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What Type of CBD Should I Use?

There are endless types of CBD products out there and we know it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. You and many others are likely wondering, “What type of CBD should I use?” Read below to learn more about the different types of CBD so you can choose the right type of CBD for you!

The hemp industry is now in the post-prohibition era, and with the 2018 Farm Billpassing, hemp is now legal on a federal level. That’s right, all hemp products are now officially legal, as long as they include no more than 0.3% THC by volume. With the bill passing, dozens of CBD companies began opening their doors and introducing products to people all across the country.

The most popular products for CBD include tinctures; topical balms, salves, or lotions; edibles, and softgels or capsules. While vape is an option for CBD use, you can read further below on whether or not we would recommend vape products for you.

Let’s dig in and answer the question of what type of CBD should I use.

Understanding CBD: Assess Your Health Goals

First things first: In order to answer the question, “What type of CBD should I use?” you need to contemplate your greatest health needs and goals. People use CBD for a variety of reasons, so here are some questions you may want to ask yourself to help pinpoint your specific needs:

  • Are you hoping to take CBD to promote overall health?
  • Is there a specific issue you are navigating?
  • Are you interested in a specific use for CBD, or overall therapeutic effect?
  • Is this for preventive care or chronic relief?
  • Who are you purchasing this CBD for? Yourself? My loved ones? Your pets?
  • What type of product am I interested in trying?
  • How strong of a product do you need and how long of a time supply would you prefer?

All of these questions are important and will help you answer what type of CBD should I use. In fact, these questions are so vital that we developed a short quiz to help you answer them. 

Take our Wellness Pal quiz now!

What Type of CBD Should I Use? Choosing the Right Type of CBD Product

Now that you have considered your health goals, the next step is to determine what type of CBD product is best for your needs. From tinctures to balms, capsules to gummies, there are several types of CBD products and each has their benefits.

While we cannot make specific recommendations due to FDA regulations, here are the typical benefits and overall uses for each type of CBD product.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are the strongest way to take CBD as they are taken under the tongue and directly absorbed into the bloodstream. This type of CBD can be used to help support overall wellness, including issues with inflammation or stress management. Tinctures are the most efficient way to use CBD as well, as the CBD is combined with a carrier oil to ensure the maximum absorption and health benefits. 

CBD Topicals Such as Balms, Salves, Lotions, and Creams

CBD topicals are a popular choice for people looking for skin health support, and to troubleshoot potential inflammatory issues such as rash, eczema, psoriasis, and more.

CBD topicals can also be used to support pain relief for chronic issues such as arthritis, fibromialgia, joint pain and muscle soreness. Whether you’re looking to recover from a hard workout, or for some relaxation for stiff joints, topical CBD may be your best choice.

CBD Softgels & Capsules

CBD softgels and capsules are best for people looking to optimize their exact dosage of CBD. Because a softgel or capsule contains a very specifically measured amount of CBD, you can be sure to test and observe the effects of CBD at a more detailed level when using CBD softgels and capsules.

Overall the effects and benefits of softgels or capsules are identical to tinctures, as both contain carrier oils and terpenes along with the full spectrum of cannabinoids, including CBD.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are usually packaged as sweets like gummies, chocolate, or honey, are optimized for taste and effectiveness. Similar to capsules and softgels, many times edibles are a specific amount of CBD in a serving size. For example, our Plus CBD gummies contain 5mg of CBD per gummy. These are perfect for the picky eater and anyone looking for a specific dosage.

CBD Vape

CBD via vape pens is popular right now but we do not recommend using vape products. This is an issue of regulation and overall safety with materials, as most vape pens or products do not have safety guarantees or a seal of approval. Like CBD verification, we hope to see the vape industry begin to protect consumers by providing methods to verify the quality of products.

What Type of CBD Should I Use? Additional Factors

Source of Hemp

The number one thing to look for is US or European sourced hemp. The regulations put in place for hemp grown in Colorado, Virginia, Kentucky, and North Carolina are among the highest in the world. With the US Hemp Authority establishing the first legitimate verification label, you can be sure that their 13 brands are top shelf. Learn more.

Extraction Method

While extraction method is not something that is discussed as often as other parts of CBD products, the industry standard is CO2 or Supercritical CO2 extraction. This type of extraction uses minimal heat and no chemicals outside of CO2 to remove the cannabinoids from the hemp flower. Learn more.

Full Spectrum or Isolate?

When all the cannabinoids are present within a product it is considered “full spectrum.” Because many people wish to avoid all traces of THC, even those within the legal range of 0.3%, some choose a CBD Isolate product. Isolates only contain CBD, which may reduce their effectiveness overall, but provide peace of mind with no amount of THC present. We recommend full spectrum, as it will have the greatest effect and potential results. 


How much CBD you take is just as important as the type of product and the sourcing of the hemp. If you are taking too little, the effects may not be as strong as you’d like. CBD is measured in milligrams (mg), while the overall volume of products is typically either in ounces for a liquid, or grams for a solid.

Read our article dedicated to understanding dosing and how to figure out how much is right for you.

Buy From A Trusted Source

After you’ve decided that CBD is right for you and your health goals, it’s important to find a source that sells quality, verified CBD oil. Because CBD oil is so new to the public health community, there are a lot of products that are being sold without verifying the quality or legitimacy of their ingredients.

At Anavii Market, we only sell premium verified CBD oil from the most reputable brands on the market. Quality and safety are our top priorities, and we go the extra mile to provide you with as much information about your CBD, even before you click “purchase.”

What Type of CBD Should I Use? Let's Recap!

“What type of CBD should I use?” is a complex question. However, by setting your health goals first, selecting the type of CBD is a much easier process.

Start by choosing the type of CBD product and then look at the label to make sure factors like the extraction method, geographic source, dose, and more, are what you need.

As always, all of this information is listed on each product page, only at Anavii Market.

Looking for CBD Products? Contact Anavii Market Today!

Even after this article you still may be wondering, "So...What Type of CBD Should I Take?" Don't worry, we get it and are here to help! We're happy to discuss any of your CBD questions more in depth so feel free to contact us!.

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