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Celebrate International Hemp Day: When Is International Hemp Day & Why Celebrate?

by Kit O'Connell

Did you know that in between 4/20 Day and Earth Day is International Hemp Day, celebrated each year on 4/21?

While Hemp Day is certainly a lesser known holiday, we think it’s worth taking a day every year to honor this special plant.

Hemp is probably one of the first plants cultivated by early humans. That’s because hemp can help in so many ways, we can’t list them all one one article. Still, in honor of International Hemp Day, we’ll talk a bit more about what makes hemp so special and why it deserves its own day of honor.

Of course, we also celebrate hemp annually during “Hemp Week,” but what’s another day out of 365 when this plant can do so much?

What is International Hemp Day?

  • International Hemp Day is celebrated each year on April 21.
  • International Hemp Day falls between 4/20 (Cannabis Day) and Earth Day (held annually on April 22).
  • Industrial hemp is a form of the cannabis plant that’s fully legal in the U.S.
  • In addition to making the basis of products like CBD, hemp has numerous uses in food, construction, plastic, clothing, even household goods from paper to cutting boards. 
  • International Hemp Day (4/21) celebrates and honors this special plant and the ways it can benefit humanity and the Earth.

What makes hemp so special?

Hemp is a form of the cannabis plant that’s grown for a variety of different uses.

Legally speaking, hemp is any form of cannabis which contains less than 0.3% THC, the active ingredient in “marijuana” that makes people “feel high.”

Depending on its intended final uses, the plant can look a lot different than the typical cannabis plant you might be imagining. For example, hemp that’s grown for use as a fiber is very tall and thin, looking more like a bamboo stalk. Hemp plants can be grown indoors, in greenhouses, or outdoors in massive, densely packed fields.

One thing which makes hemp special is that almost every part of the plant can be useful. The leafy and flower-like tops are used to make CBD oil, while the seed can be used in many ways. It can be pressed to create hemp seed oil, or eaten as a food. The stalk is used in many applications for fiber, and the woody core of the plant can even be chopped up and used in construction materials.

To top it all off, hemp requires very little use of pesticides, and can even be used to clean the soil.

What are some different ways to use hemp?

We hinted at some of them above, but let’s talk more about the many different ways to use hemp. By the time you’re done with this list, you’ll have a good idea of why we’re celebrating International Hemp Day:

  • Food -- We hinted at this above, but hemp protein is an incredibly nutritious, balanced protein that’s packed with amino acids and omega 3-6-9s. You can add hemp protein directly to smoothies, or mix it into other foods. Lots of people enjoy adding hemp seeds in various forms to their diet, too.
  • Plastic -- Instead of using plastic made from non-renewable fossil fuels, we could be using hemp plastic in many applications instead. While hemp plastic technology still has has a ways to go, hemp can be used to create products that are more biodegradable than hemp plastic.
  • Clothing - Hemp makes great textiles, from towels to socks to clothing of all kinds. Hemp is a naturally durable fiber that grows softer over time with wearing. In fiber form, hemp is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial, and even resists mold. So you can see why it makes an inviting choice, especially for high impact fabrics.
  • Paper - We’ve written a whole article about the benefits of hemp paper, but hemp paper is more durable and less prone to tearing. In addition, growing a hemp crop is much faster than a tree!
  • Construction materials - Incredibly, hemp can even be used as a building material. Many of the same characteristics of the plant -- antimicrobial, mold and pest resistant, even fire resistance -- apply to building materials too. An insulative material called hempcrete is one of the most common uses, but you can also use hemp as a wood substitute.
  • Wellness products - If you’re here, you probably know about CBD oil. If you’ve got questions, though, browse our blog or check out our Hemp and CBD FAQ.

And that’s just the start. Hemp can be used in animal bedding, musical instruments … some composite materials used in automobiles even contain hemp!

Why is International Hemp Day on 4/21?

While we weren’t the ones that created this day, we think it’s a great idea to celebrate International Hemp Day on April 21.

Hemp is a specialized form of cannabis, so it makes sense to celebrate Hemp Day right after 4/20, the unofficial marijuana or cannabis day, As marijuana gets legalized state-by-state, celebrating Hemp Day can help raise awareness of the ways its cousin can help people. And since Earth Day is all about saving the Earth, we think hemp can represent a new beginning for the planet, if it’s grown and used correctly.

So whether you take some CBD, enjoy hemp-infused food or just reflect on this miraculous plant, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating International Hemp Day! 

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