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Introducing Martha Stewart CBD Dog Chews and CBD Oil for Dogs

Once again Martha Stewart CBD has come out with fantastic new wellness products through a partnership with Canopy Growth Corporation; this time with delicious CBD products made specifically for dogs. With the understanding that your dog is a special part of your family, Martha designed wellness products with the guidance of veterinarians and scientists at Canopy Animal Health. The new pet line features three varieties of soft-baked CBD dog treats and a CBD oil designed to support the physical and mental health of dogs of all ages and sizes.

When Will Martha Stewart CBD for Pets Be Available?

We have all seven of these new CBD wellness products available for purchase now!

Martha Stewart CBD for Dogs

Which CBD Product is Right for My Dog?

Similar to humans, there won’t be a one-size-fits-all answer for which CBD to give your furry friend. The hardest part about choosing a hemp product for your pet is that labels are not always honest. Because testing protocols of CBD products have yet to be clearly defined or consistent, it is important to shop trusted brands for pet-safe CBD. Anavii Market is committed to only carrying quality, vetted CBD products, such as the Martha Stewart CBD brand.

Martha Stewart CBD Dog Treats

CBD For Overall Pet Wellness

If you are searching for a CBD product that will keep your pup’s general well-being at peak performance, consider the Well Drops or Wellness Chews.

The Wellness Drops include broad-spectrum hemp extract in sunflower oil and naturally flavored with chicken.

Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Chews come in two sizes: Small/Medium Dog and Large Dog. They are naturally flavored with chicken, blueberry, and anise seed (a scent like catnip for dogs!).

CBD For Calming an Anxious Dog

Martha's Chow Chow Emperor Han

The cranberry and chicken flavored Calm Chews contain chamomile as an active ingredient to help dogs cope with everyday stress.

CBD For Joint Health in Dogs

Bette Noir wants Pet CBD Chews

The Mobility Chews are formulated with omega-3 fatty acids from salmon and flax seed to support and maintain overall joint health and mobility every day.

CBD Dosage for Dogs

One of the features we love from the soft-baked chews is that finding the right CBD dosage for your dog is easy! Simply reach in and grab a daily chew for your pet. The packaging also includes a handy chart so you will always have a reminder. Not sure how much CBD oil to give your dog? The Well Oil Drops include a handy dosage guide right on the packaging too.

Still Have Questions About CBD for Pets? Contact Us Below!

We all want our canine companions to be happy and healthy. If you have more questions or concerns about CBD for pets, please feel free to contact us below:

  • Call – 502-209-8808
  • Email –
  • Message us on social media – @anaviimarket and @anaviimarketcbd


How Can I Tell if My CBD is Working?

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