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What is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Extract?

There are a lot of varying terms being tossed around in the CBD space and we know it can be downright confusing. You’ve likely seen some products labelled “hemp extract” and others labelled “CBD oil” and may be wondering, “What is the difference between CBD oil and hemp extract?”

Spoiler Alert: there is no difference between CBD oil and hemp extract!
They are terms that some brand use interchangeably. 

What is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Extract?

Quite simply put, nothing.

In the CBD industry, there are many products that use these terms interchangeably, and this is the main source of confusion. In addition, several manufacturers are now moving towards using “hemp extract” on their labels to avoid potential confusion with FDA regulations around the term CBD.

So, if you’re browsing through a reputable CBD marketplace like Anavii Market, and you see “hemp extract” on the label, there’s no need to worry. Here's a fun 101 video about CBD if you need more clarification:

The Most Important Thing About Labels

What is most important, is the content of the CBD oil or hemp extract. This is why it’s important to shop with reputable companies, like Anavii Market, that bring you only the best quality products. Top brands like the ones found on our marketplace, provide information about the ingredients and composition of their CBD oil. This gives you the ability to keep a proper track of the dosage, and adjust your consumption accordingly. Despite what title is used on the label, we need to consider what is inside the product, and whether it’s sufficient to help reach our goals. 

Additional Terms To Keep In Mind


  • Full Spectrum- refers to the CBD oil that has CBD as well as other essential ingredients.
  • Carrier oil - The oil used as vehicle for other substances like CBD oil preserve the potency and increase effectiveness.
  • Hemp seed oil - Another variation of hemp oil, sometimes used when describing additional oil from the seeds. Hemp oil is generally taken from the flower, but can also come from seeds.
  • CBD Isolate- a CBD product that only contains CBD and excludes any other compounds.
  • Hemp oil - An oil made from the hemp seeds, typically used in cooking or supplementation.
  • CBD oil - An oil made from the flower and leaves, primarily used for more therapeutic purposes. Click here to learn more about the differences between CBD oil and Hemp oil

Bottom Line: 
What Is The Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Extract?

We hope that this breakdown helps to clarify what is the difference between CBD oil and hemp extract. Their different names may imply that they are two separate products, but they are exactly the same.

The more important information is really found under the ingredient section. After all, it’s really the CBD content that will determine whether or not you derive benefits from the oil. To learn more about what to look for on the labels, read our guide here.

Looking for High-Quality CBD Oil? Contact Us Below! 

We hope that this guide helped to clarify exactly what is the difference between CBD oil and hemp extract.

We know the various terms used to describe CBD products like CBD oil and hemp extract can be confusing so we hope this overview has been helpful. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or call 502-209-8808.

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