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Life Patent 300mg CBD Oil - For Pets

Life Patent 300mg CBD Oil - For Pets


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Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets - 300mg

Concentration per bottle: 300mg hemp extract rich in CBD oil and other minor cannabinoids 

Concentration per serving: 10mg CBD

Serving Size: 10mg CBD/ml plus cannabinoid rich extract; 1 dropper (1ml) with 30 servings per container

Carrier: MCT Coconut Oil

Extraction Process: Ethanol Extraction


Additional Product Specifications

Life Patent CBD Oil for pets is a combination of CBD oil and minor cannabinoids CBD carried in MCT Coconut Oil with a light hint of lemon. 

Packaging: Glass bottle with plastic dropper top.

Product Specifications: 30ml (1oz) bottle contains 250mg at 8mg/ml of hemp-derived CBD extract. 

  • 1oz or 30ml Bottle
  • 300mg of active Cannabinoids per bottle 
  • 10mg Active Cannabinoids per Serving
  • Full Spectrum Cannabinoid Extract 
  • Pharmaceutical grade coconut oil
  • All natural, plant-based ingredients
  • Grown & processed in the USA


    Flavor, Ingredients & Allergens


    Flavor: Natural 

    Product Ingredients: MCT Coconut Oil, 300mg per ounce of cannabinoid rich hemp extract, proprietary natural flavoring

    Allergens:  Contains Coconut


    How To Use Life Patent CBD Oil For Pets


    Suggested Use: Place liquid on food or treat or squirt directly into mouth. Consult your veterinarian if your animal is on medication. For best results start with a half-serving and increase as needed. Suggested serving size depends on weight of animal. A common starting point is 1mg/10lbs weight. 


    300mg Life Patent CBD Oil Cannabinoid Spectrum 


     Cannabinoid mg/g
    CBD 9.96
    CBDV 0.07
    9-THC <0.3%
    Total 10.03
    Total CBD 9.96
    Total THC


    Disclaimers & Disclosures


    *** Disclaimer: Do not take if animal is pregnant or lactating. Consult your veterinarian before use if the animal has a medical condition or is taking any medication. Do not exceed recommended serving size.

    ***These statements and product has not been evaluated or tested by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

    This is a hemp-derived CBD product. It contains less than 0.3% THC by concentration and is legal across all 50 states.



    About Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets


    What is Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets?

    Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets is a liquid solution that holds a specific amount of hemp-derived CBD. CBD, scientifically termed cannabidiol, is a naturally-occurring compound in the cannabis plant.

    There are plenty of benefits and uses of CBD oil for your pets. Pet owners across the globe are turning to CBD to provide therapeutic, healing effects for their pets.

    With 8mg of cannabinoids per serving, Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets can limit your animal's anxious behaviors. For instance, many dogs get stressed by car rides and loud noises. This supplement not only reduces this nervousness but also helps enhance joint mobility and promote heart health.

    If you're a caring pet parent, you will certainly add Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets to your animal’s diet. Simply squirt some drops into your pet’s mouth for continued wellness and health.

    Combining coconut oil and a light scent of lemon, the Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets has an earthy flavor your furry friend will love.

    Tightly contained in a small glass bottle, pet owners can easily take Life Patent CBD for Pets to go. Bring it with you to the dog park, on a walk, or even give some to your pet while training. Additionally, the Life Patent CBD for Pets comes with an eye dropper. This helps owners administer specific amounts of the oil to their pet.  

    Even more, Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets works for all kinds of pets; dogs, cats, you name it. Life Patent extracts CBD from the entire hemp plant with ethanol. Therefore, the hemp found in Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets is organic and safe to consume. Not only does this process produce outstanding amounts of CBD, but it also produces a broad collection of other fundamental phytocannabinoids and terpenes in the plant.

    While there is currently no official study on how CBD might affect pets, there is significant research regarding the therapeutic effects of CBD in humans. The effects of CBD oil on pets also looks promising. This is because the endocannabinoid system (ECS) works the same way in people as it does in all mammals.

    How Does Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets Work?

    If your pet is a mammal, this means that they, too, have an ECS that's receptive to cannabinoids like us. The ECS is responsible for regulating a variety of physiological and cognitive functions including mood, pain and appetite.

    Essentially, the ECS helps maintain the natural homeostasis of the body.

    Endocannabinoids, small molecules that stimulate the cannabinoid receptors, are produced internally and activate the ECS. However, external cannabinoids, like phytocannabinoids (or plant cannabinoids) including CBD, can also stimulate the ECS.

    CBD activates the ECS by stimulating or blocking a group of receptors in the central and peripheral nervous systems. When this happens, your pet’s body will adapt to producing even more of its own endocannabinoids.

    Since the ECS helps balance a variety of bodily processes, interacting with it in any way can produce intense effects. So by stimulating it externally, CBD nourishes your pet’s body and helps provide the  cannabinoids he or she needs for extended relief.

    CBD Oils, like the Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets, can provide essential nutrients for both you and your four-legged companion. Containing full spectrum hemp extract and other organic ingredients, Life Patent CBD for Pets holds a great source of vitamins.

    Is CBD Safe to Give my Pet?

    According to a report from the World Health Organization, CBD is safe for virtually everyone. That said, be sure to check with your veterinarian before adding any CBD product to your pet’s diet and medication.  

    The ability to externally stimulate the ECS using CBD has created some big excitement in the medical community. That said, there does not yet exist enough clinically accepted research regarding the possible effects of consuming CBD or Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets. Anecdotal evidence regarding the positive effects of CBD is tremendous, but more research is always needed to fully understand every potential benefit.

    Given the fact that there is a ton of anecdotal evidence that exists online regarding individuals using CBD to treat a variety of illnesses, we at Anavii Market thoroughly encourage consumers to take the time and do their own research before purchasing Life Patent CBD for Pets.

    How Much Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets 250mg Should I Give My Pet?

    Just as with humans, figuring out how much CBD oil to give your pets is a process.

    We typically recommend 1mg CBD for every 10lbs of your animal’s body weight, but recommend starting by giving them half of the recommended serving size, which depends on the weight of your pet. After observing how your pet reacts to this amount, just increase the dosage until you achieve the desired effects.

    The key to successfully giving your pet Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets is to carefully observe their behaviors as they consume the oil.

    Even though there are topical options, pets typically ingest CBD orally. This is most likely because CBD gets absorbed into the bloodstream faster sublingually than by the skin. In addition, your pet is more likely to absorb the the CBD as opposed to you pet licking the topical off of the localized area of discomfort.

    CBD Oils generally come in bottles with droppers that allow for precise dosing. This is great because owners can have total control over how much CBD to give their pet. Luckily, the Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets comes with a dropper for just this reason.

    Life Patent CBD for Pets can be used with other medications and treatments, but it is vital to consult with your veterinarian before introducing CBD into your pet’s life.

    Research shows that the ideal way for your animal to quickly feel relief from cannabinoids is to drop the oil directly under the tongue. But, as everyone knows, this isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

    If your animal is picky or hard to sit still, you can simply add drops to your pet’s treats or food. Having your pet take the CBD oil with food, particularly high-fat food, will help the compounds absorb into the body more effectively.

    Anavii Market’s CBD oil products, like the Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets, are safe for mammals of all sizes to consume. That said, we produce every item with a certain size in mind. But, because CBD is non-toxic, it isn’t possible for your pet to overdose. Therefore, no matter what, you can be confident that your four-legged friend will stay safe.


    Help Your Furry Friends Stay Relaxed, Happy and Healthy Life with Life Patent CBD Oil for Pets - The Leading Homeopathic Remedy for Pets Sold at Anavii Market

    As all loving pet parents can agree, there is nothing more traumatizing than watching your animal suffer in any form. No matter the condition, giving your pet Life Patent CBD Oil will undoubtedly support their quality of life.  

    Anavii Market is a notable retailer of a variety of different CBD products, like Life Patent CBD Oil for pets. As a family-friendly company, we sell gummies, extracts, sprays — you name it — infused with CBD that’s safe for you and your animals. Anavii Market only works with products in compliance with high-quality control standards.  

    Even more, we make sure to test every product sold through Anavii Market to ensure potent, consistent, high-quality items. By providing customers third-party lab results, they can make sure their product is free from pesticides, harsh-chemicals, residual solvents and other unwanted substances. We make sure to use take safety precaution and carefully oversee every step of the product’s production process.

    For questions about CBD products like Life Patent CBD Oil for pets or CBD in general, feel free to call us at 502-209-8808 or to Contact Us here! We’re more than glad to assist other loving pet parents.



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