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RE Botanicals CBD Oil – USDA Organic
RE Botanicals CBD Oil – USDA Organic
RE Botanicals CBD Oil – USDA Organic
RE Botanicals CBD Oil – USDA Organic
RE Botanicals CBD Oil – USDA Organic
RE Botanicals CBD Oil – USDA Organic
Load image into Gallery viewer, RE Botanicals CBD Oil – USDA Organic
Load image into Gallery viewer, RE Botanicals CBD Oil – USDA Organic
Load image into Gallery viewer, RE Botanicals CBD Oil – USDA Organic
Load image into Gallery viewer, RE Botanicals CBD Oil – USDA Organic
Load image into Gallery viewer, RE Botanicals CBD Oil – USDA Organic
Load image into Gallery viewer, RE Botanicals CBD Oil – USDA Organic

RE Botanicals CBD Oil – USDA Organic

RE Botanicals

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RE Botanicals CBD Oil - 15mg Per Serving (450mg Total), 25mg Per Serving (750mg Total) or 50mg Per Serving (1500mg Total) - All Natural or Peppermint Hemp Extract

USDA Certified Organic 

Concentration per bottle: 15mg Serving (450mg), 25mg Serving (750mg) or 50mg Serving (1500mg) Blend of Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Cannabinoids

Concentration per Serving:

450mg: 15mg hemp-derived cannabinoid extract per 1 dropper (1ml); 30 servings per bottle

450mg Peppermint: 15mg hemp-derived cannabinoid extract per 1 dropper (1ml); 30 servings per bottle

750mg: 25mg hemp-derived cannabinoid extract per 1 dropper (1ml); 30 servings per bottle

750mg Peppermint: 25mg hemp-derived cannabinoid extract per 1 dropper (1ml); 30 servings per bottle

1500mg: 50mg hemp-derived cannabinoid extract per 1 dropper (1ml); 30 servings per bottle

Carrier: Organic MCT oil made from organic young coconuts

Extraction Process: Historic, Pure Alcohol Extraction

Location: Colorado-grown USDA organic hemp 

Additional Product Specifications


RE Botanicals Signature Hemp Extract is a robust blend of 450mg, 750mg or 1500mg of full spectrum cannabinoids amplified with organic MCT oil.

Packaging: Glass bottle with plastic dropper top.

Product Specifications: 30ml (1oz) bottle contains 450mg, 750mg or 1500mg of hemp-derived cbd extract. Each milliliter (ml) provides 15mg, 25mg or 50mg of full spectrum hemp-derived cbd extract.

  • 1oz or 30ml Bottle
  • 450mg, 750mg or 1500mg of active full spectrum cannabinoids per bottle
  • 15mg, 25mg or 50mg Active Cannabinoids per Serving
  • Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Extract
  • Organically-grown coconut derived MCT oil
  • All natural, plant-based ingredients
  • Grown & processed in the USA

    This RE Botanicals product is an all-natural hemp extract with no added flavors. The taste may have a strong earthy flavor. If you don't like the taste, enjoy it in smoothies or other beverages, like coffee. Otherwise, try the RE Botanicals Hemp Peppermint formula. Alternatively, Anavii Market has a diverse selection of other brands with flavored products.

    Flavor, Ingredients & Allergens



    Flavors: All Natural, Strong Peppermint  

    Product Ingredients: 450mg per ounce, 750mg per ounce or 1500mg per ounce of USDA organic full spectrum phytocannabinoid rich hemp extract, organic MCT oil.

    AllergensContains Coconut

    How to use RE Botanicals CBD Oil  


    Suggested Use: Take one dropper full once daily under the tongue. Hold in mouth up to one minute and swallow with water. Best if taken after a meal or with a high fat snack. 

    Cannabinoid Content of RE Botanicals CBD Oil


    RE Botanicals 450mg Natural / Peppermint CBD Oil - Cannabinoid Spectrum

    Cannabinoid mg/ml
    CBD 15.1
    CBG 0.8
    THC <0.3%
    Total 17.0
    Total CBD 15.1
    Total THC <0.3%


    RE Botanicals 750mg Natural / Peppermint CBD Oil - Cannabinoid Spectrum

    Cannabinoid mg/ml
    CBD 30.6
    THC <0.3%
    Total  31.0


    RE Botanicals 1500mg CBD Oil - Cannabinoid Spectrum

    Cannabinoid mg/ml
    CBD 51.0
    THC <0.3%
    Total  52.0


    Anavii Market only retails hemp-derived CBD oil. All our products contain less than 0.3% THC and are federally compliant and federally legal.



    Disclaimers & Disclosures



    *** Use caution if subject to urinalysis 

    *** Disclaimer: Hemp Extract is not intended for use under the age of 18. Do not take if you are pregnant or lactating. Consult your physician before use if you have a medical condition or are taking any medication. Do not exceed recommended serving size.

    ***These statements and product has not been evaluated or tested by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.


    Why try RE Botanicals CBD Oil


    What is RE Botanicals CBD Oil?

    RE Botanicals CBD Oil is a nutritional supplement for continued health and wellness in the form of a tincture. With a measured amount of CBD, RE Botanicals CBD Oil All Natural Tincture and Peppermint Tincture is produced by soaking CBD extracts or isolates in a high-proof sugar cane alcohol.

    Suspending CBD in high-proof alcohol is beneficial because it makes it simple to extract and add into oils, foods or swallow straight. Historically it was also the method used for extracting the therapeutic cannabinoids out of the hemp plant.

    What makes RE Botanicals CBD Oil tincture so great is that users are able to avoid the unwanted after taste that comes with pure CBD hemp extract concentrate, that’s why RE Botanicals mixes their refined hemp extract with MCT coconut oil and adds a strong peppermint flavor to some of their tinctures. With a tincture, you can easily just let the oil absorb under your tongue, then swallow.

    People can ingest CBD oil in a myriad of different ways, from smoking it to applying balms or taking daily softgels. For first-timers, though, the RE Botanicals Tincture is a favorite for consuming CBD.

    Made entirely from USDA Organic ingredients, RE Botanicals CBD Oil comes from a special blend, mixing all-natural MCT coconut oil with organic hemp CBD extract. Tightly contained in a 30ml bottle full of CBD, each serving provides healing sensations to its users.

    Why Choose RE Botanicals CBD Oil All Natural?

    RE Botanicals is one of the leading hemp companies out there, producing some of the highest-quality CBD oils around.  With less than 0.3% THC concentration in each product, everyone can appreciate and experience the healing properties of RE Botanicals CBD products without difficulty.

    This is because THC, the active compound in cannabis responsible for the psychosis users experience, is quite different from CBD. While both cannabinoids, or compounds found in the cannabis sativa plant, the two actually differ in significant ways.

    Mainly, CBD differs from THC because of their genetic makeup and the way the two cannabinoids act on the receptors in you body’s Endocannabinoid System. CBD is actually non-psychoactive. This means that users will not get high when consuming it. For this reason, CBD is the primary ingredient in dietary and nutritional supplements, not THC.

    Because of this, all of the products at RE Botanicals come from Farm Bill compliant hemp and contain CBD and less than 0.3% THC, which also makes them legal.

    Even more, all of RE Botanicals CBD products are non-GMO.

    Founded in 2018, the company has been manufacturing and distributing unparalleled CBD oil products like concentrated hemp extracts, CBD tinctures and more.

    RE Botanicals uses only USDA certified-organic hemp extract that has non-intoxicating, all-natural cannabinoids including CBD.

    The company’s hemp products also contain a wide blend of other cannabinoids. Using completely plant-based hemp extracts, RE Botanicals hemp holds all of the required nutrients like terpenes, flavonoids, and other essential vitamins from the plant.

    More than anything else, though, the company values its customers’ wellbeing.

    RE Botanicals’s dedication to a high standard ensures all of their CBD oil products are dependable and secure for consumption. To confirm this, the company sends each item to a third party laboratory to undergo an assortment of testing procedures. The lab tests every product for things like mold, pesticides, chemicals, bacteria and more.

    To make sure their products are entirely safe, RE Botanicals also checks for the concentration of cannabinoids and verifies the product’s consistency.

    The most enduring quality of the company, however, is how transparent RE Botanicals is to their customers. Providing consumers with such transparency is essential when forming a loyalty between the company and their clients. This is something that RE Botanicals more than excels at.

    The company puts the third-party lab results on their website for each product. This way, they give consumers full insight into which ingredients and tests they use when creating and analyzing their products.  This way, customers can see first-hand what they are purchasing and how safe that product is to consume.

    Even more, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) National Organic Program for US grown hemp declared RE Botanicals as a Certified Organic hemp company. While many hemp companies claim to use organic ingredients, RE Botanicals is an approved certified Organic company. If you are curious if the company is USDA certified organic, you can do an online search in the USDA Organic Database to determine if the company is accurately portraying their USDA organic certified seal.

    When a product is certified organic, it means it does not contain pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. All of these things contaminate waterways and escalate global warming. By getting this certification, RE Botanicals demonstrates their commitment to regenerative agriculture and a sustainable, green environment.

    Also, the company donates 1 percent of all sales to support regenerative agriculture in an attempt to change current industrial agricultural practices to more natural, organic modes of cultivation. RE Botanicals commitment to preserving the environment is just another reason to purchase RE Botanicals CBD Oil.

    Benefits of Purchasing and Using RE Botanicals CBD Oil Peppermint

    Other than the fact that they are potent and appetizing, CBD oil tinctures have a couple more impressive advantages. For example, RE Botanicals CBD Oil Peppermint is fast-acting and does not require any preparation or special devices to use. With a strong minty taste, this product is ideal for those looking to consume their daily dose of CBD in a fast and easy way.  

    RE Botanicals CBD Oil Peppermint tincture lets you adjust the amount of CBD you put into your body. With a glass dropper that’s easy to use, users can have more control over how much CBD they consume, no matter if they are new to CBD or not.

    Since RE Botanicals CBD Oil Peppermint Tincture is small enough to bring with you on the go, and this, paired with how easy it is to use, makes it a favorite product  among active individuals with hectic lifestyles.

    Users can consume the oil drops at work, the grocery store, or anywhere! The best part about this is that you can always have your therapeutic remedy whenever you need it.  

    Another great thing about tinctures like RE Botanicals CBD Oil Peppermint is that it’s discrete enough to use almost anywhere. With no smoke or vapor from using it, there is no combustion or unwanted odor.  

    Although some like to put CBD oil in food, it is best to take RE Botanicals CBD Oil sublingually. That means the drops are placed under your tongue. Since our bloodstream absorbs supplements taken sublingually directly, it works quicker while sustaining greater bioavailability of the CBD.  For added absorption, be sure to take with a high-fat snack or after a meal.

    Benefits of Antioxidants - How RE Botanicals CBD Oil Fits In:

    Antioxidants are substances that prevent and limit cell damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals form internally when your body turns food into energy or externally by things like combustion from cigarette smoke, air pollution, and sunlight. To help fight free radicals and the damage they impose, you can increase your antioxidant intake.

    Luckily, CBD hemp extract contains a significant amount of antioxidants. To sustain an ideal balance of free radicals and antioxidants in your bloodstream, consider adding RE Botanicals CBD Oil All Natural to your diet.

    Shop for all of RE Botanicals CBD Oil Now at Anavii Market — Leading Seller of all RE Botanicals CBD Oil Tinctures

    Anavii Market is a number one provider of all RE Botanicals products. With a serious commitment to customer safety and satisfaction, Anavii Market uses a third-party to test and certify the quality of its products. To double check, we also personally check and verify the products’ effectiveness and purity. We are a team of family-friendly individuals looking to make the world a better place.

    If you are interested in receiving more information regarding RE Botanicals products or CBD products in general, please contact us here or give us a call at 502-209-8808. We’d love to assist you!



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