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CBD Self-Care Quarantine Kit

CBD Self-Care Quarantine Kit

Anavii Market

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CBD Quarantine Kit

The Anavii Market CBD Quarantine Kit includes a selection of:

  • Overcome Every Night capsules contain a full spectrum blend of cannabinoids that are formulated for a restful night’s sleep for optimal recovery.
  • Winged CBD Everywhere Lotion – 100mg of CBD per bottle. This product is great to restore and rejuvenate, while helping to calm irritated skin. 
  • Bluebird Botanicals Complete is a perfect 50/50 blend of CBD and CBDa. Bluebird Botanicals Complete CBD Oil uses an entirely plant-based recipe to boost wellness and health throughout one’s body.

At Anavii Market we go to great lengths to provide our customers with quality CBD Oil products. We know in stressful times that prioritizing self-care can be difficult, so we put together a CBD Quarantine Kit so that can hopefully provide you some relief. 

Our CBD Quarantine Kit is a diverse selection of some of the best CBD Oil brands we carry. In addition the CBD Quarantine Kit provides varying product types, including a CBD Oil Tincture, CBD Oil Capsules, and a CBD Oil Topical. Each product will allow you to see how the product works with your body. 

However, keep in mind, it is important to take CBD Oil products on a regular basis and with a high fat snack. This allows the CBD Oil to work its way into the body most effectively. 

What is included in the CBD Quarantine Kit?  

Anavii Market's CBD Quarantine Kit includes a variety of quality brands: Bluebird Botanicals, Winged  and Overcome (Nature's Hemp Oil's new line).

Each brand is third-party verified providing premium verified CBD Oil. 

How to use the products in the CBD Quarantine Kit:

The Anavii Market CBD Quarantine Kit comes with capsules. For best results, take daily and swallow with water, similar to a multi-vitamin. 

The CBD Quarantine Kit also comes with a CBD topical. CBD topicals are best used externally. This can be used as needed to revive your skin. 

Last, the CBD Quarantine Kit contains a CBD Oil tincture. For optimal use, drop a full dropper under the tongue, hold for 10-20 seconds, then swallow. 

For optimal results, take the after a meal or a high fat snack. Taking CBD after consuming food will allow for higher absorption rates in the body. In fact, food can increase absorption of CBD Oil by 3 to 5 times the rate! Increasing absorption of CBD Oil will allow for a more positive experience time and time again. 

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If you have any questions regarding the CBD Quarantine Kit or about CBD products in general, please call us at 502-209-8808 or email us at and we'd be happy to help!



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