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Best CBD Softgels of 2019

Inspired by our latest blog on the top CBD tinctures of 2019, we decided to do the same for softgels! Softgels are one of the most popular ways to take CBD – they’re flavorless, convenient, and remind us to drink more water!

So what are the best CBD softgels of 2019? In no particular order, here’s our list:

  1. PlusCBD Oil Raw Softgels 
  2. Ananda Hemp Spectrum Gels
  3. Bluebird Botanicals CBD Softgels
  4. Barlean’s Ideal CBD Softgels

Join us as we dig deeper into the best CBD softgels of 2019, why we love them, and where you can purchase them today!


Best CBD Softgels of 2019 – CBD 101s

Before we cover the best CBD softgels of 2019, let’s go over what in fact CBD is. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a natural cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant. I know what you’re thinking – cannabis? Isn’t that illegal?!

Interestingly enough, cannabis refers to a category of plants. This category includes marijuana (federally illegal) and hemp (federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill). Though they are chemically different, the two plants are pretty similar looking. Anyways, you won’t be breaking the law if you use hemp-derived CBD – that means its THC levels are below 0.3%.

And what a miraculous cannabinoid it is! CBD is non-psychoactive, plant based, and all natural alternative for our daily health needs and chronic issues. Interested in learning more about CBD? Here’s a quick video that’ll do the trick:

Best CBD Softgels of 2019 – Our Methodology

Now that we have our lesson squared away, let’s go through how we compiled this list of the best CBD softgels of 2019. In selecting these top CBD oil softgels, we considered multiple factors, including:

  • Ingredients – what are the best CBD softgels of 2019 made out of?
  • Extraction method – how is the CBD extracted from the hemp plant?
  • Price – how much do the best CBD softgels of 2019 cost?
  • Company values – is the brand respected, trustworthy, or community-driven?

In addition to those factors, we also considered third party verification. All of the products in our list have not only been third party verified, but also verified through Anavii Market’s own process – Verified Life Cycle! Now we’re ready to head into our guide on the best CBD softgels of 2019 – in no particular order – below!

Best CBD Softgels of 2019 – PlusCBD Oil

It’s a no brainer how PlusCBD Oil topped our list of the best CBD softgels of 2019. Firstly, PlusCBD Oil Raw Softgels are packed with not only CBD, but also CBDA – a cannabinoid known to target inflammation. Per softgel, you’ll get 2.89mg CBD and 3.40mg CBDA, with a total of 300mg CBD in the whole bottle. Take one after breakfast and one after dinner to boost your daily health needs!

These softgels are also blended beautifully with extra virgin olive oil – an ingredient known to have incredible effects on our hair, skin, and nails.

Another reason PlusCBD Oil made the list of the best CBD softgels of 2019? Their extraction method. This company uses supercritical CO2 extraction, the most eco-friendly and all-around safe processes, as their key method.

PlusCBD Oil is a trusted member of the industry and community at large. They’re U.S. Hemp Authority Certified, which means that their products not only meet, but surpass industry quality standards. On sale now for only $45.95 at Anavii Market, these are some of the best CBD oil softgels on the market!

Shop PlusCBD Oil CBD Raw Softgels

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Best CBD Softgels of 2019 – Ananda Hemp

Ananda Hemp Gel Capsules are one of the most popular products right now in the CBD community – and for good reason.

First off, Ananda Hemp gives you options. You can shop these top CBD oil softgels in two concentrations – 450mg or 900mg. Whether you’re a first time CBD user or looking to up your dose, Ananda Hemp is there for you!

A big reason why Ananda Hemp ranks on our list of the best CBD softgels of 2019 is because of their manufacturing!

Their CBD is blended with cold pressed hemp seed oil – an ingredient with a multitude of health benefits. Also, Ananda Hemp uses Kentucky sourced hemp for their products, and we love a company that empowers our American farmers!

Safely extracted with ethanol, these softgels are free from solvents and heavy metals, making them an all natural necessity! Ananda Hemp is also a leader in the industry when it comes to transparency – they provide Certificates of Analysis for all their products on their website for folks to read and download! Just shy of $60 for a 30 count, Ananda Hemp provides some of the best CBD softgels.

Shop Ananda Hemp CBD Gel Capules

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Best CBD Softgels of 2019 – Bluebird Botanicals

Also available in either 450mg or 900mg, Bluebird Botanicals CBD Softgels are perfect for folks who are looking for a flavorless CBD product.

Why do we love them? Bluebird Botanicals is another company that is U.S. Hemp Authority Certified. The company is also dedicated to giving back – they’re constantly partnering with nonprofits, like Conscious Alliance.

And their product is just as significant. Blended with organic hemp seed oil, these are the best CBD softgels for folks looking to live that green lifestyle! Additionally, Bluebird Botanicals sources their hemp from local Colorado farmers. We love how, in a single product, Bluebird Botanicals brings us closer to Mother Earth.

Shop Bluebird Botanicals CBD Softgels

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Because their product is extracted via-ethanol, these softgels are free from any and all pesticides, herbicides, and residual solvents. On sale at Anavii Market for just under $40, Bluebird Botanicals offers some of the best CBD softgels of 2019.

Best CBD Softgels of 2019 – Barlean’s

Last but definitely not least on our best CBD softgels of 2019 list – Barlean’s Ideal CBD Softgels. The latest addition to the Anavii family, these softgels are selling like hotcakes! Wonder why?

Well, they use both ethanol and CO2 extraction methods – the best of both worlds! Barlean’s is also another company that’s U.S. Hemp Authority Certified, so their manufacturing methods and ingredients are top of the line.

And extremely healthy, too – these softgels are blended with MCT coconut oil!

Another reason why Barlean’s has some of the top CBD oil softgels? The amount of CBD per softgel – a whopping 750mg! Per softgel, you’ll infuse your body with 25mg of full spectrum, plant based CBD wonder.

A family-focused and community-based company, Barlean’s is dedicated to giving back. They pay each and every employee fairly, and also have college tuition reimbursement programs! For only $70 for 750mg CBD, Barlean’s Ideal CBD Softgels are a no brainer.

Shop Barlean's Ideal CBD Softgels

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Best CBD Softgels of 2019 – Why Shop Anavii Market?

Looking to shop for the best CBD softgels of 2019? Anavii Market is here! But why should you buy for us? Here are a few reasons:

Looking for the Best CBD Products? Contact Anavii Market Today!

We hope this quick guide to the best CBD softgels of 2019 was helpful. If you have any questions or comments about the best CBD softgels of 2019, or anything under the CBD sun, please reach out! We love getting to know folks in our community.

The products sold on this site and these statements herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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