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How To Ingest CBD Oil

How To Ingest CBD Oil 

Overwhelmed by the crazy amount of CBD oil products out there? Just know you’re definitely not alone – that’s why we’re discussing how to ingest CBD oil.


Why? Because when it comes to how to ingest CBD oil, there are so many options and it can feel like a lot. But we’re here to break it down in our latest guide about how to ingest CBD oil.

How to Ingest CBD Oil – An Overview

Each administration method puts CBD into your body in different ways, which can impact what you’re using it for and how often you’ll want to take it.

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all way when it comes to how to ingest CBD oil. That’s exactly why we’ve put together this guide to help you create a CBD oil treatment that best fits your health and wellness goals.

Whether you’re new to the world of CBD or just optimizing your current daily supplement regimen, this guide for how to ingest CBD oil is sure to help.

What are the Many Different Ways to Ingest CBD Oil?

As stated, there are tons of different ways to ingest CBD oil. Even more, within each category of how to ingest CBD oil, there are different delivery methods and products. Here are just some of the ways to ingest CBD oil:


– The first delivery method we will talk about is ingesting CBD oil under your tongue.

Active users claim this is one of the most efficient methods of ingesting CBD oil.

Essentially, users place some drops of CBD oil under their tongue and along their gums and cheek.

This is because these areas are full of capillaries that quickly absorb the CBD directly into the bloodstream.

This method is actually a lot quicker than actually ingesting CBD because it does not have to go through your digestive system first to feel the effects.

Since most of the CBD will be swallowed eventually with this method, users can feel the effects anywhere from half an hour to about five hours. The types of products in this category are typically CBD oils, hemp extracts and tinctures.



The next method to discuss is ingesting CBD oil by swallowing it. This delivery method contains products similar to the sublingual method like CBD oils and tinctures but also includes edibles, capsules, soft gels and powders.

Although this is the slowest method for CBD to take effect, it also produces the longest amount of time that users will feel its effects.

This is because when people ingest CBD oil, it has to pass through the digestive tract before the bloodstream absorbs it and sends it throughout the body.

When ingesting CBD oil, users typically feel effects from anywhere between one to six hours


– Last but definitely not least of the methods for how to ingest CBD oil are topicals. Designed to be applied directly to the skin, CBD oil topicals include things like lotions, creams, salves and balms.

CBD oil topicals work by targeting specific areas of discomfort and providing concentrated relief to that spot. They’re great for things like muscle or nerve relief, inflammation, rashes, and more.

Which is the Best Method of Ingesting CBD Oil? Why?

When it comes to the best way of how to ingest CBD oil, it’s important to recognize that each individual is wildly different. That means, each individual will react differently to CBD and its effects, as well as the method they choose.

Therefore, we hope that this guide helps you understand which CBD oil delivery method and CBD oil product will work best for you.

As mentioned, there are so many things to consider about how to ingest CBD oil. Not only are there many different administration methods, but there are also tons of things to keep in mind when searching for a CBD product.

As CBD experts, our team at Anavii Market has compiled a list of tips for new users looking for the best ways to ingest CBD oil:

Start By Identifying Your Goals

Clarify why it is you wish to add CBD to your daily supplement routine in the first place.

With more than 65 different targets throughout the body, CBD contains a shocking amount of therapeutic benefits. Concentrating on just one or two of those benefits will help you find the most effective product faster.

Ask yourself – what you would like the CBD to impact or improve. Do you need emotional help? Are you suffering from anxiety or joint pains? Or are you simply curious to see if your life improves with using CBD? When discussing how to ingest CBD oil effectively, you must be honest with yourself and your goals.

Where Do You Want To Feel Relief?

Similar to identifying your goals for using the compound, it’s vital to identify where you would like to feel its effects.

For CBD to be effective, users must apply it to the right spot. For most health goals, pinpointing the lotion of the CBD’s target will be simple.

For instance, if you’re trying to clear up a rash on your skin, try using a lotion or cream to that specific area.

Otherwise, to reach a desired target for things like anxiety and sleep disorders, you will need to make sure the CBD goes through your bloodstream. Products like tinctures and capsules are best for this.

Determine How Fast You Want The CBD To Take Effect

- How to ingest CBD oil is directly associated with how long CBD will work in your body.

For instance, how users ingest CBD oil and how quickly our bodies eliminate it really determines how long its effects last. Some methods offer a quick, intense peak of CBD while others provide a slow, prolonged effect.

Things like oils are best for providing short-term, quick relief. In contrast, things like topicals, capsules and edibles are more suited for maintaining consistent levels of CBD throughout the day.


Track Your Progress.

 When we’re talking about how to ingest CBD oil, we’re talking about your experience – personal progress.

Some use a rating system to keep track of their experiences. Others try journaling about their symptoms and effects.

Keeping note of how you’re feeling throughout the process of trying different methods will help you best know which products are working and which are not.

Learn More About How to Ingest CBD Oil From Anavii Market – Leader in the Industry

Ultimately, when it comes to how to ingest CBD oil, people should try many different methods to see which is most effective for them.

For more information about how to ingest CBD oil or the different ways to ingest CBD oil, please feel free to call us at 502-209-8808 or you may also Contact Us here.

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