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Can CBD Oil Help with the Symptoms of Jet Lag?

Can CBD Oil Help With Jet Lag?

What Exactly is Jet Lag and What are its Symptoms?

Jet lag is one of the most common sleep disorders that effects millions of airplane travelers each day. From this very common aliment the question arises can CBD oil help to offset the symptoms of jet lag? The condition of jet lag comes from the imbalance of our circadian rhythms or the natural clock in our bodies. These rhythms are influenced by our exposure to sunlight and when we travel to different time zones these natural rhythms are disturbed.

The National Sleep Foundation says the side effects of jet lag include:

  • Disturbed Sleep
  • Impaired Daytime Function
  • Decreased Alertness
  • General Malaise
  • Gastrointestinal Distress
  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle Soreness

My Recent Experience with Jet Lag

As someone who travels for business I have experienced jet lag quite often and just figured in the past it was something you just had to deal with and power through. I received advise to make sure to stay up until bedtime, not to take naps if tired and to try to get on the sleeping rhythm as fast as possible to the new time zone. I was also told that getting sunlight helped your body adjust. That was all good advise but it just seemed like the jet lag still gave me unpleasant symptoms after flying. That is until I tried CBD oil...

Using CBD Oil to offset the Symptoms of Jet Lag

Recently I attended the International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association in Cologne, Germany. I was exited to be able to attend and network with hemp businesses from all over the world but I of course was not looking forward to the 10 hour total flight with a change of planes in Switzerland. Knowing that CBD oil regulates and boosts the endocannabinoid system, which is the system that regulates a variety of cognitive and physical processes in the body including appetite, pain, mood, memory and sleep, I figured it would be a good fit to tackle an issue like jet lag.

Before my flight I took approximately two droppers full of CBD oil tincture, about 2-3ml worth which contained about 20mg of full spectrum cannabinoids. This is a little more then the usual amount I take daily because I wanted to see if it could really help. I felt good during the red eye flight. I was able to rest a little but did not get much sleep on the plane. When I landed in Switzerland I felt great, not the least bit tired. I thought this was a little unusual because for me if I don't get proper sleep I usually I feel it the next day. I then took another dropper of CBD oil tincture and boarded the next leg of the flight to Cologne, landing at 10 am.

I expected to be tired but I was not the entire day. I thought, well the jet lag will prob catch up to me but to my surprise that night I had a great nights sleep and in the morning felt completely refreshed and had zero effects of jet lag. This was the first time I felt completely normal after a long flight in my entire life and the only thing I did differently was take plenty of CBD oil!

CBD Oil Works for Me to Reduce the Symptoms of Jet Lag

During my time in Europe I felt great and did not experience any notable side effects of jet lag which as I said was unusual for me because I usually would, especially on long red eye flights. On the flight home I decided to take the same regime of two full droppers full of top quality CBD Oil hoping it would again offset the symptoms of jet lag. I landed at 2pm into Dulles international Airport and again felt really good. Was it the CBD oil working its magic again I wondered? I took some more when I got home and went to bed around 9pm. I woke up the next morning at 6am and felt very refreshed. I can attest that so far being back home I have felt zero effects of jet lag and I am almost certain the CBD oil helped to offset the symptoms.

I continue to take CBD oil daily and each day I feel like its helping keeping me balanced. I actually was so pleased about the results of my experiment I wanted to share this news right away on our blog here at Anavii Market. Of course my experience is just anecdotal evidence and my personal story and there are no major scientific studies in yet on the subject, but possibly here in the near future there will be as we continue to uncover the multiple healing potentials of cannabinoids. What I do know for sure is the next time I fly I will be taking a good dose of premium CBD oil just before take off and after I land!



How Can I Tell if My CBD is Working?

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