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The Real Dangers Of Vaping CBD Oil

CBD and vaping are arguably the two most trending topics in pop culture this year. Yet recently, the two items have come together both on the shelves and in the limelight – and not for good.

cbd vaping

So is CBD vaping dangerous? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yes, yes yes. Learn more about the dangers of vaping CBD oil and safe CBD alternatives below!

Dangers Of Vaping CBD Oil – But What’s Vaping Culture?

Before we can get into the dangers of vaping CBD oil, let’s discuss vaping culture first. How did this whole vaping revolution even start? Well, many folks turn to vaping as a way to wean off of tobacco. That’s where products like the e-cigarette and Juul come into play. Instead of smoking a cig, people are opting for odorless, USB-chargeable, and just as toxic nicotine products.

More reasons why vaping is so popular? Vaping products are not only improperly marketed as safer alternatives to cigarettes, but also come in a variety of flavors such as bubblegum, blueberry pie, and banana split – seriously, we’re not making this up.

Piggybacking off of this profitable pop culture trend, more and more companies are aligning themselves with vaping culture. One industry to do so? CBD.


Dangers Of Vaping CBD Oil – Why Vape CBD?

Despite the many obvious dangers of vaping CBD oil, we’re seeing CBD vaping products sprout up left and right. But why vape CBD in the first place?

We know about all the great health benefits that CBD naturally offers. Also known as cannabidiol, CBD comes from the cannabis sativa plant and will not get you high – federally legal CBD contains less than 0.3% THC. It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and known to promote our daily wellness needs such as sleep, joint, and skin support.

You’ve seen it in tinctures, softgels, capsules, gummies, and now, vapes. There’s one main reason, though, why folks are inhaling CBD, despite all of the dangers of vaping CBD oil. It comes down to one word: bioavailability.

Put simply, bioavailability has to do with how much our bodies really absorb when we ingest something. And these levels of absorption vary depending on delivery method.


Here’s the average percentage of absorbed CBD per delivery method:


However, bioavailability doesn’t mean much when the desired effect doesn’t last that long. That’s the case with vaping CBD – though it has a higher bioavailability, it’s actually one of the shortest lived methods.


Here’s on average how long the effects of CBD last based on delivery method:



With all the dangers of vaping CBD oil, it’s worrying to know that you’ll probably have to expose yourself to more than just one serving a day for long lasting relief.

Interested in learning more about CBD and bioavailability? Click here to read more!

Dangers Of Vaping CBD Oil – So What Are They?

Now that we’ve covered vaping culture, bioavailability, and effect timeline, let’s get into the real dangers of vaping CBD oil. Because CBD is not FDA approved, there is no federal obligation when it comes to ingredients. This ranks No.1 when discussing the dangers of vaping CBD oil.

Why? Without a third party verification test (also known as a Certificate of Analysis), you can’t be 100% sure about what you’re ingesting. That vape cartridge that you picked up at the corner store or that puff of your buddy’s CBD vape – unless you’ve seen the lab results, you don’t know for certain that you’re ingesting real CBD.

Which brings us to No. 2 on the dangers of vaping CBD oil list – spiked products.


Because companies aren’t required to test their products for purity, many will substitute CBD (which, when high quality, is expensive), with cheaper and extremely harmful alternatives.

These are the two most popular additives we’re seeing in fake CBD vape products:

  • Synthetic cannabinoids
  • Vitamin E oil



Synthetic cannabinoids, also known as spice or K2, is not natural like CBD. Entirely human made, synthetic cannabinoids are unfortunately marketed as a safe alternative to marijuana – but this is not the case. The effects of ingesting synthetic cannabinoids are actually widely unpredictable, with some instances resulting in life-threatening situations. Synthetic cannabinoids also have zero health benefits – and they’re one of the key dangers of vaping CBD oil.

Vitamin E oil sounds healthy, right? Not when it’s inhaled. It’s safely used in our lotions and beauty products, but when vaped, it poses a huge health risk – lipoid pneumonia, namely. This occurs when fat particles enter our lungs, causing a wealth of respiratory issues.

And at the start of September 2019, the state of New York launched a health investigation into the causes of vaping-related illnesses, turning to Vitamin E oil as a potential culprit. Used in vape cartridges as a thickener, the substance was found in a majority of the tested samples from the 34 reported lung illnesses – and counting – currently facing New York.

Want to learn more about our CBD verification process? Click here for more info!

Dangers Of Vaping CBD Oil – Now in the News

But the dangers of vaping CBD oil aren’t only present in New York – they’re nationwide. And they’re life threatening. Here’s a breakdown of vaping-related illnesses since September 17th, 2019:


  • 530 total reported cases
  • 7 total reported deaths
  • 38 states reported
  • 72% affecting males
  • 67% affecting 18 - 34 yr olds
  • 16% affecting under age of 18



These figures are astonishing and increasing daily. We want to make something very clear – when we discuss the dangers of vaping CBD oil, please apply this to all vaped substances. Vaping is clearly a national health security issue, and we do not condone vaping anything, under any circumstances – period. Would you risk it?

Dangers Of Vaping CBD Oil – CBD Options Other Than Vaping

That’s why Anavii Market does not carry any type of smokable product, even though we third party verify and personally test each product. Why? Because we don’t believe smoking is healthy or natural. It simply goes against our mission as a natural wellness company. And we would never sell a product that we don’t believe in.

Solution? Safe alternatives to vaping CBD oil. Think of the two safe methods we mentioned earlier – CBD softgels or tinctures. Though they will never be as bioavailable as vaping, their effects last long. Most importantly? They’re 100% natural.

Still interested in increasing bioavailability as much as you can? Us too. Interestingly enough, there are simple, safe ways to do so! And they have to do with our favorite thing in the whole world – eating.

A bioavailability 101 tip? Whether you’ve decided on a tincture, softgel, or gummy, take your CBD with a high fat snack or meal. With a stomach filled with natural fats, bioavailability naturally increases, so you’ll absorb more CBD! Here are some of our favorite high fat snacks:


  • Avocado toast with olive oil
  • Cashew, almond, macadamia nut trail mix
  • Beef jerky
  • Chia seeds and peanut butter
  • Hard boiled eggs



Another awesome product that you’ve probably never heard before in our alternatives to vaping CBD oil list is Barlean’s Seriously Delicious CBD Emulsion. Available in either Lemon Drop or Chocolate Mint, the CBD emulsion is uniquely crafted to improve our bioavailability, and thus ensure max absorbency, when ingesting CBD. Another perk? You can eat it right off the spoon Mary Poppins style or add it to your favorite smoothie!


Ultimately, there are so many different CBD options other than vaping out there that are entirely safe to use and ingest. Taking CBD is a great way to boost your wellness and ease specific health symptoms, and we couldn’t recommend it enough. But with all the dangers of vaping CBD oil, inhalation is a method we just can’t get behind.

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We hope this guide to the dangers of vaping CBD oil was helpful! If you have any relevant questions about the dangers of vaping CBD oil, please Contact Us. As always, we’re here to help!

The products sold on this site and these statements herein have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




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