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Top 5 CBD Tinctures in 2019

A few flavorful drops under the tongue and you’re done? No wonder CBD tinctures are one of the most popular ways to use CBD! And you want to hop on the bandwagon, too. But there are way too many options – it’s overwhelming! So what do you do?

Nothing, because Anavii Market is handling the research for you. That’s right! Here’s our list of the top 5 CBD tinctures in 2019:

  1. Life Patent Black Label Hemp Oil
  2. Ananda Hemp Broad Spectrum 0% THC CBD Oil
  3. Barlean's Ideal CBD Hemp Oil
  4. Bluebird Botanicals Complete CBD Oil
  5. Elixinol Cinnamint CBD Oil

Discover more about each of these CBD oil products, and where to get them, in our quick guide to the top 5 CBD tinctures in 2019 below!

Top 5 CBD Tinctures in 2019 – Our Methodology

We took a variety of factors into consideration when ranking the top 5 CBD tinctures in 2019. Here are some of the many aspects we focused on:

  • Ingredients – what’s in the top 5 CBD tinctures in 2019?
  • Testing – has the CBD product gone through third party lab tests?
  • Extraction method – how was the CBD extracted from the hemp plant?
  • Flavor – how does it taste?
  • Price – is it affordable?
  • Mission and values – is the CBD brand reputable, reliable, and community-driven?

In no particular order, join us in diving into the top 5 CBD tinctures in 2019!

Top 5 CBD Tinctures in 2019 – Life Patent Black Label Hemp Oil

If you’re looking to relax with CBD, look no further than Life Patent’s Black Label product! Crafted with a calming indica hemp strain, Black Label is perfect for folks looking to promote healthy sleep habits.

Its ingredients? Pharmaceutical grade coconut oil and hemp extract filled with terpenes, blended deliciously with an all natural lemon flavor! Black Label is also third party lab tested by ProVerde, and is available in both 400mg and 800mg.

Black Label also uses one of the best methods of extraction – ethanol. By using ethanol extraction, the cannabinoids in the CBD tincture are well preserved!

Life Patent is a brand to be trusted. Why? Not only is their hemp registered by the Colorado Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp pilot program, but their Chief Science Officer, Dr. Jim Kane, has over five decades worth of experience in the field.

Coming in at just under $40 for the 400mg tincture, Life Patent Black Label Hemp Oil is one of the best CBD oil tinctures out there!


Top 5 CBD Tinctures in 2019 – Ananda Hemp 0% THC CBD Oil

Blended with organic hemp seed oil and MCT coconut oil, Ananda Hemp 0% THC CBD oil offers 600mg of broad spectrum CBD. The best part? Per its third party lab test conducted by Steep Hill and SC Labs, this product has zero THC – ideal for folks worried about consuming THC!

Another reason why we love this CBD oil tincture? Not only does it use an ethanol extraction process, but its hemp is grown in Kentucky! The product is also 100% plant based and is naturally flavored, offering an earthy taste that brings us closer to Mother Nature.

Additionally, Ananda Hemp is a brand that is on the frontlines of real change. Cofounder Brian Furnish, for example, worked tirelessly alongside politicians to pass the Agricultural Act of 2014 – a piece of legislation that paved the way for the 2018 Farm Bill.

Currently on sale for $84.95 at Anavii Market, Ananda Hemp 0% THC CBD oil is a smart, safe, and seriously beneficial investment!

Top 5 CBD Tinctures in 2019 – Barlean’s Ideal CBD Hemp Oil

Barlean’s Ideal CBD Hemp oil is hands down one of the best CBD oil tinctures out there on the market. Third party tested by Exact Scientific Services and ProVerde labs and extracted with ethanol and CO2 processes, Barlean’s Ideal is quite simply – ideal.

It also tastes that way, too! Blended with natural mint and MCT oil, Barlean’s Ideal is delicious and nutritious in one single swoop. And it's the perfect product for folks interested in vegan, gluten free, and 100% natural, Colorado sourced CBD! It’s a no brainer as to how it ranks on our top 5 CBD tinctures in 2019 list!

Available in either 675mg or 1125mg, this CBD tincture is accessible to both the first time CBD user and the CBD veteran looking to up their dose. 

What’s also reassuring? Barlean’s is a family-focused company that cares about their community. They pay all employees, from manufacturers to managers, fair wages, and also provide tuition reimbursement!

For only $55.99, you can make a positive and healthy contribution to your own well being as well as to others.


Top 5 CBD Tinctures in 2019 – Bluebird Botanicals Complete CBD Oil

Jam packed with natural antioxidants, Bluebird Botanicals Complete CBD oil is hands down one of the top 5 CBD tinctures in 2019 for inflammation.

How? It’s filled with not only high levels of CBD, but also CBDA – a cannabinoid that specifically targets general inflammation. This CBD tincture is our go to recommendation with folks living active lifestyles!

With all that CBDA, the taste is quite bitter. But to us, that drawback isn’t sufficient enough to knock it.

Why? It’s blended with extra virgin olive oil, sourced from Colorado grown hemp, and third party verified via Eurofins Diagnostics. Additionally, their CBD is extracted via CO2 – an eco-friendly extraction process!


Most importantly, Bluebird Botanicals is an active member of the community. They offer assistance programs to lower income families, and also partnered with Conscious Alliance – a nonprofit that fights hunger and empowers youth!

Their 250mg Complete tincture is just shy of $30 – and it’s a no brainer!

Top 5 CBD Tinctures in 2019 – Elixinol Cinnamint CBD Oil

Looking to add a kick to your wellness routine? Elixinol Cinnamint CBD oil is here! With 10mg per serving, this CBD oil tincture is blended with MCT coconut oil, peppermint extract, and cinnamon extract – the perfect plant-based boost for your daily health needs!

Flavors aside, the extraction method – supercritical CO2 process – is undeniably standout. Why?

Referred to as the gold standard amongst extraction methods, supercritical CO2 uses the liquid form of carbon dioxide to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp.

Third party verified by Eurofins Diagnostics, Elixinol is committed to their craft for the benefit of the planet and its people.

CEO Paul Benhaim has a personal passion for hemp and its sustainable capabilities – an interest he discovered when he researched the daunting presence of plastic in the world.

And for only $27.95, Elixinol’s affordability is just another reason why their product ranks on our top 5 CBD tinctures in 2019 list!


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We hope this guide on the top 5 CBD tinctures in 2019 was helpful! Have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding our list on the top 5 CBD tinctures in 2019? Please reach out to us via:

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