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Researchers Discover Potent New Cannabinoid 30x Stronger Than THC

Italian University Researchers have discovered two new cannabinoids – THCP and CBDP. The research suggests THCP could be far more potent than THC.

Δ9-THC or THC as we know, is the main compound responsible for the intoxicating activity of Cannabis sativa L. This new phytocannabinoid has been called Δ9-tHcp or THCP. The binding activity of Δ9-tHcp against human CB1 receptors shows it to be a potent full CB1 agonist. Scientists also discovered and researched CBDP, but did not find any significant findings regarding the effects of CBDP.


30x stronger than THC


Their findings of isolating and studying THCP were significant. Research suggest THCP could be much more potent than THC. In tests on mice, THCP was shown to have “an affinity for CB1 receptor more than thirty-fold higher compared to the one reported for THC.”


150 Cannabinoids Discovered

This research brings the total number of cannabinoids discovered in the cannabis plant to 150. However, most of the known cannabinoids have yet to be isolated or researched. The two new cannabinoids were isolated and fully studied by researchers.

Only one cannabis strain was tested in the study, so other cannabis strains could have varying levels of THCP. The research suggests that other cannabis strains could contain even higher THCP levels.

In a pharmacological test, Δ9-THCP induced hypomotility, analgesia, catalepsy and decreased rectal temperature indicating a THC-like cannabimimetic activity.


What This Cannabinoid Discovery Means

The presence of this new cannabinoid could account for some of the different pharmacological properties presented by different cannabis strains that are difficult to explain by the presence of Δ9-tHc alone. This is a very interesting finding. Scientists have long sought to explain why different cannabis strains produce different effects. While THCP may only be present in small amounts, it’s potency could account for different effects from different cannabis strains. We have barely scratched the surface of cannabinoid research, and we are excited for more research like this!


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