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Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition

Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition (VIHC)

There are an increasing number of regional and statewide organizations that have the goal of promoting the legalization of industrial Hemp. One of the top organizations in the Nation like this would be the Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition, abbreviated as VIHC. The VIHC realizes the extreme importance of better policies for industrial hemp production and business development in Virginia and the United States as a whole. They have been working hard since the inception of 2012 to see farmers in Virginia have the ability to once again grow and process hemp without major restrictions or red tape. The Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition realized that there was a need for positive representation of hemp in Virginia so that it would be available to help diversify the agriculture community in Virginia as well as bring back manufacturing to the region in an area greatly in need of job creation.


The membership of the VIHC covers the entire State and has mobilized grassroots support for the hemp industry. There are many issues facing the pioneer Virginia and American hemp farmer and business and the VIHC tries to help where it can. The Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition has been directly involved in drafting every major piece of legislation involving hemp that has been signed into law in Virginia. Working with a shoestring budget this non profit organization has changed the legal landscape of hemp farming and business development for the better in Virginia and the Nation by changing the laws in Virginia and by gaining the support of a very important Judiciary Chair in the United States House, Bob Goodlatte. Congressman Goodlatte's support of the hemp industry has brought it to complete legalization at the Federal level.

Why Support Hemp Farming?

There are many common misconceptions about hemp is and what it is used for. Unlike marijuana which is a hallucinogen that contains high levels of THC, hemp does not cause hallucinations and it has THC levels that are nearly zero making it non-psychotropic. Although hemp and marijuana are both members of the Cannabis family, they are fundamentally different in terms of usage and content. Hemp has high levels of CBD which is a chemical that combats the very small amount of THC that is present in Hemp, therefore making the THC useless. However, this does not mean that hemp does not have any benefit to it. The CBD that is in hemp provides a great deal of antioxidants.


Another thing that most people probably do not realize about hemp is that hemp is also a great food source. The seeds of a hemp plant are very nutritious and are, arguably, one of the best sources of plant nutrition. Hemp seeds are able to provide a significant amount of protein compared to the total level of protein in them versus the entire caloric density. The value of hemp for consumption does not end at hemp seeds. Hemp seed oil is also a good option for those that are concerned with nutrition. CBD, which is found in hemp in great amounts, is also full of healthy antioxidants.

The Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition is also very active in the informing of the public on all of the positive effects Hemp could have on not only Virginia, but the United States as a whole. The United States is one of the largest import markets for hemp seed oil and other hemp products. However, those farmers that are located in Virginia are unable to farm this extremely valuable crop. If this market was opened up and hemp became an available crop for farmers in Virginia, it could provide great economic opportunity. Unfortunately, the growing and production of Hemp for valuable products such as hemp textiles and hemp seed oil is not a reality for many farmers in the United States. The VIHC realizes how very important it is for someone to stand up for Hemp.

This day in age has seen a large amount of farmers struggling with making a living because of falling crop prices. Hemp could provide these struggling farmers with a more profitable and in-demand crop. This would hopefully keep more Virginians, and Americans all together, from losing their way of life which is farming. The Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition is active in trying to make Hemp an option for farmers in Virginia to grow. The VIHC is also no stranger to the importance of sustainability when it comes to the growth and production of Hemp and therefore advocate for Hemp that is responsibly farmed.

Hemp in a Modern Era

Hemp has a great market in a modern economy. As mentioned previously, Hemp can be used for a great deal of things such as food. Hemp is also great when it is used for textiles as the fiber is extremely strong and durable. In fact, hemp is one of the strongest natural fibers and lasts a significantly longer time than some of its natural fiber competitors. The uses for hemp are nearly never-ending. This is why hemp is one of those agricultural crops that could provide great economic benefit not only to the economies of both Virginia, but also to the United States as a whole.The United States is the only G7 nation that doesn't have a legal and productive hemp industry. The VIHC is working hard to change this for the nation.

One of arguably the greatest uses for Hemp in today’s day in age would be the utilization of the CBD that is within the Hemp. As mentioned previously, CBD does not have the same effects on the body as the chemical THC does. Rather, CBD is the counter to THC and a powerful antioxidant. Having a diet that is balanced and includes antioxidants is a great step in living a healthy, well-rounded life. Antioxidants in and of themselves are substances that are used by the body to get rid of possibly harmful oxidizing factors that live inside the body.

The Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition is an important factor in the positive representation of the hemp market in Virginia. With the representation of hemp by the VIHC, the issuance of legislation that removes hemp from a controlled substance list in the country and allows for more agricultural and business opportunities with hemp is on the table.


The VIHC wants to make sure that the hemp market in a modern era is not only accessible for the farmers in Virginia, but they also want to make sure that the industry is providing safe products for consumers. The Virginia Industrial Hemp Coalition continues to fight the good fights and see to it that the hemp industry gets on proper legal footing it deserves.

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