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Why CBD Might Revolutionize the Healthcare System

The CBD industry is flourishing; it is expected to hit $16 billion in sales in the United States[1] by 2025! The plant extract has many benefits, and is already being added to everything from toothpaste and tampons to toothpicks and cheeseburgers.

But CBD’s importance goes beyond these cases; it is all set to revolutionize the healthcare system.



The U.S. Healthcare System


The U.S. healthcare system is renowned for its employment of cutting-edge medical technology, advanced biomedical research, state-of-the-art hospitals and specialists, and providing quality care.

However, it is sorely lacking when it comes to primary care[1] and providing affordable and effective treatments to all Americans.

High out-of-pocket expenses have made healthcare services, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals increasingly unaffordable for most people.

Another challenge is the quality of medical care. Many patients in the U.S. do not receive the care they need[1] and are often prescribed drugs that have various side effects[2], including risks of addiction.


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CBD in the Healthcare Industry

With the exponential growth of the CBD industry in recent years, it has become the talk of the town. With numerous CBD dispensaries popping up all over the U.S., it has gained a foothold in managing patient health for a variety of conditions..

CBD oil has to fight back against preconceived opinions that it is the same as marijuana or is a scheme to get people addicted. However, many studies have been conducted that prove that it’s an effective way to treat and manage several health conditions.

Although the regulations around CBD oil are a bit fuzzy at the moment, after the 2018 Farm Bill[1], hemp-based CBD oil is no longer classified as a drug or controlled substance.


CBD Health Benefits and the Future of Healthcare

Several studies have also proven the effectiveness of CBD in reducing chronic pain and inflammation[1]. Other studies have also conditionally established the benefits of CBD for patients with anxiety, depression[2], and even pre-diabetic conditions[3].

With constant research being conducted, the future of the healthcare industry looks bright. The biggest victory in recent history for CBD was the approval of the first-ever cannabis-derived medicine[4] by the FDA. The approved oral solution can help treat seizures associated with two severe and rare forms of epilepsy.


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