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US Hemp Roundtable Information

What is the US Hemp Roundtable

US Hemp Roundtable: What Is It?

The US Hemp Roundtable can be thought of as a grouping together of a broad range of hemp producing companies. Combined in the US Hemp Roundtable, these companies are able to represent every step of the hemp production process. The hemp companies that have joined forces in order to form the US Hemp Roundtable have the mission of ensuring passing of bi-partisan legislation in Congress that would allow for hemp to be traded as an agricultural commodity rather than have it listed as a controlled substance.

The US Hemp Roundtable is working to accomplish this goal by having farmers that are outstanding leaders in the hemp community make their way to the capitol, Washington D.C., along with high-powered business executives. The step that is arguably the most important to the US Hemp Roundtable would be the passing of Senate Bill 2667 and House Bill 5485 or the Hemp Farming Act language within the 2018 Farm Bill.

Hemp Farming Act of 2018

More products than one might think are produced using hemp or some sort of hemp extracts. However, due to the listing of hemp as a controlled substance, for the past 80 years US farmers have not been able to locally grow hemp. In addition, hemp products have had to be imported into the United States by foreign producers of hemp. The legalization of hemp farming in the United States poses great opportunities for not only farmers, but those in white collar jobs as well.

The opening up of a bustling new industry is a great way to provide new, well-paying jobs for Americans. It is also an opportunity for new investments that have the possibility of being greatly prosperous. Forbes provides a great article that discusses more positive benefits that could be associated with the legalization of hemp.

What Exactly Is Hemp?

Hemp is a plant that has been domesticated for a great deal of time. In fact, Hemp has been used to create fabrics, paper products, and more for thousands of years. Hemp is also a type of health food as hemp seeds are growing in popularity due to their protein, Omega 3, vitamins and micronutrient levels. The uses for all parts of the hemp plant are seemingly endless. However, people are often become confused when it comes to the difference between hemp and its illicit cousin in the Cannabis species.

Hemp field

Many people make the all too common mistake of assuming that hemp and marijuana are the same plant. However, this is a false statement as they are not the same thing. While hemp and marijuana are related as they are both technically varieties of the Cannabis species, hemp does not serve the same purposes as marijuana. Unlike marijuana which has a psychoactive effect, hemp is without a psychoactive effect and can be used for things such as body products, food items, plastic products, and much more.

The appearance of the two plants is also significantly different as well. Hemp plants are usually much taller than its cousin marijuana and the leaves are also skinnier and the majority of the branches of the plant are near the top rather than dispersed through the entire height of the plant.

Another significant difference between hemp and marijuana is the presence of the chemical THC. THC is what causes a psychoactive effect in marijuana, but the levels are practically zero in Hemp. THC isn’t the only chemical difference between the two. Hemp has a high level of CBD which can be considered the opposite to THC. The high CBD levels fight off the nearly non-existent amount of THC. Unlike THC which causes the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana, CBD is used for supplements due to its high levels of antioxidants. If further questions regarding CBD remain, consult our helpful FAQ.


The US Hemp Roundtable realizes the true value of hemp and is able to distinguish it from its cousin, marijuana. Hemp can provide great economic benefit for both the producers and sellers. This is why the US Hemp Roundtable is working tirelessly to help ensure that the United States is able to farm and produce its own hemp products in order to lessen the dependence on imported hemp and to provide opportunities to US farmers.

US Hemp Roundtable: Helping the American Farmer

Hemp supports the American farmer

The US Hemp Roundtable is no stranger to the idea of what hemp can do for the American farmer. Hemp provides the opportunity to diversify and expand. Hemp is also relatively easy to grow as it doesn’t require a great deal of input. Also, due to the many different ways hemp can be used, farmers will be able to sell to a range of different markets whether that is textiles, food production, extracts and many more.

Farmers that are struggling to make ends meet may see hemp as a saving grace. Corn, which is an extremely popular agricultural commodity, requires about twice the amount of water to produce than hemp. It is also very adaptable to a range of soil types and grows very quickly. Another great perk of hemp, that is not only beneficial to the farmer, but also the environment, would be the fact that Hemp does not require pesticides to be grown effectively.

The US Hemp Roundtable wants to help get hemp in more farmers’ fields. Having American grown hemp not only helps for the reasons listed above, but again, it means the United States does not have to have a dependence on other countries for hemp. The US Hemp Roundtable truly believes that hemp helps support America, and for good reason. Hemp has the ability to rejuvenate the US economy and the US Hemp Roundtable wants to be the one that helps get the ball rolling and keep it rolling.

Anavii Market is proud to support the US Hemp Roundtable.

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