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What Are Standard Serving Sizes for CBD?

You take it, your friend takes it, your cousin takes it, but does anyone know what are standard serving sizes for CBD products? It’s a complex answer to a pretty straightforward question, but we’ve compiled it all into this quick blog!

cbd servings sizes

What Are Standard Serving Sizes for CBD – An Overview

What does the phrase “standard serving size” even mean? Typically, we see the phrase when we’re talking about nutrition and food intake. It’s a figure you usually find on the back of the product on an ingredients label, whether it be for a bag of chips of a capsule of Biotin. Essentially, it’s a standard by which we measure our wellness.

These standard serving sizes are figures set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For supplements specifically, the FDA has set a Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) – this reads as “take once a day with food” or “take two capsules in the evening”.

So, what are standard serving sizes for CBD? Though it’s a natural supplement with incredible health benefits, CBD is not FDA approvedAnd because of that, the answer to what are standard serving sizes for CBD or what is CBD’s RDI does not exist.

But that’s only when we approach the matter of standard CBD oil serving size per the FDA. Thankfully, CBD leaders, advocates, and scientists have established an understanding within the industry regarding the gray area of what are standard serving sizes for CBD. Here’s a quick list of CBD serving sizes:

  • Micro servings
  • Standard servings
  • Macro servings

But before we get into what are standard serving sizes for CBD, let’s go over what exactly CBD is, where it comes from, what health benefits it provides, and more!


What is CBD?

Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is one of many naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. When we say cannabis, we don’t mean all CBD comes from weed – because that’s not true! Interestingly enough, both hemp and marijuana derive from the cannabis plant, and both hemp-derived and marijuana-derived CBD exists.


However, there’s an important distinction between the two. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, all CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC are federally legal – i.e., any hemp-derived CBD is legal CBD!

Marijuana-derived CBD, however, is not federally legal – so make sure when you’re shopping for CBD, you purchase a legal product!

Looking for more guidance regarding CBD? Here’s a quick video that’ll help break it down further!


With the latest CBD boom, we’re hearing more and more folks tout the plant-based product’s efficacy for their wellness needs.

And when clarifying what are standard serving sizes for CBD, we need to remember that it is dependent on the user, their particular goals, and why they’re turning to CBD in the first place. That is, what’s standard for you may not be standard for the person sitting next to you.

Let’s go through the three industry serving sizes of CBD and their qualities below!

What Are Standard Serving Sizes for CBD – Micro

Micro serving sizes are one of the best CBD serving sizes for folks looking to manage their daily health needs. Here are some basic health-related instances most folks are seeking out in relation to CBD:

  • Foster better sleep habits
  • Promote cognitive function
  • Nourish dry skin
  • Mitigate feelings of unease and stress
  • Encourage an overall balanced well being


So, what are standard serving sizes for CBD on the micro side of dosing? Typically, a micro serving of CBD can range anywhere from 0.5mg to 20mg per serving. At Anavii Market, we recommend starting at about 5mg CBD per day for a first time CBD user. However, that figure may be too low or too high for you.

Ultimately, it’s up to your body to decide what are the standard serving sizes for CBD for you!

What Are Standard Serving Sizes for CBD – Standard

You might even find yourself searching for a higher serving size, even if you’re looking to simply target those pesky common health problems! The standard CBD oil serving size typically ranges anywhere from 10mg to 100mg.


This is one of the best CBD serving sizes for folks looking to potentially target:

  • Exercise-induced flare ups
  • Auto-immune related issues
  • Feelings of sadness or emptiness
  • Joint related problems
  • General inflammation

As we’re getting into what are standard serving sizes of CBD, it’s important to remember how there are countless reasons why folks take CBD – reasons that we might not have covered in this list above. And these different reasons will most likely warrant different CBD serving sizes!

What Are Standard Serving Sizes for CBD – Macro

Also referred to as therapeutic levels, macro servings of CBD can range anywhere from 50mg-800mg CBD per serving. Put simply, this is a mega dose of CBD! But this category is standard for some.

Folks who use macro serving sizes are typically experiencing a severe and/or chronic ailment monitored by their health care provider.

Disclaimer – If you’re looking to target health issues with CBD and/or are taking any medications, talk to your health care professional first about CBD. Make sure it doesn’t counteract with anything you’re taking!

What Are Standard Serving Sizes for CBD – The Right Product

Now that what are standard serving sizes for CBD per the industry is covered above, let’s go through the different CBD products out there, and their respective serving sizes, below!

  • Tincture: Coming in a liquid form, tinctures come with a dropper that is typically 1ml in size and can at times have tick marks on the side – so it’s easy for folks to determine their own serving sizes per dose!
  • Softgel/Capsule: What are standard serving sizes for CBD softgels and capsules? Typically, each tablet will have anywhere from 5mg to 25mg of CBD – this is a great option if you’re looking to take and track an exact amount!
  • TopicalWhen talking topicals, standard serving sizes get trickier to hone down to an exact number per serving – however, each container will typically include 75-200mg total CBD, and you can control the amount you use!


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We hope our discussion of what are standard serving sizes for CBD was helpful! If you still don’t understand our blog on what are standard serving sizes for CBD, please reach out via:

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