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Top 10 CBD Products of 2021 (So Far)

Wondering what CBD to buy online in 2021? Here are the best CBD brands of the year.

Top 10 CBD Products of 2021

The year is still young as we come into the spring season but already we are seeing some strong customer favorites take the lead for top 10 CBD products of 2021. These are the best CBD brands of 2021 as picked by YOU. This list is not sponsored by any of the brands featured. These are our honest, top 10 most purchased CBD products so far, as well as some of the up-and-comers that are entering the spotlight.
Feel free to click on the names of any of these customer favorites to go to their product page and add them to your cart! Don't forget coupon code "TOP10" for 10% off too!

10. Plus CBD Oil Peppermint Spray
Plus CBD Oil Peppermint Spray
What it is: A peppermint flavored, 100mg CBD oil spray
What makes it great: If you aren't a fan of using droppers to take your CBD oil, a spray is a great alternative. The spray makes it easy to control dosage; just two sprays of the Plus CBD Peppermint spray is 1mg of CBD.

What Customers Say: "I absolutely love this peppermint CBD oil spray! Great quality product which always arrives quickly."

9. Martha Stewart™ CBD Wellness Gummies 15 Flavor Sampler
Martha Stewart CBD Gummy Sampler with all 15 flavors on display
What it is: A 15 flavor CBD Gummy sampler containing 60 gummies total
What makes it great: Martha Stewart makes great tasting CBD gummies and this sampler lets you try different flavors every day of the week! It also makes the perfect gift set for friends and family.
Note: These have been such a hit we are currently out of stock! Feel free to call or email to get added to the waiting list and be notified when they are available again.

8. Bluebird Botanicals Classic CBD Oil Softgels
Bluebird Botanicals Classic CBD Soft Gels
What it is: Optional 30 or 60 count of Bluebird's Classic CBD blend 15mg soft gels that use organic hemp seed oil for the carrier oil
What makes it great: High quality hemp extract from an experienced manufacturer and easy to swallow gelatin softgel capsules.
What Customers Say: "The right dose, in the right form, and the quality is outstanding."

7. Martha Stewart™ CBD Gummies
Martha Stewart Citrus Medley CBD Gummies
What it is: A 30 count Citrus Medley or Berry Medley flavored 10mg CBD gummies
What makes it great: Amazingly delicious gummies (no earthy hemp aftertaste!) that make daily wellness easy.

What Customers Say: "These are so delicious! I wish she sold them as regular candies so I could just go to town on them. Definitely the best tasting CBD gummies I've tried."

6. Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture
Ananda Hemp Full Spectrum Tincture
What it is: A 300mg bottle of full spectrum CBD Oil
What makes it great: Full spectrum means you can take advantage of the entourage effect. Plus, Ananda Hemp proudly processes all their CBD oil in the USA, working with family farmers in Kentucky.
What Customers Say: "So far the best CBD oil I've tried I think I'm going to stick with it I've tried two other brands and it doesn't even compare to this brand, there's just no comparison at all this is wonderful CBD oil.."

5. Barlean's Ideal CBD Hemp Oil Softgels
Barlean's Ideal CBD Softgels 25mg
What it is: A 30 count bottle of full spectrum 25mg CBD Softgels
What makes it great: In addition to CBD, these softgels have a good portion of CBG and CBC which may support or enhance mood. Softgels are often absorbed by the body faster than capsules for more immediate relief.
What Customers Say: "It started working within three days! I use it every day for arthritis and I can feel the difference."

4. Hemp Mellow 25mg Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Capsules
Hemp Mellow Poolside
What it is: 25mg CBD capsules with CBC and the maximum federally allowed amount of THC
What makes it great: Our most popular product for stress relief. The enhanced absorption offered by the Natures Delivery System™ means you can find your "Mellow Hour" faster.
What Customers Say: "Good at calming the overactive mind."

3. Plus CBD Oil Gold Softgels
Plus CBD Oil Gold Softgels
What it is: A 60 count of flavorless, 15mg full spectrum CBD softgels
What makes it great: Plus CBD's best selling hemp CBD softgels, these 60 count softgels offer convenient wellness at a reasonable price ($69.99). Plus, the softgels are vegetarian friendly while many on the market use gelatin.
What Customers Say: "My mom actually recommended this product to me. It has made sleeping much easier, and life less painful. I would recommend to anyone who has chronic pain."

Note: Due to the updated product line from Plus CBD, the next batch will look slightly different but will still contain the same great formula!

2. Barlean's Extra Strength Ideal CBD Hemp Oil
Barlean's Extra Strength Ideal Natural Mint 25mg CBD Oil
What it is: A 25mg per serving full spectrum hemp extract CBD oil
What makes it great: Many oils on the market come in a 30mL or 60mL option but this one sits in the middle with a 45mL size. It also has a light, all natural mint flavoring.
What Customers Say: "After a Doctor's recommendation, I have been using this product for about a year. Am VERY Happy with it, and it is doing JUST what I wanted."

1. Plus CBD Oil Green Total Plant Complex Capsules
Plus CBD Green CBD Capsules
What it is: A 60 count of 15mg full spectrum CBD capsules
What makes it great: Simple ingredients and a formula that is easy on sensitive stomachs and taste buds. This affordable, high quality hemp capsule is popular in the 60 count as a one month supply since the suggested use is one capsule in the day and one capsule at night.
What Customers Say: "Best price I found. This CBD helps my mood, migraines and sleeping."

Note: Plus CBD has since updated their product line and the same great product is now offered in a softgel instead of a dry capsule! Check out the new product listing here.

Up-and-Coming CBD Products of 2021

Don't think we forgot about the rising stars in hemp wellness! Check out some of our projected favorites.

  1. Winged Sleepy CBD Gummies
  2. Martha Stewart™ CBD Softgels
  3. Anavii Relief Capsules
  4. Plus CBD Oil Gold Extra Strength Balm
  5. Martha Stewart™ CBD Mobility Chews for Small/Medium Dogs

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