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Senate Pushes For Clear CBD Regulation & Other Hemp Bills

by Kit O'Connell

New bills before Congress could help the hemp industry thrive, so we thought we’d create a short roundup of recent hemp bills.

While legal, the hemp industry still exists in a regulatory “gray area,” where there’s little to no oversight or quality control at the federal level. When hemp became fully legal in the 2018 Farm Bill, regulation of CBD products was left to the Food and Drug Administration, but they’ve yet to finalize regulations.

Other problems exist due to the war on drugs, leaving hemp businesses often struggling to take care of everyday tasks like banking or payroll.

In order to help ease the growing pains of the hemp industry, Congress has stepped in with recent bills aimed at helping the hemp industry as well as the growing legal cannabis industry.

One recent Senate hemp bill would urge the FDA to put CBD under existing nutritional supplement guidelines in a timely fashion.

Senate Hemp Bill Calls For Regulations On CBD Supplements, Food Products

A hemp bill introduced by the Senate seeks to create a clear pathway to regulation for CBD products.

While the 2018 Farm Act asked the FDA to step in and set regulations for consumer use of CBD, they’ve been unable to make much progress in the years since. While consumers can buy 1000s of CBD products, there are also poorly made, misleadingly labeled and even fake CBD products on the market. As a result, consumers need to do a lot of research for themselves, or buy from trusted vendors like Anavii Market.

The “Hemp Access and Consumer Safety Act,” cosponsored by Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon), Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), and Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon), could ease hemp and hemp-derived CBD products passed certain hurdles that have made it harder to set clear regulations.

“CBD products are legally being used and produced across the nation,” Wyden wrote in a press release. “Yet because the FDA has failed to update its regulations, consumers and producers remain in a regulatory gray zone.”

Essentially, this hemp bill would encourage the FDA to treat CBD and related cannabinoids derived from hemp like any other dietary supplement. That includes following existing safety regulations which cover the manufacture of supplements, ensuring they remain pure of contaminants. 

Currently, consumers need to do their own due diligence as a result of the lack of regulations. All products for sale at Anavii Market meet our rigorous quality standards, including availability of third-party lab tests.

Hemp banking and other bills before Congress

Banking and the hemp industry is another issue that could be cleared up through Congressional action.

Despite the legalization of hemp, regulations remain from the war on drugs which prevent many banks, credit card processors, and payroll processing companies from working with the industry.

This issue is even more dire for the recreational and medicinal marijuana industries, in states where they’ve been legalized. Some legal cannabis dispensaries, and similar businesses, are forced to deal in dangerous amounts of cash due to the inability to secure normal banking. Several bills have been floated to clear up these and related issues, but have failed to pass both chambers of Congress. Another recent bill would protect legal cannabis consumers that live in public housing.

However, these smaller issues could be on hold for the time being as Congress continues to debate the overall issue of federal cannabis legalization. Though there's still resistance, bipartisan support for full legalization of cannabis grows stronger every day. As more states begin to legalize, even Southern states like Virginia, pressure is mounting for Congress to fully legalize the plant at the federal level.

While Anavii Market only sells hemp-derived products, we know legalization of cannabis would likely remove many remaining barriers stifling the growth of the hemp industry, in addition to ending needless overpolicing and imprisonment of cannabis consumers and growers.

We’ll continue to monitor these and other hemp bills before Congress, and keep our customers updated on the latest.

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