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New CBD Liver Safety Study Shows No Evidence Of CBD Liver Toxicity

by Kit O'Connell

A new research study of over 800 adult CBD consumers provides new evidence that this popular supplement is safe, with no sign of liver toxicity.

The study was conducted by ValidCare, with industry sponsorship on behalf of 12 major CBD companies. These included Charlotte’s Web, the largest and one of the most experienced brands in the industry. Researchers sought to answer Food and Drug Administration (FDA) demands for more safety data on how cannabidiol interacts with human liver enzymes. According to a press release, Validcare representatives met with the FDA on March 23, 2021 to deliver the results of the research study.

The study looked at 839 adults that have been taking CBD for at least 60 days. According to co-investigator Jeff Lombardo, a board certified oncology pharmacist with a doctorate in pharmacology, the results were extremely promising.

“What we observed to date is no clinical evidence of liver disease in any participants,” Lombardo said.

Will the new study settle concerns about CBD and liver toxicity?

Currently, CBD products are largely unregulated. When hemp was legalized in 2018, Congress tasked the FDA with developing a regulatory pathway forward. But the agency has repeatedly insisted they need more data about the safety of CBD. As a result, they’ve assembled a team of experts, the FDA’s Cannabis Product Council, and have been meeting with stakeholders like doctors, researchers, CBD industry professionals and consumers.

Validcare met with the Cannabis Product Council to deliver evidence about a specific concern over liver toxicity. A liver toxicity warning is included with Epidiolex, a prescription CBD drug approved by the FDA to treat certain severe forms of epilepsy. 

The Validcare study offered further evidence that neither consumers nor the FDA should be concerned about liver health and over-the-counter CBD supplements (like the kind sold by Anavii Market).

Validcare uses “decentralized data” to conduct their research, meaning they obtain voluntary participants from around the country using tools like smartphone apps.

Across all age groups, less than 10% of participants had elevated liver enzyme levels, but these levels were low enough to be considered “clinically insignificant.” While 3 participants had three times the normal amount of a particular liver enzyme, all 3 were also taking medication which can increase this enzyme.

"We observed ... no clinical evidence of liver disease in any participants.”

“We are investigating whether prescribed medications or other factors contribute to these outliers,” said Lombardo.

Almost 70% of the participants reported that they take prescription medication for a medical condition. None of them reported any increase in adverse side effects from combining their medication with CBD oil supplements.

Research continues despite statistically significant evidence of CBD’s safety, according to Dr. Keith Aqua, MD, another principal investigator.

“We will continue to analyze these real world data and are adding a second cohort to this study to increase statistical certainty for liver safety ... across diverse populations and consumers with various medical conditions,” he said.

Always use caution and common sense when starting new supplements

We’re excited by this new evidence, which joins extensive research showing that CBD is safe.

In general, industry-sponsored research is considered less reliable than fully independent studies. However, the researchers behind this new study into CBD and liver toxicity are extremely experienced, and the study drew from a large pool of CBD consumers. As a result, we hope this new study from Validcare will be a compelling answer to the FDA’s demands for more data about CBD and liver toxicity.

Dr. Aqua agreed, stating, “We are encouraged by these findings and hopeful this study provides FDA with sufficient science-based data to determine and take action on a safe regulatory path forward.”

People have been safely using hemp to improve their wellness for thousands of years. Even so, you should always check with your doctor before starting any new wellness routine. It is possible that CBD could interact with some prescription drugs.

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