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What Is The Entourage Effect?

There are many phrases or words that are unique to the hemp industry, and the entourage effect may or may not be one that you’ve heard before. Exactly what is the entourage effect and how can you benefit from it?

This article has everything you need to know about the entourage effect.

In short, the Entourage Effect is the phenomenon of using all the compounds in the hemp plant to create a CBD oil where they all work together for maximum health benefits. We’ll discuss more below:

  • Basic Overview: What Is The Entourage Effect?
  • Why You Should Choose A Full Spectrum CBD Product
  • The Importance of The Entourage Effect

There Is Power In Numbers

Much like the TV show Entourage, in life, everyone has a group of people that they roll with. In school, you have your group of friends, sports team crew, band mates, sorority sisters or other circles. n the business world you may have your colleagues, peers, or contemporaries.

Throughout life, most people have some sort of entourage that they consider to be “their group.” Friendship allows the strengths of each person to surface, and also gives people the opportunity to work on some of their weaknesses. This is exactly what the entourage effect is all about, but with plant compounds instead of people.

What Is the Entourage Effect? 

So what is the entourage effect within hemp and CBD exactly? In the hemp plant there are specific compounds to focus on, and we want to highlight two in particular: cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD, which you may have heard of, is a cannabinoid, or a specific type of compound that acts on the body’s nervous system. Terpenes, on the other hand, are organic compounds in the hemp plant that control how CBD and other cannabinoids perform or function. This interactive relationship is what the entourage effect is all about.

Whether you’ve heard about the entourage effect or not, there is actually a similar entourage effect that exists in the world of food. For example, you may have found yourself adding salt and pepper on your baked potato last night, however, this actually is a powerful way to unlock the nutrients like vitamins and minerals that otherwise would not be accessible. Here are some other types of combinations that can prove more powerful when combined:

Nature is meant to work together. This is what the entourage effect is all about. The entire spectrum of compounds, working together to promote overall wellness.

Why Choose Full Spectrum CBD? 

The entourage effect specifically refers to the phenomenon that Full Spectrum hemp products will benefit over isolation of a specific cannabinoid. This means that the terpenes found in full spectrum hemp products act as conductors or facilitators, and allow CBD and other cannabinoids to provide stronger health benefits, because all of these substances are together, in their most natural form.

What this means for you is that each cannabinoid works together to provide the body the most benefits, while mitigating any potential risks. Using full spectrum CBD products allows CBD, also known as cannabidiol, to

you have a full army of healthy substances, and CBD is the conductor, guiding each substance to maximize their effects and play their role to the fullest.


How Can I Tell if My CBD is Working?

Did you know that 1 in 7 Americans use cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant? ...

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