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Colorado Proud CBD Oil Gift Set
Life Patent Daily Health 600mg CBD Oil
Elixinol 125mg CBD Oil Hemp Balm
Bluebird Botanicals 450mg CBD Oil Softgels
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Colorado Proud CBD Oil Gift Set

Anavii Market

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Colorado is the leading producer of US-grown hemp, so to celebrate the state's accomplishments, we are featuring a Colorado Proud CBD Oil Gift Set complete with products grown, processed and/or manufactured in Colorado including: 

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil Softgels, Elixinol CBD Oil Balm, and Life Patent CBD Oil Tincture. 

This Colorado Proud CBD Oil Gift Set includes a combination of softgels, topicals, and a tincture. Try all three and discover your favorite. 

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil Softgels - 450mg

Approximately 15mg CBD oil plus minor cannabinoids and terpenes per softgel

Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil Softgels are carried with Colorado organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, providing the ultimate Colorado-grown hemp seed oil and hemp-derived CBD oil combination. Bluebird Botanicals established in 2012 and is located in Louisville, Colorado. Bluebird Botanicals prides themselves on their quality control systems.

Bluebird Botanicals is one of the first US-based CBD oil companies to become certified in Good Manufacturing Practices in accordance with the FDA. Their quality batch records system provides consumers with easy to find laboratory tests, twice tested for cannabinoid spectrum and contaminants. 

Bluebird Botanicals softgels are easy to use. Simply place in your mouth and swallow with water. Take one daily, increasing until you find the desired results. For optimal bioavailability take after a meal or with a high fat snack. 

Product ingredients: Organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil, cannabinoid rich hemp extract, gel capsule

Elixinol Hemp Balm - 125mg

Approximately 1mg per ml 

Elixinol Hemp Balm uses Colorado grown and processed phytocannabinoid rich hemp extract. Elixinol's balm is not the most powerful punch of cannabinoids per serving but the balm contains additional impactful ingredients that combine with the cannabinoids to make your skin shine. 

Elixinol also takes the effort to give back with 5% of sales benefiting various charities including: Autism One, Realm of Caring, Vote Hemp, Wounded Warrior Project, The Cancer Cure Foundation, American Brain Tumor Association, and Concussion Legacy Foundation.

For best results, squirt desired quantity into hand. Rub into localized area. Be careful! A little goes a long way

Product Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Virgin Ucuuba Butter, Candeilla Wax, Virgin Andiroba Oil, Lemon Peel Essential Oil, Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil, Wintergreen Essential Oil, Nerolidol, Copaiba Oil, Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Organic Calendula Flower Extract

Life Patent Daily Health CBD Oil Tincture - 600mg

Approximately 20mg per serving. One (1) serving is 1ml

Life Patent Daily Health CBD Oil provides a powerful punch of CBD Oil, MCT Coconut Oil and proprietary natural lemon flavoring. Using CBD oil's the more efficient carrier oil, MCT Coconut, combined with 20mg CBD Oil per serving, the Life Patent Daily Health CBD Oil is bound to satisfy your needs. 

Life Patent CBD contracts with Colorado farmers using specific cultivars, providing the company with optimum conditions for maintaining their quality and consistency.

For best results, fill a dropper full of Life Patent CBD Oil tincture and squirt underneath tongue. Hold for 30 seconds then swallow. For best absorption, take after a meal or with a high fat snack. 

Product ingredients: MCT Coconut Oil, 600mg per ounce of cannabinoid rich hemp extract, proprietary natural lemon flavoring


What Is The Best CBD Oil In Colorado?

There are many available CBD products on the market right now, but you can find the best CBD oil in Colorado. Before we dive into the best CBD oil in Colorado, however, let’s learn all about what the compound is, in case you’re unfamiliar with it.

To start, cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is growing in popularity. Specifically, it is one of the most well-researched chemical compounds that lives within the cannabis sativa plant. That’s primarily due to the fact that it is being credited with a variety of therapeutic properties.

CBD is one of more than 100 cannabinoids identified in the cannabis sativa plants. However, unlike a majority of them — which hold nearly no medical benefits — CBD exhibits almost all of the therapeutic properties of the whole plant.

The Best CBD Oil Colorado — Won’t Get You High

One major benefit of consuming CBD over other cannabinoids is that CBD does not get people high. By this we mean that there are no intoxicating effects from using the best CBD oil in Colorado. For this reason, it is quickly becoming a favorite homeopathic remedy among doctors and medical professionals everywhere to treat a ton of different debilitating ailments.

So you might be wondering how exactly does the best CBD oil in Colorado really work? Well, when people consume the best CBD oil in Colorado, it actually works vastly different than other compounds. This is because it does not directly activate the CB1 and CB2 receptors in our body’s endocannabinoid systems.

Rather, CBD does not stimulate the CB1 receptors that other cannabinoids, like THC, does. Instead, CBD impacts both CB1 and CB2 receptors, producing a therapeutic feeling throughout the entire body. CB1 receptors, on the other hand, live within the central nervous system. There, when activated by THC, users begin to feel a euphoric high. Conversely, CBD does not produce the same effects.

Is The Best CBD Oil In Colorado Legal To Buy?

Although some places still maintain dated beliefs and stigmas around cannabis use, there have been some major strides in research over the last few years showing the medical properties of the plant.

In fact, in 2003, the U.S. Government patented the compound as a neuroprotectant and antioxidant. This, in turn, produced a major public outcry regarding the current federal scheduling of cannabis as a Schedule I narcotic.

Although laws regarding medical marijuana use has been rapidly changing, much of that is due to CBD and its vast amount of benefits.

Colorado might have one of the least restrictive CBD laws but buying the best CBD oil in Colorado is still not as easy to do as you might think.  Basically, Colorado legalized medical marijuana consumption in 2000. Just a decade later, it legalized recreational marijuana use across the entire state.

States in which marijuana is legal, marijuana-derived CBD and hemp-derived CBD are both entirely legal for medical and recreational purposes. In fact, as of today, Colorado is just one of ten states in the U.S. in which CBD and marijuana are completely legal for both medical and recreational purposes.

Finally, thanks to the Colorado Department of Agriculture Hemp Pilot Program, the cultivation of hemp is regulated by the government. The department also has a certified seed program. This program ensures that all of the industrial hemp produced in the state must be approved by the CDA. Even more, they require seeds grown in accordance with the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies’ (AOSCA) standards.

Best Places To Buy The Best CBD Oil Colorado:

However, with all of this in mind, it still is not as simple as one might think to purchase the Best CBD oil in Colorado. That’s because with so many other CBD oil products on the market, it can be challenging to know which one is best for you and your condition. That’s why we’ve created this list of the best places to buy the Best CBD Oil in Colorado.

Colorado is home to many reputable and respected CBD oil companies and shops. Here are just a few of our favorite companies and brands that are based out of Colorado:

  • Bluebird Botanicals
  • Elixinol
  • Life Patent

That said, though, the best CBD oil in Colorado can be purchased from Anavii Market online! With a few easy clicks, you will be able to purchase CBD oil shipped to your home from Anavii Market.

Even more, here is a list of products that our team of experts at Anavii Market have determined are among the best CBD oil in Colorado:

  • Bluebird Botanicals 15mg CBD Oil Softgels - 30ct or 60ct
  • Bluebird Botanicals Signature CBD Oil
  • Elixinol CBD Hemp Balm - 125 MG
  • Bluebird Botanicals Classic CBD Oil - 2oz Bottle
  • Elixinol 300mg Cinnamint CBD Oil
  • Bluebird Botanicals Companion 250mg CBD Oil - Pet Friendly
  • Elixinol 450mg Capsules - CBD Oil
  • Bluebird Botanicals Sample Pack
  • Bluebird Botanicals Hemp CBD Sport Lotion
  • Bluebird Botanicals Hemp CBD Essential Lotion

Why Buy The Best CBD In Colorado?

So, you might be wondering, if CBD does not get you high, what does it actually do? Well, the best CBD oil in Colorado has tons of therapeutic potential for a variety of medical conditions.

Due to all of the federal restrictions on marijuana, there is limited research on CBD, as well.

That said, however, some studies have shown CBD treating things like chronic pain, inflammation, opioid addictions, skin rashes and disorders, anxiety, acne, epilepsy and more.

Specifically, the Federal Drug and Food Administration, or FDA, actually approved the first pharmaceutical drug containing CBD oil. The drug, called Epidiolex, helps treat seizure-related symptoms from 2 rare forms of childhood epilepsy. Namely, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) and Dravet syndrome (DS) are two rare genetic conditions that produce various types of seizures in young children.

Another thing people commonly use the Best CBD Oil in Colorado for is for anxiety. A review from the journal Neurotherapeuticsstated that CBD oil might help decrease anxiety in people with specific related conditions. According to the review, the compound may be able to lessen anxiety-related effects in those with disorders such as:

  • General Anxiety Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Social Anxiety Disorder
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Furthermore, researchers have been continuously studying the effects of CBD on many different neuropsychiatric conditions. According to a study from Current Pharmaceutical Design, CBD might be able to treat many issues related to epilepsy. Specifically, the review stated that CBD might help remedy complications such as  neuronal injury, psychiatric diseases and neurodegeneration.

Even more, this study found that CBD might produce similar effects to those of antipsychotic medications. This means that the best CBD oil in Colorado may be an effective therapy for those with schizophrenia.

Get The Best CBD Oil In Colorado Today From Anavii Market

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to find the best CBD oil in Colorado. For more information about the best CBD oil in Colorado or one of our other CBD Oil products, please feel free to call us at 502-209-8808 or Contact Us here.

We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the Best CBD Oil in Colorado and across the country! As CBD oil experts, our professional team at Anavii Market knows the very best CBD oil products, especially the best CBD oil in Colorado.




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