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Top 5 Best Hemp Beers Sold in the U.S.

Hemp beer has become an increasingly more popular choice for many hemp and beer fans across the country. With exciting new effects when infused with beer, brewers are largely interested in exploring new hemp flavors and profiles.

For those looking to explore hemp-infused beer, the following article explains how hemp beer is made and the best brands and breweries in the U.S you can choose from.

Hemp Beer

What is Hemp Beer?

Hemp beer is a form of beer infused with a variety of elements from the cannabis plant. Hemp beer is brewed using terpenes, which are organic compounds that provide potent aromas and natural flavors found in both cannabis and hops. Hemp beer is not brewed directly from the hemp plant, but rather the beer is infused with hemp hearts – the core of hemp seeds, minus the shell – and added later on for flavoring.  

What is the Different between Hemp and Cannabis Beer?

While hemp beer contains similar aromas and flavors to that of high THC cannabis (marijuana), it’s important to understand that hemp beer does not contain any CBD or THC properties. However, there are CBD-infused beers you can choose from.

CBD-infused beer is an alcohol-free beer that is brewed using cannabidiol (CBD) and provides you with a calming effect on the body. This type of beer does not cause any cognitive affects like that of THC.

What are the 5 Best Hemp Beers in the U.S?

  1. The Hemperor (HPA)– 7.0%

Brewed by New Belgium Brewing Company, The Hemperor HPA offers an exciting new spin on hoppy beers, taking hemp beer to the next level. Infused with hemp hearts and hop flavors, The Hemperor is a very light, golden beer with a sweet terpene taste throughout the body of the beer with a mildly bitter finish. This hemp beer has a medium body and offers a strong aroma of herbal cannabis, but does not contain THC.

  1. Hempin Ain't Easy Ale– 4.2%

A light and balanced hemp ale from One World Brewing, Hempin Ain’t Easy is a refreshing blend of organic hemp seeds from Kentucky, Wheat, Pilsner malt and Comet hops. This beer is a crisp, golden beer, much like that of a pilsner.  

  1. Humboldt Brown Ale– 5.0%

Originally called “Hemp Ale,” Humboldt Brown is an American hop brewed by Humboldt Brewing Company. This hemp beer is infused with a signature blend of toasted hemp seeds and offers a perfect balance between hemp ale and darker malt.

Humboldt Brown has even won several awards over the years, including a gold medal at the LA Count Fair, a Silver American Brown Ale award from the Great International Beer & Cider Competition in 2014, and a Bronze Medal from California’s State Fair in 2012.

  1. Homegrown Hempen Ale– 6.5%

Only brewed once a year for the Homegrown Music Festival, Fitger’s Homegrown Hempen Ale is a full-bodied amber beer infused with a fine selection of ground hemp seeds. Well-hopped and strong, this ale is a festival favorite and has jokingly received the name of “The Gateway Beer.”

  1. Rock House Christmas Warmer– 8.6%

The Christmas Warmer is a Winter Warmer style beer brewed by Rock House Brewing in Lexington, KY. This holiday blend combines the strong notes of a malty, peppery ale with a sweet infusion of honey, cinnamon, and gingery tones. The Christmas Warmer is a great sipper by the fire surrounded by close friends and loved ones.

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