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The NFL and CBD: A Solution For Head Injuries?

Can CBD help with concussions 
or other head injuries?

According to the Center for Disease Control, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a leading cause for death and disability in the United States. Accounting for 30% of injury deaths, major head trauma in the form of TBIs can result in a lifetime of complications and disability, both mentally and physically.

Recently, there has been much news around the topic of NFL players and CTE, or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. We are beginning to discover that there are damages to the brain that occur years after repeated head traumas. CTE is a concern for athletes in football, martial arts, and other contact sports. On top of that, brain injuries can take years to show symptoms, which makes preventive care even more important.

cbd for head injuries

Is CBD a solution for head injuries?

Two major sports, football and mixed martial arts fighting, are the culprits when it comes to the majority of head injuries. Although sports agencies claim that safety measures are laid out to protect athletes, often times things can slip through the cracks. The classic rule of “three concussions and you’re done” isn’t exactly followed to a T. The drive for victory and performance sometimes wins over the desire for longevity and health.

In instances where athletes cannot choose to sit out games or leave their sports altogether, many have moved to using CBD oil for preventive measures. Champions like Mike Tyson hail the benefits of CBD oil for his problems stemming from years spent in the boxing ring.

Other athletes, such as the famous UFC fighter Nate Diaz, claim CBD oil helps with battling inflammation and speeding recovery. Diaz was famous for openly vaping CBD in a press conference, even though CBD was on the prohibited list of substances for the World Anti-Doping Agency.


Does CBD Really Work?

Research is still out on this one, however, there is a lot of hope moving forward. CBD shows signs of promise when it comes to complex health issues like head injuries. We hope to see a day where it becomes the go-to treatment for athlete’s and average joes alike. 

How To Use CBD For Recovery

CBD is most often used by athletes post workout. On days that you train or compete, we recommend doubling your dosage of CBD Oil. You can also use CBD topicals on any muscles that may be tight or sore. You may find that CBD helps you bounce back even better than before.

Whether you’re adding CBD oil to your protein shake or smoothie post workout, or drizzling CBD oil over a rice cake with peanut butter, at Anavii Market we are dedicated to providing you with the best verified premium CBD oil on the market.

You can always reach us by calling directly, emailing, or by visiting the contact page on our website.


How Can I Tell if My CBD is Working?

Did you know that 1 in 7 Americans use cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant? ...

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