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Next Stop? Hemp Road Trip

Anavii Market interviews Hemp Road Trip about how hemp changed their lives.

What inspired you to start Hemp Road Trip?

I was hospitalized in Munich Germany in 2014 due to a near-fatal reaction to prescription, called Steven Johnson Syndrome, where I got a real deep dive into cannabis and while I was excited to have a marijuana edibles company, I realized there was SO much more to cannabis than weed. It could make cars, batteries, textiles, food, energy, houses and so much more! I felt if I could speak with politicians and educate them about hemp, they would end prohibition immediately and start the next green revolution. So I bought an old bus, wrapped it in educational messaging, gathered an amazing crew to support and video the adventure in hope of reaching the most folks and educating them nationwide. I thought one tour talking to politicians following the primaries would be sufficient to achieve the end of prohibition.  

How has CBD and hemp made an impact on your life?

It’s been life-changing, indeed. CBD, and more importantly hemp in general, allowed me to visit 6 continents, expand my knowledge of sustainability and regenerative practices, and get to know incredible leaders across the globe, pushing the limits and making the world a better place.

What are some of your favorite uses of CBD and hemp?

I take CBD full spectrum daily as part of my everyday regime. 90% of my clothing is hemp-based, except for a few suits which I intend to have tailor from hemp soon. When I host people at my home they sleep in hemp bed sheets, shower with Dr. Bronner’s hemp soap, use hemp towel to dry off, and have hempseeds available to “health up” everyday food. The exciting things coming soon in the realm of hemp energy and construction, as well as bioplastics using hemp instead of petroleum!  

Tell us more about the Hemp bus tour.

The tour would not have been possible without the amazing crew we had on each of the 12 tours. I learned just as much from each of them as I did from interviewing experts around the globe. I am, and we are, forever grateful to each of them for taking time and giving energy and resources to help educate and change the landscape for hemp’s expansion. The tour continues to take me all over the globe, meeting incredible leaders and seeing amazing things!  

Are there any new projects you're working on currently?

Next year we are planning some collaborations with international groups, including a university tour again. Working on another documentary film and book promotion with some partners and we’re excited to be able to travel again!  

What do you see for the future of Hemp?

That really depends on legislation. Other countries seem to be grasping the value of this plant, from the flower to the roots. The US is falling behind countries like China, France, Poland, South Africa when it comes to allowing hemp economies to flourish. If the governments can either get out of the way or better yet support the growth, development, and cultivation of hemp- the future will look much cleaner, greener, and brighter for everyone! 

Any advice you'd like to give our readers?

Educate yourself. There is so much to this plant that is valuable. Honestly, no matter what your inclination- travel, health, sports, nature - all of these can be enhanced with hemp! Enjoy it and share it with others! 

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