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Making CBD Stronger, More Effective: An Introduction To Naturia Plus

A lot of CBD products can be inefficient. It’s actually quite difficult for most CBD to pass successfully from our digestive tract into our bloodstream. That’s a challenge Naturia Plus™, a unique “delivery system” for CBD and other cannabinoids, aims to overcome. 

Since becoming legal in 2018, it seems like hemp and CBD products are everywhere you look, and in everything from capsules to skin care. There’s a growing body of research showing CBD offers real wellness benefits. At the same time, there’s one inescapable fact about CBD and any other ‘cannabinoid’ compound found in hemp or cannabis: they’re hard for us to absorb. 

One company, OP Innovates, came up with a unique, patent-pending solution called Naturia+, which uses the power of nature to help you absorb more CBD. Anavii Market offers a number of products which use Naturia+ technology, including our own Anavii Relief capsules. 

“We like to say that products created with Naturia+ are better, faster, stronger and last longer,” said Keith Butler, CEO in charge of formulations at OP Innovates, in a recent interview with Anavii. 
We asked Keith to explain more about how Naturia+ works, and how their approach is different. It all comes down to the science of something called bioavailability.

Why bioavailability matters in CBD

Bioavailability is a measure of how much of any given substance can enter our blood after ingestion. Unless we receive an injection from a doctor, any substance we take into our bodies changes as it passes into our blood from other systems, such as our digestive tract. 

“Cannabinoids like CBD are fat soluble, not water soluble, and human bodies are mostly water,” said Keith. “As a result, less than 15% of CBD we ingest orally makes it into our blood under normal circumstances.”

Thanks to the conflicting makeup of our bodies and molecules like CBD, normal absorption is simply inefficient. Smoking or vaping offer a higher bioavailability than products taken by mouth, but those present their own health risks too. 

There are numerous ways of working around this bioavailability problem. For example, some research suggests that taking CBD after a high fat meal might increase effectiveness. 

Of course, CBD brands want to solve the problem too, because making CBD more bioavailable means consumers will get better, longer-lasting effects. The most common method is emulsification, often seen in what’s called “nano CBD.” The CBD molecules are broken down into their smallest possible form, and encapsulated in another compound. These smaller, encapsulated molecules pass more easily into the blood. 

“Instead of encapsulating CBD with added chemicals which consumers might want to avoid,” Keith continued, “we found another approach, one developed by nature herself.”

The Naturia Plus solution to bioavailability

Keith explained that mammals face the same challenge when feeding their young as chemists do when creating CBD: Not all the nutrients are water-soluble. 

“Naturia+ uses a pathway invented by evolution which allows cannabinoid compounds to more easily and quickly cross into the bloodstream,” he told Anavii. “People who try hemp products made with our technology report feeling them take effect faster, and they feel stronger and longer-lasting effects too.” 

He added, “Best of all the process is completely natural, unlike emulsification.” 

Over the summer, OP Innovates launched a scientific study which compared the absorption of Naturia+ against more conventional CBD which uses MCT oil as a delivery system. A variety of dogs were given either CBD with Naturia+ or CBD with MCT oil

“We’re still analyzing the results but they’re very promising,” Keith said. “We plan to release our full report later this year.” 

Find Naturia Plus products at Anavii

Anavii Relief capsules are one of the first products offered from our new Anavii Health brand. Anavii Market took our years of expertise in selling other brands’ CBD and hemp products, and applied it to creating our own unique full-spectrum CBD supplement. 

We were actually the first third-party to use OP Innovates’ Naturia+ technology for use in Anavii Relief capsules. Our capsules combine CBD with CBD-A, two potent hemp-based cannabinoids which offer unique benefits when combined together. 

Keith explained that the latest research suggests CBDA could inhibit the COX-2 inflammation enzyme, which our bodies release after injury or infection. 

“Using a combination of CBDA and CBD is like a one two punch on inflammation and its associative pain and discomfort,” he said.

In addition, Anavii Market also offers two other brands of products which use Naturia+, both created by OP Innovates. Hemp Mellow are full-spectrum hemp based capsules that are tailored to promote stress relief and relaxation. And Overcome Every Day is a line of capsules and topicals which promote flexibility and recovery from active lifestyles. 

Whichever product you try, Naturia+ offers a simple solution to a complex problem, and that makes these products worth trying. 

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