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Verification Process

Verification Process for the Best Quality CBD Oil

Anavii Market's top priority is ensuring you find the best quality CBD oil on the market.


Hemp extracts, more commonly known as CBD oil, are not regulated by the FDA and therefore the products manufactured are not required by the federal government to undergo standardized testing. With some hemp extract or CBD brands the quality and purity is not checked like it should be.

Unfortunately, this means some brands and products may not contain what they specify and some manufacturers have taken advantage of this by selling products containing little CBD oil or far less than what’s specified on the label. It may also mean that some brands and products contain certain contaminants that do not help an individual.

Anavii Market realized this issue early and we have taken steps to counteract the potential of inferior products reaching consumers. Before we launched, we created an industry leading verification that monitors the quality of hemp extract products. All hemp extract products sold on our site have gone through our third-party verification, Verified Life Cycle. So when searching for the best CBD oil on the market, search for third-party verified products, like those sold on Anavii Market.


Qualification Standards for the Best CBD Oil

In order to qualify for our sales platform, a manufacturer must apply and receive our Verified Life Cycle Seal of Approval. Our application requires manufacturers to provide information regarding their company and their processes, like: extraction method, hemp source, batch records process, recall procedures, and third-party laboratory testing for the five critical areas of concern:

  • phytocannabinoid spectrum
  • residual solvents
  • microbiologics
  • heavy metals
  • pesticides/herbicides

Once the manufacturers have submitted the proper documentation and are approved by Verified Life Cycle as a quality CBD product, we open the products to the general public within our sales channel.

Quality Assured

Quality Assured

Third Party Verified

Verified Life Cycle

Contaminant Free

Contaminant Free

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Anavii Market retails premium verified CBD oil

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