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Brothers Apothecary CBD Mellow Tea
Brothers Apothecary CBD Mellow Tea Nutrition Label
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Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint | Hemp CBD Tea

Anavii Market

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Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint - Hemp CBD Tea


Concentration per container: 120mg CBD

Concentration per tea bag: 60mg CBD

Serving Size: One teabag

MGs per Serving: 60mg CBD

Extraction Process: CO2 Extraction

Source: Oregon


Additional Product Specifications

Brothers Apothecary CBD Tea contains 180mg of CBD in each package, with 60mg CBD per one teabag serving. Easy-to-brew, smooth, and delicious, it may be enjoyed right out of the box, steeped into a mug, or even poured over ice.

  • Full Spectrum
  • Third Party Lab Tested
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Casein Free
  • Nut Free
  • Vegan
  • BPA and Phthalate Free Packaging

Packaging: Paper box with paper teabags.

Product Specifications: servings in bag. Each serving provides 60mg of CBD.


    Flavors, Ingredients, & Allergens


    Flavor: Mellow Mint

    Product Ingredients: Pacific Northwest Peppermint*, Hemp, Pacific Northwest Spearmint*, Dehydrated Coconut Milk Powder*, Tapioca Maltodextrin*, Acacia Fiber*.

    *Denotes organically sourced.

    Allergens: Contains coconut


    How to Use Brothers Apothecary CBD Tea 


    Suggested Use: Brew one cup daily as needed or as recommended by your health care professional. Delicious hot, iced, or mixed into your favorite smoothies.


    Disclaimers & Disclosures


    This product is derived from federally legal hemp. Each serving contains less than 0.3% THC by law and is non-intoxicating

    *** Disclaimer: CBD hemp oil is not intended for use under the age of 18. Do not take if you are pregnant or lactating. Consult your physician before use if you have a medical condition or are taking any medication. Do not exceed recommended serving size.

    ***These statements have not been evaluated or tested by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    About Brothers Apothecary


    What Is Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD Tea?

    Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD Tea is the perfect beverage to relax your mind and body. That’s because Mellow Mint CBD Tea is a distinctive blend of organic tea leaves and cannabidiol (CBD).

    Even more, Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD Tea is natural, organic tea infused with essential CBD oils for added effects and flavors. To fully comprehend all of the benefits of drinking Mellow Mint CBD Tea, you have to first know what CBD is. More importantly, you should learn about how CBD can impact your life in a positive way.

    Therefore, before we begin, CBD is one of the hundred-something chemical compounds that live within cannabis sativa plants. In recent years, CBD has become the center of attention for cannabis research among scientists. This is because of the substance’s many possible therapeutic effects. Moreover, for this reason, CBD is growing in popularity within the health and wellness industry.

    Additionally, CBD is only one of over a hundred identified cannabinoids found inside cannabis sativa plants. Actually, CBD is the second most pervasive of these compounds, the first being THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

    THC, however, is vastly different than CBD. In fact, THC produces intoxicating effects whereas CBD is non-intoxicating. Tons of people often confuse the two. Some people seem nervous to try CBD oil because they often associate it with THC and the federal restrictions on marijuana make them nervous. However, it’s important to know that CBD does not produce a high to those who use it.

    Even more, as an oil, CBD doesn’t contain any THC. Ultimately, this means that people can gain all of the benefits of CBD and cannabis plants without feeling any mind-altering effects. For this reason, it’s a good idea to try adding CBD to your everyday diet. In fact, if you start with Mellow Mint CBD Tea, you won’t be sorry. Mellow Mint CBD Tea offers a subtle, sweet and savory tasting drink that will calm you all over.

    Benefits Of Drinking Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD Tea:

    It might be obvious, but is nonetheless worth noting, that tea has a wide variety of health benefits on its own. It gives a modest dosage of caffeine as well as gives tons of nutritional and essential antioxidants. Furthermore, it tastes great!

    So, it makes sense that you might be wondering, why should I add CBD to my tea? What happens when the two combine? Well, our Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD Tea was created to refresh one’s senses and relax the stomach. Using only all-natural substances that function to calm one’s nervous system, the Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD tea is ideal for relaxation of the body and mind.

    Even more essential, CBD on its own does not produce a high. However, it can make people feel tired and drowsy. Tea, on the other hand, typically has caffeine that makes your heart race. However, our Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD Tea does not contain any caffeine. Finally, a tea that won’t keep you staring at the ceiling when trying to fall asleep at night!

    Moreover, this refreshingly simple tea is perfect for all. With CBD’s variety of possible therapeutic properties, our mellow mint CBD tea is great for health problems of all kinds. Even more, with approximately 60mg of full spectrum hemp extract in each tea bag, this mellow mint CBD tea is ideal for providing soothing effects. This way, you won’t be feeling jittery like you would with some other types of teas.

    What’s Really In CBD Mint Tea? Is It Healthy?

    Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD Tea comes from the Pacific Northwest. Specifically, this Portland, Oregon-based Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD Tea provides tranquility like no other. Mixing herbal mint tea with CBD oil helps soothe the stomach.

    Even more, CBD is hydrophobic. What this means is essentially that CBD does not work or mix well with water. Therefore, for CBD to work in your body, it needs to be accompanied by a lipid, a fat. For this reason, Mellow Mint CBD Tea uses organic coconut milk as a lipid base. This helps increase the bioavailability of cannabinoids such as CBD, and helps increase absorption of the compound. Ultimately, this means that Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD Tea will last longer and is more effective than most other hemp teas.

    Additionally, Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD Tea has to first pass through one’s digestive system before feeling any effects. Coconut milk helps speed up this process.


    Even more, its tapioca maltodextrin and organic acacia fiber both help improve the tea’s fixability. Further, the Tapioca Maltodextrin in CBD Tea helps improve mixability between the tea and CBD.

    Produced by the Brother’s Apothecary, a hemp-infused CBD tea brand, Mellow Mint CBD Tea blends exclusively local, organic and sustainable ingredients. If that wasn’t enough, Mellow Mint CBD Tea mixes together natural ingredients like tapioca maltodextrin, acaia fiber and CBD hemp extract. When combined, these substances produce a calming sensation for anyone who drinks it.

    Furthermore, Mellow Mint CBD Tea uses refreshing Pacific Northwest-grown peppermint and spearmint for added tastes and flavors.

    Is Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD Tea Legal To Buy And Try?

    Simply put, yes! While there are still federal restrictions on all things marijuana, many states have begun legalizing both medicinal and recreational use. CBD, remember, is not marijuana. So, thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018, which legalized industrial hemp, CBD is entirely legal in every state!

    Regulations permit, however, that each CBD oil products must contain no more than 0.3% THC by concentration. Therefore, most CBD products sold online should contain less than this amount. However, it’s important to be careful when purchasing a dietary supplement product online.

    Lots of companies will claim a product contains, or does not, certain substances, like THC. Be sure that when you purchase a CBD oil product such as Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD Tea that you check for the product’s certificate of analysis, or COA. This will confirm that your product is more than legal and safe for you to consume! If a company refuses to show you a product’s COA or a product doesn’t have one, this should be a red flag. Avoid purchasing any CBD product

    Get The Best, Most Refreshing Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD Tea Sold Only At The Number One CBD Shop — Anavii Market

    Overall, our Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD Tea is the perfect blend of calming CBD oil and infused relaxing herbal mint. With a peppermint or spearmint flavor, it’s the most festive CBD oil tea on the market. For these reasons, the Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint Hemp CBD Tea is one of our best sellers here at Anavii Market. Reviews of the Mellow Mint CBD Tea prove that this magical drink works as a soothing relaxant for individuals of all kinds.

    Anavii Market is one of the most reputable retailers of all things CBD oil, including Mellow Mint CBD Tea and a variety of other CBD oil products.


    For any questions or concerns about our Brothers Apothecary Mellow Mint CBD tea or more information about one of our other CBD oil products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 502-209-8808 or Contact Us here. Our team of CBD professionals are more than happy to assist you!





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