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Hemptopia Hemp Dog Toy
Dogs love the Hemptopia Dog Toy

Hemp Rope Dog Toy - 10"-12"

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Hemp Rope Dog Toys Are Perfect for Your Pup!

Your dog will love this 100% Organic hemp crew toy. This 3/4 inch thick chemical free rope will keep your furry friend entertained. Perfect for playing tug of war. This product is American made and has a breaking strength of 4092 lbs, so its built to last!

Why Hemp Rope Dog Toy?

Did you know some of the oldest rope used in the world was hemp rope. From the Vikings to the Mayflower to the US Navy, hemp rope has been a staple across the globe for centuries. And there's a reason for that - Hemp is the strongest natural fiber in the world. So when combined into a rope, your dog will be sure to tug and pull but will have trouble breaking this durable hemp rope dog toy!