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The Future of Hemp

The future of hemp is now.

Since early civilization, hemp has been recognized for its unique versatility and today, we are pushing its uses even further. From innovations in health and sustainability, to consumer products and construction, hemp is making a global impact across industries.  


industrial hemp

These are some of the most exciting applications that may help to shape the future of hemp, our health, and our planet.   

On earth day 2019, Anavii Market is dedicated to progress in moving forward with sustainable practices, renewable energy and resources, and overall environmental awareness. Join us as we take a look at the following promising fields in the hemp industry:

  • Hemp Plastics
  • "Hempcrete"
  • Hemp Paper
  • Hemp-based fuel
  • Therapeutic Products such as CBD oil



The Future of Hemp:
Hemp Plastic

The Challenge.

Any sustainable future is one that caters to the environment. Today the global plastic consumption is at an all-time high, with eight million metric tons of plastic polluting the oceans every year. This wreaks havoc on the wildlife and the overall ecosystem. Even with initiatives to reduce the use of plastic and to encourage recycling, the demand for it seems insatiable.

The Solution.

Hemp plastic provides a biodegradable, renewable alternative to petroleum-based plastic. What makes it a potentially major sector in the future of hemp, is the fact that it can be molded into almost any shape and has the same capabilities as regular plastic.

Although the bioplastic industry is still in the early stages, businesses like The Hemp Plastic company have already begun using hemp bioplastic for packaging purposes.

The Future of Hemp:

The Challenge.

One of the major challenges to the construction industry, is handling extreme weather conditions due to climate change. Building structures that are strong, but also resistant to fluctuations in temperature can prove to be complex and a bit expensive.

The Solution.

One of the most revolutionary products ever created from hemp is something called Hempcrete. It consists of parts of the hemp stalk, water, and lime. The high silica in the core of the stalk allows it to bind with the lime well. This results in a lightweight and insulating material that can be used to create monolithic walls between timber or steel frames. Additionally, hempcrete is nontoxic, mold resistant, fire resistant, and helps to absorb carbon dioxide from the air.

France has been one of the earlier adopters of Hempcrete, and has been incorporating it in their construction since the early 1990s. In fact, one of the earliest hemp structures was a French bridge built at around 500 AD. Back in 2015, America’s first hemp house was built using hempcrete, which helped to create a template for other eco-friendly structures.   

The Future of Hemp:
Hemp Paper

The Challenge.

The pulp and paper industry is another massive polluter and the main source of deforestation. Its operations result in tons of CO2 and unwanted substances being released into the atmosphere, which ultimately causes a lot of illness and damage to the environment. 

The Solution.

Hemp paper can be a solution. According to a report from the United States Department of Agriculture, one acre of hemp produces the equivalent amount of paper as four acres of trees. Hemp paper is an excellent resource, which can be used as an alternative because it is renewable, lasts longer than wood pulp paper, can be recycled significantly more, and doesn't require toxic bleaching chemicals.

Currently, hemp paper is used for specialty applications like business cards and marketing material, but not for mass production such as printing and packaging. We’re excited to see more take off!

The Future of Hemp:
Hemp-Based Fuels

The Challenge.

Fuel is a necessity for the modern era. Without it, we would not be able to power our cars, our computers, homes, smartphones and the list goes on. The problem is, not only are traditional fuel sources finite, but they also damage the environment. Fossil fuels pollute the atmosphere, which in turn destroy our ozone layer. 

The Solution.

There is an alternative - hemp biofuel. There are two sources of biofuel being produced from hemp to date; biodiesel and ethanol. Biodiesel is made through the extraction of oils and fats from the hemp seeds. The extract is then processed into a usable fuel that can power any diesel-powered vehicle. Hemp can also be used to produce ethanol through the process of fermentation. It also has a clear advantage over traditional crops like wheat and barley as it can be grown in harsher conditions.


Back in 2014, Extreme Biodiesel received a 5 million dollar line of credit to cultivate hemp. We will begin to see more companies invest in the future of their industry through the use of hemp. Full speed ahead.

The Future of Hemp Is Now

When we think about the future of hemp, wider spread adoption of these innovations isn’t far away.

As the industry progresses, we can expect to see more players push the envelope on what’s possible. We at Anavii Market even partnered with Space Tango to send hemp seeds to space to understand a microgravity environment can improve hemp’s effectiveness and unlock new applications.

Though the industry is still relatively young, it is moving at a record setting pace. We will continue to update this article with the latest innovative uses of hemp here:

Scientists Turn Beer Yeast into CBD & THC: By modifying several genes, scientists were able to turn brewer’s yeast into popular hemp cannabinoids, THC and CBD.

Hemp Car: Engineers combined the chassis of a regular car, with 100 pounds of woven hemp to produce a vehicle with a body 10 times more dent resistant than steel.

Hemp Clothing: Popular clothing brand Levi Strauss & co. developed a line of hemp clothing that feels ‘just like cotton’ but has half the carbon footprint of traditional fabrics.

Hemp Supercapacitors: Scientists found a way to use to turn hemp fibers into carbon nanosheets which could be used for supercapacitors. Hemp supercapacitors are said to outperform regular supercapacitors by up to 200%.

Hemp ChairWell renowned Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger revealed the world’s first hemp chair concept in 2011.


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We hope that this guide helped to clarify exactly what is the difference between CBD oil and MCT oil.

If you’re interested in learning more or have any other questions feel free to call us at 502-209-8808 or contact us here. We’d love to hear from you!

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