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Hemptopia Hemp Towel
Hemptopia Hemp Towel
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Hemptopia Hemp Towel

Anavii Market LLC

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Hemptopia Hemp Towel | Anavii Market Exclusive

You will love the softness and absorbancy of this premium hemp towel. Made in America with organic hemp these towels are naturally antimicrobial and provide unsurpassed durability. Once you switch to this hemp towel you will never want to use another


Product Specifications 


Color: Natural  
Material : 55% Hemp/ 45% Organic Cotton
Dimensions: 60" X 30" full bath sheet
Weight : 24 oz


What Are Hemptopia Towels

What Is a Hemptopia Hemp Towel?

Hemptopia was formed in 2005 to ultimately improve one’s quality of life and economy through the use and wear of industrial hemp. Selling to retail shops all over the globe, Hemptopia creates and produces some of the greatest hemp clothing around. The company delivers raw hemp materials and promotional hemp services and products such as Hemp Bags, Hemp Lip Balm and even Hemp Fabric to stores around the world.


Not only is Hemptopia known for helping companies fit hemp products within their sustainable practices, but they also design and produce sustainable hemp products in a contemporary style. By the same token, the hemp products produced at Hemptopia all are designed with comfort and functionality in mind — which is exactly why you will not be sorry when you purchase this all-natural Hemptopia Hemp Towel!


Handmade in the United States, this hemptopia hemp towel is made from green hemp fibers and some other eco-friendly materials, making it organic and sustainable. Using only eco-friendly, natural materials, the Hemptopia hemp towel is made from 55% hemp and 45% certified organic cotton terry cloth.


Combining hemp with all-natural cotton yarn creates a unique feeling on your sick like never before. Perfect for all adventures, backpackers and hikers simply cannot get enough of this durable Hemptopia Hemp Towel! Performing well under any and all adverse temperatures and conditions, the Hemptopia hemp towel is useful for just about anyone.


Produced with naturally antimicrobial qualities, the Hemptopia hemp towel is designed to resist all moist and mildew. Because of the hemp fibers in a Hemptopia Hemp Towel, this towel can naturally absorb or drain moisture better than other ordinary towels, so you can have some fun wet adventures outdoors without worrying about remaining dry.


Weighing in at only 24 ounces, this Hemp Towel by Hemptopia is extremely light and can be taken with you almost anywhere. Whether you have just spent a day at by the pool, took a warm shower, or are cleaning up a spill, Hemptopia Hemp Towels are just what you need! With unsurpassed durability, you will soon be pining over this hemp towel’s absorbency.


Even more, this hemp towel is extremely soft. At 60” X 30”, the Hemptopia Hemp Towel is perfect for guests, children, and loved ones to feel warm and comfortable after taking a long toasty bath. Absorbing moisture quicker than regular towels, these towels leave you and whatever surface it's being used on, clean and dry.


How to Clean and Wash Your Hemptopia Hemp Towel


It is recommended to wash the Hemptopia hemp towel after use. For best results, be sure to wash your hemp towel in cold water only. These towels are machine safe, however, make sure to tumble dry low. It is essential that you do not wash your Hemptopia hemp towel with bleach of any kind.


Benefits of Using a Hemp Towel:

There are a large number of benefits that come with choosing organic hemp fibers instead of synthetic ones, both for the planet and the consumer. Even choosing natural hemp fibers over cotton produces plenty of positives.


For instance, towels made from hemp are advantageous for Earth’s climate because hemp fibers are extremely environmentally-friendly. Actually, growing and harvesting hemp leaves the soil in a better condition than before.


Due to the fact that hemp does not need chemical pesticides or fertilizers for cultivation, it is classified as an organic crop. After harvesting the plant, hemp leaves behind plenty of nutrient-rich roots to provide healthy compounds for the dirt and to help prevent soil deterioration. Moreover, unlike cotton, hemp plants only need a little bit of water to live, saving another one of Earth’s natural resources.


In addition, Hemp has a porous nature that makes it much more breathable than common fibers. This helps prevent any anaerobic bacteria growth on your hemp towel. The natural properties found in Hemp are resistant to bacteria found in perspiration, so after a long workout and absorbing the moisture on your face with your Hemptopia Hemp Towel, you can feel confident that you won’t look like you just worked out!


Hemptopia Hemp Towel – Best Hemp Towels Sold at Anavii Market

At Anavii Market, we sell only the best of the best, which is why we offer exclusive Hemptopia Hemp Towels. Not only is this hemp towel super absorbent but also it is better for the environment and for your health.


Made from only natural fibers, this hemp towel is a cleaner, safer alternative for you and your family, compared to regular towels made from synthetic fibers like polyester. If you are a rookie when it comes to hemp apparel, then look no further. What better way to introduce yourself to the benefits of hemp clothing than with a bath towel?


Do you have any questions regarding our Hemptopia Hemp Towel or hemp apparel at all? Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 502-209-8808 or you can Contact Us here, where we would be more than happy to help. At Anavii Market, we work to make your life easier and more comfortable!




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