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Friends Of Hemp

Friends of Hemp (FOH)

Friends of Hemp is working to re-establish the hemp industry through education and opportunity. The non-profit organization, sometimes abbreviated as FoH, works with domestic hemp organizations to improve access and knowledge of hemp production, processing and marketability of the new American cash crop. Like many groups that are trying to get hemp off of a controlled substance list and into the fields of American farmers, Friends of Hemp realizes the absolute necessity of positive representation of hemp within the media and the need to make sure that factually correct information regarding hemp is what is given to the public.

Friends of Hemp logo

Another aspect of the hemp industry that is extremely important to the Friends of Hemp is making sure that the industry is backed by valid scientific research and proper development of a consumer market.

Nestled in the heart of Clark County, Kentucky, Friends of Hemp provides farmer educational seminars to improve hemp farming practices. But FoH works beyond the hemp farm by improving advancing market opportunities for the crop leading to a more diversified and developed supply chain.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a plant that is a member of the Cannabis plant species. However, it is not to be confused with its illicit cousin marijuana. Hemp has been grown in North America for thousands of years as it is a very valuable and useful plant. It is one of the oldest crops known to mankind and has evolved as humans have evolved. It has many utilizations that go far beyond what most people would probably think. Hemp is a relatively easy plant to grow as it is not very finicky when it comes to temperatures and humidity. This means hemp can be grown in a variety of different regions, but be careful of hemp getting its feet wet! It does not like to be submerged in too much water.

Unlike its cousin marijuana, when growing for grain and fiber, hemp grows tall with pencil thin stalks and has leaves that are more centralized towards the top of the plant. Another difference between hemp and marijuana is the chemical makeup. Marijuana is found to have very high levels of THC which is the chemical compound that induces a hallucinogenic effect on humans. When growing for CBD and other cannabinoids, the plant can grow bushier and resemble its illicit cousin, but as previously stated, does not contain high levels of THC.

Hemp, on the other hand, has extremely low levels of THC. If we think of products like decaffeinated coffee, which is labeled as zero caffeine, but still contains trace concentrations of caffeine, hemp is very similar. By law, hemp must contain less than 0.3% THC which is essentially zero. In addition, those low levels of THC are also met with high levels of CBD in hemp. CBD almost acts as a suppressant for the very little amount of THC that is in hemp. This therefore hinders any effect the THC could have had anyway, making it useless.

A lot of people confuse Hemp and its cousin Marijuana for being the same thing. However, as mentioned previously, they are very different both in looks and composition. Friends of Hemp is trying to help clear this up for the public and make society very aware that hemp is different. With this public outreach on behalf of Friends of Hemp, there will be better public understanding of hemp and what it can actually do for our communities.

In fact, Friends of Hemp has a listing of events that it does in order to help push forward the positive representation and understanding of hemp in society. It is also important for the public to realize all of the possible economic benefit that a bustling hemp industry could have on the United States, a topic that Friends of Hemp is also progressing.

There is a misconception surrounding the use of industrial hemp. Contrary to popular belief, hemp has a great market in a modern economy. Hemp can be used for a wide variety of products such as food and fiber. Hemp is also great when it is used for textiles as the fiber is extremely strong and durable. In fact, hemp is one of the strongest natural fibers and we are just scratching the surface on the opportunities that lay ahead with this new American cash crop. This is why hemp is one of those agricultural crops that could provide great economic benefit not only the United States economy, but also to the world economy.

Friends of Hemp is no stranger to all of the possible benefits of nationwide legalization of industrial hemp farming. They know that it will likely provide great economic benefit from the creation of new, hemp industry related jobs.

Friends of Hemp also knows that allowing the American farmer to grow hemp would be diversifying their crops and therefore providing the opportunity for higher profits. This is especially useful in a time like now, where some crop demands are dropping and it is negatively affecting hard-working farmers.

Along with other organizations that share the same values and message, Friends of Hemp wants to help remove misconceptions regarding hemp while letting people know all of its great uses and applications.


Why Support Friends of Hemp?

Because hemp has been improperly regulated for 80 years as a Controlled Substance, there is a lot of research, development and education that must be done to improve hemp’s supply chain and demand. Friends of Hemp is working to improve this industry issue by raising funding to re-establish this old, but new, American cash crop.

In the past, Friends of Hemp has raised funding for a variety of projects including:

  • Hosting Farmer Seminars
  • Organizing Local Hemp Foods Cook-Offs
  • Building a Hempcrete House
  • Coordinating a Hemp Tap Takeover
  • Hosting a Hemp Holiday Market
  • Prompting a Hemp Writing Competition

Now FoH is collaborating with the Hemp Feed Coalition to ensure the secure passage of Hemp Food Additive Petition - a multi-step process to safely and effectively have the FDA’s Center for Veterinarian Medicine successfully approve hemp as an animal feed.

Hemp Feed Coalition logo

Approving hemp as an animal feed will be a major step in the industry because companies will be able to incorporate nutritious hemp foods into pet food for cats, dogs and horses and farmers will be able to feed their livestock the nutritious plant too. Adding hemp to animal feed won’t just benefit the livestock but also it will make humanity more healthy, because after all, we are what our food eats!


Past Projects of Friends of Hemp

FoH Farm Seminars

Friends of Hemp works with other organizations like the Kentucky Hemp Farmer’s Association to provide informational opportunities for farmers interested in growing hemp. In the past the topics of the events have focused on organic hemp production, agronomic hemp practices, hemp diseases and more.

FoH Local Hemp Foods Cook-Off

Friends of Hemp has organized three local hemp foods cook-offs where the non-profit organizes restaurants to cook creative dishes using hemp foods like hemp hearts, hempseed oil, and hemp protein. Friends of Hemp believes that the more hemp foods are found in menu items of restaurants, the more normal hemp will become in the eyes of the public.

Friends of Hemp has used this same concept for their Hemp Tap Takeover, but instead of using hemp ingredients in food at restaurants, FoH works with domestic breweries to brew hemp beers.

FoH Hempcrete House Build

In 2017 Friends of Hemp collaborated with NoLi CDC and Kentucky Hemp Industries Association to build a hempcrete house in a re-developing area of Lexington, KY. The collaboration included a hempcrete building workshop where the community was able to come out and learn how to build using hemp fiber materials.


FoH Hemp Writing Competition

In collaboration with the Carnegie Center, Friends of Hemp opened a writing competition to students to learn about hemp and write a paper regarding the plant. First, Second and Third place received a US savings bond!

You can become a Friend of Hemp

The future of hemp is bright, but you can make it brighter by becoming a Friend of Hemp and donating to the non-profit. FoH is a 501c3 and all donations are tax-deductible. While Friends of Hemp is based in Kentucky, the non-profit is actively working to expand its reach beyond the borders of Kentucky, into its neighboring states and across the United States.

The hemp industry is up and coming and any support helps advance the cause to re-establish hemp as the new American cash crop. Other agricultural crops like corn and soybeans were developed over the last 60 years into hyper-efficient crops for food and bio-materials. Now it is hemps turn to expand and Friends of Hemp is helping to make this happen.

By supporting Friends of Hemp you are helping the health and wealth of a new domestic economy, a new crop for farmers and a new healthy alternative for your family, friends and pets.

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