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Does Amazon Sell CBD Oil?

Despite the convenience, you should think twice about buying CBD on Amazon.

After becoming the number one online shopping store around the world, it’s no doubt you can practically purchase anything on Amazon. From mattresses and movies to pet supplies and a Nintendo Switch, Amazon seems to have it all. But what many people want to know is: does Amazon sell CBD oil?

While it’s legal to buy and sell cannabidiol (CBD) products online in all 50 states, there are strict rules and regulations to selling CBD oil on Amazon. And even if Amazon does sell CBD oil, should you be purchasing from them?

If you search for CBD on, you'll find thousands of CBD products and many of them seem like a great deal. But look a little closer and those deals are too good to be true. Surprisingly, despite the many listings when you search for it, it's actually against Amazon's rules to sell CBD there. So what gives... does Amazon sell CBD or not?

In the following blog post, we will discuss whether Amazon sells CBD oil, and explain why you should probably purchase your CBD products from a different online store.

FAQ: Does Amazon sell CBD? Be wary of buying CBD on Amazon

  • Technically, CBD sales are banned on Amazon.
  • Despite the ban, 1000s of so-called 'CBD' and 'Hemp Oil' products are sold on Amazon.
  • Many of the products are incorrectly or misleadingly labelled, and may contain hemp seed oil instead of actual CBD oil.
  • Hemp seed oil is nutritious and good for your skin, but it does not contain CBD.
  • Since there's no way to verify CBD products sold on Amazon, look for more reputable sources with third-party lab tests and more transparency about their products.

Why Amazon Doesn't Really Sell CBD

Technically, Amazon does not sell ‘CBD’ oil.

While CBD is legal in the United States thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018, it still falls under the ‘drug’ category. Due to these regulations, Amazon refuses to list products containing cannabidiol on their website, even though CBD does not get you high.

Amazon has a strict policy that prohibits the sale of all products labeled with CBD. However, if you type in “CBD oil” on Amazon, you will find a long list of product pages labeled “hemp oil” or “hemp-infused.” As a tactic to get around this limitation, companies like Amazon label their products as “hemp” instead of CBD.

Unfortunately, this type of packaging is often confusing for consumers who are looking to purchase CBD oil because labels and product descriptions do not contain the word CBD at all. Therefore, when searching for CBD on Amazon, you will likely find products only labeled with hemp.

Does Hemp Oil Contain CBD? 

Some hemp oil contains CBD, while other hemp products do not. Hemp seed oil, for example, is extracted from the seeds of the industrial hemp plant and contains zero CBD oil in it. Even if hemp oil does contain CBD, the amount in these products varies.

For example when the Food and Drug Administration tested 150 CBD products, they found less than half were accurately labeled. The FDA wasn't specifically testing CBD products on Amazon. However, it illustrates the need to research before buying CBD anywhere.

The best way to know if a product contains CBD and how much is in it is by reading reports from third-party testing. Third-party testing allows consumers to see what hemp products actually contain CBD and which ones do not.

Does Amazon Sell High-Quality Hemp or CBD Oil? 

When companies like Amazon sell hemp without using the word ‘CBD’ on any of their products, you don’t actually know much CBD they contain, if any at all.

Many businesses already established in the CBD industry take pride in the rigorous third-party testing and labeling that goes into crafting the highest quality hemp products for consumers. Companies like us at Anavii Market go above and beyond to measure the exact level of CBD, THC, heavy metals and other contaminants are available for customers.

Since Amazon legally cannot list CBD, or THC, on their hemp products, you won’t know just how much CBD you’re taking.

Should I Purchase CBD Oil on Amazon?

The simple answer is no.

Most people looking for CBD products are interested in exploring the therapeutic benefits of CBD oil. However, it’s important to note that research studies pointing to CBD as a holistic remedy for pain, anxiety and inflammation looked at CBD, not hemp oil.

Since Amazon only sells hemp oil, consuming these products with an unknown amount of CBD concentration may not manage your daily wellness as well as CBD products that have the best dosage for you. 

Can I buy other hemp products on Amazon?

If you like, yes. 

Unlike CBD, it's not against the rules to sell products made from hemp seeds or hemp fibers on Amazon.

For example, if you want to buy clothing made from hemp, or hemp-based foods, you can consider buying from Amazon just like you would almost any other everyday product. 

We sell our own Anavii Health Hemp Protein Powder on Amazon (as well as our online store) because we know it's often convenient to buy from this massive marketplace. 

Where to Buy CBD Near Me

Here at Anavii Market, our promise is personal. We ensure that all of our CBD products have been third-party tested so that you can get the wellness benefits you’re looking for.

Although Amazon may seem like an easy option to purchase hemp oil, you won’t be guaranteed the highest quality CBD on the market. Don’t wait. Choose Anavii today and support local hemp businesses near you!

For more information about our selection of CBD products, feel free to contact us below:

  • Call – 502-209-8808
  • Email –
  • Message us on social media – @anaviimarket


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