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What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Anyways?

If you’re asking yourself what is full spectrum CBD oil, know you’re not alone. While CBD has recently taken the wellness industry by storm, people are still questioning – what is full spectrum CBD oil? And how can it really help me?

With this guide to full spectrum CBD oil, we'll teach you everything you need to know. And by the end we hope that you’re able to answer the question of what is full spectrum CBD oil!

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil – An Overview

If you have been shopping for CBD oil products, it’s likely that you’ve come across the labels “full-spectrum” and “isolate”. These are two terms that essentially inform you what type of cannabinoid content you will be getting in that product.

CBD is only one of more than hundreds of identified active cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

Although CBD and its intoxicating cousin, THC, are two of the most abundant and well-known cannabinoids, there are tons of other compounds in these plants that are definitely worth exploring.

Some of these include CBG, CBN and more. Every single cannabinoid compound produces different effects on the body. So what is full spectrum CBD oil, and where do active cannabinoids come in?

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Full spectrum CBD oil contains, well, the whole spectrum of natural cannabinoids! And each of them is responsible for different functions – which is why we cannot stress enough just how important full spectrum products are.

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil – And What is CBD Isolate?

We can’t give a coherent answer to what is full spectrum CBD oil without discussing what CBD really is in the first place. To start, cannabidiol, or CBD, has dramatically increased in popularity due to its potential therapeutic properties.

A main reason for this growth? Full spectrum CBD, specifically,

As aforementioned, there are two primary types of CBD oils on the market: full-spectrum and isolate. Isolates are typically the most simple form of CBD. They hold nothing but pure CBD. That is to say, with no other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, vitamins and more — they just contain CBD.

To strip the natural hemp plant of all cannabinoids except CBD (i.e., to isolate CBD), the product goes through a ton of unnatural chemical processes.

So, what is full spectrum CBD oil? The exact opposite!

In fact, full-spectrum CBD oils carry a wide range of cannabinoids.

Because of this, full spectrum CBD oils are regarded as the most all natural alternative. Because these products naturally contain the range of cannabinoids, they do not go through the harsh processes as isolate products do.

If you’re looking to target a more specific area or use for CBD, use full-spectrum CBD oil. But if you’re someone who just wants 99.9% CBD – despite it being quite synthetic – consider a CBD isolate.

What is full spectrum CBD oil, then, to Anavii Market? The best way to nurture your true nature. That’s why we provide a variety of full spectrum CBD oil products, from tinctures to topicals to capsules and even gummies, to help you promote your true wellness.

Interested in learning more about CBD isolates? Click here to read more!

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil – And is it Legal?

Short answer? Yes! Producers of full-spectrum CBD extract it from cannabis plants that have THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis plants. Because of this, many people are concerned or confused about what is full spectrum CBD oil. However, there is nothing to worry about.

Why? Last year, the Farm Bill passed, which federally legalizing hemp throughout the United States. So, this means that the federal law ensures all CBD oil products derived from hemp (not marijuana) are legal!

These hemp derived CBD oil products must contain less than 0.3% THC by concentration. This means that each item will contain only minute traces of THC – levels that do not make users feel high.

Want to learn more about the Farm Bill? Click here for more info!

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil – And What About the Entourage Effect?

The cannabis sativa plants contain tons of vital nutrients and other significant compounds, too. Some of which include terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids.

The entourage effect, then, is the effect caused by combining all of these active cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids. So what is the entourage effect, exactly?

The entourage effect is the benefit one gets from all of these compounds synergistically interacting with one another – as opposed to just one or two of them working alone, like in CBD isolates.

It seems as though people are responding well to products that contain many cannabinoids rather than single cannabinoids on their own.

This finding comes from how cannabinoids are discovered in nature instead of produced synthetically in a manufacturing facility, like isolates.

For this reason, consumers should look for full plant hemp extracts or whole plant extracts when shopping for CBD oil products. Why?

Because full spectrum CBD oil products have, in addition to the CBD, beneficial phytonutrients like terpenes, fatty acids, enzymes, and more. A CBD isolate will not contain any of these other beneficial compounds.

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil – And is it Right for Me?

Ultimately, when it comes to answering what is full spectrum CBD oil, it’s important to remember that CBD is stronger when working with other compounds. Even more, full spectrum CBD oil has greater bioavailability than CBD isolates.

This is because on its own, CBD might not be able to absorb or travel as far throughout the human body without the added effects.

In fact, some of the terpenes found in cannabis plants are so effective at this sort of travel that they’re added to topical products like creams and lotions!

Although CBD targets more than 65 areas throughout the body, its effects at each target are drastically different.

Other compounds in the entourage might be even more effective than CBD isolate where you most need it.

While we recommend full spectrum CBD oil, some prefer CBD isolates. If you think your body might react better to a CBD isolate, be sure to give it a try! It definitely can’t hurt.

The main drawbacks to CBD isolates are how they don’t produce the entourage effect and that they’re a bit on the synthetic side. But ultimately, whether you choose full spectrum or isolate, is up to you!

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So, what is full spectrum CBD oil? By now, we hope you can answer this question. However, if you’re looking for more information to answer what is full spectrum CBD oil, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by giving us a call at 502-209-8808 or Contacting Us here.

We are more than happy to help people who are curious about the question – what is full spectrum CBD oil?

The products sold on this site and these statements herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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