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How Hemp Products Are Made

By Ray Mwareya 

How are hemp products really made? That´s a fascinating question without endless answers because the list of hemp products keeps expanding daily. 

In recent years the use of hemp and other cannabis-related products has notched immense popularity and the social stigma towards cannabis-related products has declined fast. In the US the use of CBD-based products was expected to deliver $646 million in sales by 2022. 

To understand how various hemp products are made commercially or in your kitchen, we will examine how popular hemp products in the categories of food and healthcare are made. From hemp massage oil to hemp coffee and hemp burgers, read on.

Hempseed oil

To extract hemp seed oil, we use a cold-press machine. A cold-press machine is a versatile machine, and they come into distinct shapes: a traditional screw press or a reducing screw design. 

The specific methods of pressing involve a lot of variables but simply, first, you dispense raw seeds into the machine´s seed hopper. An expeller screw breaks up the seeds. Then oil drips through canals where pulp is separated from oil. 

The resultant oil is fresh, raw, and pure; whereas the pulp is a co-product that can be further processed into other goods. 

Hemp protein powder

Hemp protein powder is the co-product of cold-pressing hempseed oil basically. The seed meal leftover is further refined into 50% protein powders.

Hemp hearts

While hemp seed oil and hempseed protein were some of the more common products historically, hemp hearts were more commonly introduced into diets in the 1990s with the rise of the Canadian hemp markets. Hemp hearts are derived from the de-hulled seed. This means the seeds are pushed through a high-pressure vortex that breaks the exterior shell from the heart or core of the hemp seed. The hemp heart is highly nutritious with high concentrations of micro and macronutrients as well as essential fatty acids and more recently has been used for further refinement into hemp heart oil and hemp heart protein. 

Hemp heart oil

Similar to hempseed oil, hemp heart oil is also pressed out of the heart of the hempseed. This means the fibrous shell of the seed is not carried into the oil making hemp heart oil lose its nutty flavor, offering a taste more similar to olive oil while maintaining the top-notch omega 3:6 ratio the body craves. 

Hemp heart protein

An additional co-product in the manufacturing of hemp heart oil is hemp heart protein. Hemp heart protein is an up-and-coming hemp food ingredient that is bound to make major waves in the plant protein space. Unlike its predecessor hempseed protein, hemp heart protein does not have a nutty flavor. In fact, it’s virtually flavorless, if not having a mildly sweet aftertaste while maintaining nutrient profiles at over 70% protein plus essential amino acids, magnesium, manganese and so much more. 

More recently Anavii Market launched its own Anavii Hemp Heart Protein line to help this product pave its way into kitchens across the globe! We highly recommend giving it a try by adding it as a 10%-20% flour substitute in your meals to improve nutrient profiles. It’s gluten-free, vegan, allergen-free, non-GMO, and keto friendly! 

Hemp tea

CBD tea is sought after because of its refreshing properties and its ability to produce a euphoric, cerebral, good mood, restful, and relaxation effects. Making hemp or CBD tea is a straightforward process.


A gram of ground cannabis

A liter of hot water

One spoon coffee creamer

Saucepan with lid

Some tea balls to dampen the cannabis flowers

A storing container so the tea stays fresh

Now that you have the inputs, start brewing this way:


Boil the liter of water 

Grind buds and put them into the infuser.

Put the infuser into the water and allow the heat to settle. 

Allow your tea to simmer for 20minutes as the CBDA converts to CBD through the process of decarboxylation

Lift the infuser. Pour the tea into a storing container and then fridge for later use. 

Each time you want a drink, reheat the brew.  

Hemp veggie burger

Nothing brings more joy than signs of friends brimming with joy on seeing gluten-free hemp veggie burger. If you´re keen to make one at home, here are possible recipe steps:


Shelled sunflower seeds (2/3 cup)

2 small beetroots 

A spoon of sea salt

A spoon of ground cumin

Dried parsley

Pinch of black pepper

Black pepper pinch.

Spoon coriander 

Two spoons powdered onions

Spoon coconut cream 

Three spoons hemp seeds

Three spoons sunflower seeds 

Four spoons oatmeal 


With a power blender grind hemp seeds and sunflowers seeds.

Grate your beetroots. 

Throw the ground seeds and beetroot into your food processor. Put salt, cumin, parsley, pepper, and coriander plus onion powder. Blend all this in your food processor for a few moments till it all gels. 

Take it all to a large mixing bowl. Put some coconut cream, oatmeal, plus three spoons of shelled hemp seeds and three spoons of sunflower seeds. Mix all till it merges. 

You can pop it into the fridge for later cooking. You can grill, or boil under low heat until the mixture holds together. 

Hemp Milk

This is a popular drink made from hemp seed and topped up with vanilla or chocolate. The main drawcard is that hemp milk contains no dairy unlike soy, nut, or traditional cow milk.

This is a popular drink made from hemp seed or hemp hearts and may be topped up with vanilla or chocolate. The main benefit is that hemp milk is dairy-free with a fantastic nutritional profile. The major nutrition benefits of hemp milk come from its rich omega fatty acids, calcium, iron, zinc, and niacin properties.

Wanna make it at home, here are the simple steps:

Add hemp seeds (or hemp hearts) to water (plus any sweeteners) in a high powered blender 

Blend on high for a minute

Take a cheesecloth or filter and strain the mixture through the filtration into a cup.  

Pour into a storage container and refrigerate

But if you’re looking to add a little more flavor, here’s a few ideas to try:

Vanilla Hemp Milk: put in 2 teaspoons of vanilla and 1 of honey or maple syrup. 

Chocolate Hemp Milk: Put in cacao powder and a teaspoon of honey or dates. 


Hemp textile

Hemp fiber is one of the strongest fibers we have today. For hemp textiles, the desired material is the bast fiber or exterior fiber as opposed to the interior hurd, or wood. 

When hemp is harvested, the stalk can be retted to soften the fibers. Retting is the process whereby naturally occurring bacteria, fungi, and microbes break down the pectins that bind hemp fiber. Common methods of retting could be soaking in water or through natural processes like leaving the fibers in the hemp fields under the dew and sun. Afterward, hemp fiber is decorticated, blended with other fibers, and finally spun into the textile to make clothes and accessories.

Hemp bedding for animals

Wanna give your cat a cushy comfortable sleep rather than let her lie on the carpet? Hemp bedding for animals comes from 100% hemp hurd (the middle part of the plant). It has no phenols and isn't palatable, so hemp bedding is fantastic for animals. If you want to make comfortable, smell, and dust reducing and highly absorbent bedding for chickens in their coop or horses in their stalls, hemp is your go-to product. Here is how you can do it for a typical 49 square meter hemp chicken coop:

For a deep bedding system 

One to three bales for base

Put 1 bale for replenishing every 35 days, turning over material every two weeks.  

For a running bedding system 

One to three bales for base

Add one bale for every 35 days to replenish the removed material


Making CBD oil

If you are interested in how to make CBD oil, check out our blog explaining how CBD oil is made.

As you can see, hemp is a versatile product whose full range of rich uses is yet to be discovered. 

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