use of a CBD oil product.

Will I Fail A Drug Test If I Take CBD Oil?

However, CBD oil and drug testing reform is underway and keeps us hopeful!

For instance, in January 2019, Kentucky legislators filed to create bill SB 83. This bill seeks to protect employees within an organization that are using hemp-based products. This bill would allow residual THC amounts in the bloodstream, with proof of purchase of a hemp-derived product like CBD Oil. Learn more at WKTY.

However, until drug testing standards catch up with the law, the answer to, "Will I fail a drug test if I take CBD oil?" is unfortunately, yes, it is possible to fail a drug test if you take CBD oil.

Will I Fail A Drug Test If I take CBD Oil?

Try THC Free CBD Oil at Anavii Market!

If you're nervous about that legal 0.3% THC content – no worries, we have you covered! At Anavii Market, we carry a third-party verified THC free product. Here's a quick rundown on the product:

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*Disclaimer – Anavii Market cannot 100% guarantee that you will pass your drug test with this product. I know you're wondering – why, it's THC free! That's because some drug tests will test for a full spectrum of all cannabinoids, like CBD.

Our suggestion? The only way to be 100% positive you'll pass the drug test is if your test does not test for all cannabinoids. If you can't find info on that, there's a chance you'll fail your drug test – even with a THC-free product.

CBD Isolate is a Potential Option

Most CBD oil products are considered "Full Spectrum" and contain CBD, THC, and the hundreds of other compounds found in the hemp plan. These compounds all work together to amplify each other in an effect called the Entourage Effect.

While this is the preferred way to take CBD oil, manufacturers are now creating CBD Isolate - a CBD oil product that only contains CBD. An isolated CBD product is considered 99.4% pure CBD and may not contain THC. However, we cannot guarantee that the remaining 0.6% of the product does not contain THC without analyzing the laboratory tests.

If you're looking to use CBD isolate so that you can pass a drug test, we highly recommend asking the manufacturer for their lab tests so that you can look at the detailed breakdown of compounds in your CBD oil product. Even if it checks out, more independent studies are needed before we can confidently say that you will 100% pass a drug test if you take CBD oil as a CBD isolate. Learn more about CBD isolate.

Keep in mind, a CBD isolate may not be as effective as a full spectrum product because it does not have the other compounds working with it.

So, if you are taking a CBD isolate product, the answer to, "Will I fail a drug test if I take CBD oil," is it's unlikely but still possible.

Shop with a Trusted Source

Understanding the various compounds within your CBD oil can be confusing. Reading a lab test to ensure that your CBD oil contains the amount of THC that it should can be even more confusing. That is why it is important to buy from a trusted source.

At Anavii Market, we prioritize your safety and your health as number one. That is why on each product we sell, you will find a breakdown of the composition, including THC levels. All of our products are under 0.3% THC, but we still require laboratory testing and verification from each of the brands that we sell.

We also require batch testing for every single product, making sure you get exactly what’s promised on the label. This is all to ensure the quality of each CBD oil you purchase, which is especially important if you are hoping to avoid failing a drug test.

Will I Fail a Drug Test if I Take CBD Oil? Let's Recap!

  • CBD is NOT THC
  • Drug tests specifically look for THC Metabolites, not CBD.
  • CBD oil contains varying amounts of THC but hemp-derived CBD contains no more than .3% and is federally legal
  • Drug testing standards have not caught up to the law
  • If taking hemp-derived full spectrum CBD oil, it is possible to fail a drug test because of the residual amounts of THC
  • CBD Isolate is an option for using CBD oil and pass a drug test, however, there are no guarantees.
  • In the future, we will see changes made to drug testing methods and state legislation in order to allow for individuals to use hemp-derived CBD oil without being penalized.

We're Here to Help!

We hope this helped answer, "Will I fail a drug test if I take CBD oil?" However, you likely have more questions! Don't be shy. If you do, we're here for you! We're happy to discuss any of your CBD questions more in depth so feel free to contact us!.

At Anavii Market, we're here to help your wellness journey through education and our curated collection of high-quality CBD products. All products on our site have passed our industry leading verification process. Our promise is personal.

The products sold on this site and these statements herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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