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Ananda Hemp Oil

Ananda Hemp – All About Ananda Hemp Oil Products

What is Ananda Hemp?

Ananda Hemp is a premier hemp company located in Cynthiana, Kentucky that is devoted to the rejuvenation of the hemp plant so that it can provide a variety of different benefits for multiple industries. Like Anavii Market, Ananda Hemp thoroughly tests all of their hemp and CBD oil products and certifies every product they produce.

Ananda Hemp produces and sells multiple products containing cannabinoids and hemp extract in the form of capsules, gels, tinctures, and topicals. All of their hemp oil products are legal in the U.S., and are sold and shipped across all 50 states. All of their products are also one hundred percent grown and produced in the United States, and are certified and approved by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Ananda Hemp Oil does not use any imported components in producing their products, and are in full compliance with the Farm Bill.

Ananda Hemp is more than just a company that sells CBD oil products. They consider themselves a pioneer in the hemp industry. Ananda Hemp was one of the primary companies to work on changing legislation to allow hemp and CBD oil products to be produced and sold. They also created the first legal hemp farm in the United States, in Kentucky. Their hemp products are pesticide-free, and they take enormous pride in all of the CBD products that they produce.

Ananda Professional Hemp, Hemp Oil & CBD Oil Explained

There are many different types of CBD oils on the market. The differences between the different brands can be found in the different cannabinoid profiles of each brand. The different components, or compounds, found in each cannabinoid profile, along with the fact that everybody’s system & body are a little different, means that there can be different ways and slightly different effects between each different brand of CBD products.

Fortunately, Ananda Hemp is well known as one of the top brands on the market, and is an industry leader in terms of promoting legislation beneficial to the hemp industry and supporting and investing in market research to learn even more about hemp and its potential numerous benefits on health and society.

In case you are new to the industry and/or hemp and CBD products in general, there is a difference between cold-pressed hemp oil and CBD oil. Cold-pressed hemp oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant only, whereas CBD oil comes from the flowers of the hemp plant. Sometimes companies, like Ananda Hemp, use cold-pressed hemp oil as a carrier with CBD oil and their full spectrum cannabinoid extract. This is why you may find that Ananda Hemp calls their products “Hemp Extract.”

In addition to choosing whether you prefer CBD oil with hemp oil or a different carrier, you also want to consider how the hemp is grown. For example, here at Anavii Market we only sell products that are grown without using any herbicides or pesticides. We believe this leads to a healthier product and a much healthier experience while using hemp or CBD oil products.

Ananda Hemp - an investment to hemp science

You know what else we love about Ananda Hemp? Their dedication to science! That's right. Ananda Hemp has taken massive strides to invest in the science behind their systems and products. Ananda Hemp, and its parent company Ecofibre, have invested over $40 million in transforming the conversation of hemp by investing in science. 

Ananda Hemp has partnered with University of Sydney, Thomas Jefferson University and Eastern Virginia Medical School to improve their understanding of how Ananda Hemp products work for specific symptoms. These studies lead by Ananda Hemp and their research team include FDA-authorized studies for issues like opioid reduction, physical discomfort and agitation and sleep in patients with memory impairment. 

Ananda Hemp began their journey into investing in science by founding the Lambert initiative that was created when founding member Barry Lambert and his wife Joy made a $33million+ donation for research of cannabinoid-based treatments into therapeutic uses for medicines throughout Australia and beyond. As founders of Ananda Hemp this donation helped push the research of Ananda Hemp products to new highs. 

Ananda Hemp Review - Find them here

At Anavii Market we strive for transparency in our products so the Anavii family (that's you!) can understand the pros and cons of every product we retail. This is no different for Ananda Hemp. That's why we offer honest and transparent Ananda Hemp reviews. You can find Ananda Hemp reviews on each product's page.

Our third-party review company ensures that any and all reviews provided are real buyers with real reviews. This means that all the Ananda Hemp reviews found on Anavii Market are truthful and verified. 

To find an Ananda Hemp Review, visit the specific product page then scroll about mid-way through the page. From there you can see a box that displays all our records of Ananda Hemp Reviews. This way you can review these comments and make a proper decision based on Ananda's reviews. 

And of course, we request you do the same for us to keep others informed on how the product works for you. Once you purchase an Ananda Hemp product, or any product on our site, you will receive a prompt after delivery for your honest opinion. Following this guidance you can also leave an Ananda Hemp review or leave a review for other products you may purchase. 

Anavii Market – Your Leading Provider of Ananda CBD Oil and Ananda Hemp Oil

Anavii Market is a leading seller of numerous different kinds of CBD and hemp oil products, including Ananda. We are always adding new products to our line, and always make sure the products we add are of the utmost quality by the most reputable manufacturers! A few of the more popular Ananda professional hemp products we sell are:

Would you like further info on Ananda Hemp products or hemp oil products in general? Please feel free to call is at 502-209-8808 or contact us, as we’re here to help and love answering customer questions!

Ananda Hemp is based in Lexington, Kentucky and Anavii Market is one of the top sellers of their CBD products.

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