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Apr 11, 2018

Why Should I Buy Verified CBD Oil?

CBS This Morning spoke earlier today on the growing CBD oil market and why it is so important to purchase verified CBD oil. The growing $535 million industry is expected to hit $1.9+ billion by 2020. This market includes both hemp and marijuana-derived CBD oil.

Apr 11, 2018

Co-Founder Annie Rouse Talks About Importance of Buying Domestic Hemp

Hemp History Week is just around the corner. How will you celebrate? Meet Anavii Market co-founder, Annie Rouse, and hear why it is so important to starting incorporating hemp products, like hemp foods, textiles and CBD into your every day lives!

Mar 7, 2018

What is the meaning of Anavii?

Discover the meaning behind and how we came up with the term Anavii for our online market. A-na-vii noun. (uh-nah-vee) 1. an alternative lifestyle; 2. Sanskrit meaning "kind to people"

Feb 6, 2018

Is Your CBD Properly Labeled?

In late 2017 Johns Hopkins University released a study on the quality of CBD oil. The study analyzed 84 CBD oil products sold by 31 companies and found that 70% of  CBD oil products sold online were mislabeled. Is yours?

Dec 19, 2017

World Health Organization Recognizes CBD As Safe

The World Health Organization (WHO) released a “pre-review” or opinion on Cannabidiol (CBD) and concluded that CBD is safe, has medical benefit, and is generally well tolerated with no potential for abuse.


Jun 30, 2020

Top Benefits of Taking CBD During Covid-19

See the following benefits of taking CBD during Covid-19 and how they can help boost your immune system.


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